I make my husband crazy


I make my husband crazy with this stuff I can see it in his eyes. When the insecurities dig in I have never been able to make them shut up. I don’t know why they’re so strong, and rationally I … Continue reading

Story: because I need it


Marissa spent most of her afternoon fighting with herself, and an unexplainable free floating anxiety. Maybe it was the hormone treatment, maybe it was a cold coming on, maybe it was lack of sleep, or maybe it was just the … Continue reading

Schoolgirl Spanking: A Favourite Fantasy

Schoolgirl spanking a favourite fantasy3

Pleated skirts. Cotton knickers. Pigtails. “Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” Books pressed to the chest. A wooden desk with a hole for an inkwell. Shorthand for a fantasy so familiar that we don’t even question where it’s coming from, how it … Continue reading