Story: watch the game and some spankings


Happy Christmas! I’ll continueĀ here with another story šŸ™‚   Both Eamon and Sheila were in a lazy mood and the weather outside was completely cooperative. Wind and drizzle made all but indoor activities attractive, and the busy week made quiet … Continue reading

How To Become A Submissive Wife?

DD or D/s ā€¦. Obedience or submission I posted this yesterday and was blown away by some of the e-mails and comments that lit into MarkĀ and passed judgments about our journey and this exercise in particular. One person said self … Continue reading

Spanking with leather thorn paddles


You seeĀ the paddle MarkĀ asked a friendĀ to custom make for him. Itā€™s seen two years of fairly frequent use and has taken on a bit of a patina. MarkĀ oils it like he does the saddles and tack, but you can see … Continue reading

How To Do A Maintenance Spanking

Last week, I wrote about what domestic discipline really is. Now let’s talk maintenance spankings! Just what are these things any way? When I first started reading about DD , I was flabbergasted by this concept. Why would anyone engage … Continue reading