Struggles with Submission – Orgasm denial trial day 1


We’ve hit kind of a rough spot with submission and domination. Not a contentious one or anything, but one where I find myself struggling with a resistant part of my inner being, and not always prepared for the next wrinkle … Continue reading

A most demanding master – Comment on my blog!

No, not Mark. I don’t really like the connotation of the word in a D/s relationship, as applied to me, but that is an entirely different post. The real son of a bitch is blogging. Now, there’s a lot about blogging … Continue reading

We broke the paddle!


I feel like a truck hit me, and not in a good way! Thank goodness for days off, comfy beds, and diet coke. I’m aware that diet soda is one step away from poison and probably should be considered blasphemy, … Continue reading

Being obedient


Earlier, Mark may or may not have indirectly brought attention to the fact that I have not blogged this week. So, I’m blogging. It is a rule that I blog at least once a week now, but as I have a … Continue reading