No means yes: why I just want to be taken

Today’s men are being told what to do and especially, what not to do with women. That leads to men who are afraid of just taking their wifes/girlfriends. Pretty much all the men with whom I hung out with until meeting Mark were too intimidated to just take me. I think they don’t want to hurt women and want to show that they are good guys. (I know that most of you are!)

Although he when we started dating, he was sometimes rather assertive, Mark was like this as well. He gradually became even softer after our marriage started. For example, I occasionally moan „no, no, no“ during sex, especially when the lust is completely taking control over me.

And what was his reaction? He stopped! then I told him, „no, don’t stop!“ and he cautiously resumed.

However, one evening after we already had discussed such incidents ( and I gave him hints not to stop;) ), I was screaming „No,no ,no “ again because it was so good! And then he stopped entirely, to ask me „What? What’s wrong?“

I told him nothing was wrong and asked him why he had stopped.

„You said no,no .. I thought I  should stop.“

And then I told my opinion:

„I hoped you would just take me anyway… no considering my screams at all and just take me as a man! I want you dominant :)“


We continued and after a while  I got those feelings again. I let go. I lost control. A feel mixture of fear and joy going up my spine, it’s insupportable. I scream :“No, no, no…“  while scratching his back.

He just continues anyway. He thrusts deeper and deeper without any remorse. I feel his cock ravaging my pussy, which was dripping the sheets with juices. I start to cry, I can’t hold it anymore. His strokes become quicker and more vigorous than ever. He grabs my had with his firm hand – no way that I could defer from his will right now. I’m his.

Nothing more to add!

„Ohhhhhh , aaaaahh, ooooooh“

I want to bite him. He holds down my head, just like this.

He smacks my face into the pillow, I want to scream.

I scream because of the strong orgasm which comes over me… and seconds later, Mark comes inside me. I love this feeling … it is just so perfect. The pillowcase was stained with my sweat and tears. It had been so intense!

We laid there for a while, just hearing each other’s breathing sounds.

“That was wonderful,” I purred. “I love you, honey.”

“I know,” he replied.

Since this evening, my husband learned that “no” means “yes” for me, and  stop it” means actually “no”. While he says that it took some time to get used to dominate me, he now really knows how to manhandle me. The conclusion is:

if your woman screams „no“ in the bedroom , you should continue to take and show her how to obey her man. And if you don’t know how to do it… then your sexually unsatisfied wife will become unbearable, trust me.

If you have any thoughts, write me a comment and I’ll get back at you!

Also, since you already are here  🙂 I put a very comprehensive How-To together, for all the people out there who want to get in domestic discipline…

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3 thoughts on “No means yes: why I just want to be taken

  1. When my boyfriend spank me for discipline its nothing less than an adult equivalent to childhood spanking. He like the belt or sometimes paddles the dickens out me with flat part of the handle of a bamboo backscratcher. If I get paddled, he put his foot on a stepping stool and puts my 5′ 3″ petite body over her thigh so I’m dangling in half. If its with a belt I am bent over the couch. Either way, when its a discipline spanking my safe word is nullified and there’s no specified number of whacks, it doesn’t stop until he decides, not me. My jeans and panties have to pushed all the way down to my knees for all spankings. When he’s done I’m crying out of control with hiccup type sobbing Last time, he caught me with marijuana and he paddled thoroughly and than made me cut my own switch made push everything down again and lit into me so hard and fast I didn’t have time to catch my breath. They were all rapid fire and it didn’t end quickly either. I did that post spanking hoping up and down frantically rubbing my ass as I stiffened up and pushed my hip forwards. I’ve never done that post spanking hop before. He was so impressive by my reaction that he is going to use a switch more often. He said he like me doing that post spanking hop performance. Is that weird?


  2. I was introduced to spanking by the first woman I dated, who basically told me she wanted it, and tried to get me to learn. I knew how to dominate her in bed, and I liked the idea of spanking, but it was very hard to really use it for discipline, since I had never learned to be the head, and to clearly lead the woman. I never learned to take control of the whole relationship. That’s in part because of what I’d learned from the culture, although deep inside I wanted to.

    It took me a long time to learn to take command. Spanking seemed like play when I first learned about it. Now I use it regularly to discipline my wife, who submits to me completely. I am the clear head of the home. She answers to me and she knows it. I think once you get the leadership part right, spanking makes more sense as more than an act. It becomes a part of your leadership.


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