Something About Me

Hi, I am Constance (this is not my real name…).

To describe a little myself, I am 27 year old girl, the girl next door type, with an ever smiling baby face and (almost) always good mood. Also, I’m originally from the Netherlands: therefore, please excuse any grammar mistakes / typos…

What else?

I grew up in a really small village in the Netherlands- I had a quiet and sheltered childhood. However I was always a little freaky- a part of me just wanted to do all kinds of stuff and I couldn’t deter myself from doing it… For example, when playing barbie with my (female) friends, I would always put them in outfits which made them look like prostitutes. Or for example I often played “doctor-games” with my friends, when they came for a sleep-over (or when I came to their houses). My imagination towards boys started to rally pretty fast as well. I think I was hyperactive. My adolescence was filled with perverse dreams and oftentimes touching myself… there were times when I had to go to the toilet because I couldn’t handle my horniness anymore.

A recurring theme in my dreams is getting spanked. For years and years now, I have fought my urges that I wanted to be spanked. It felt really erotic, but much more than that, I always felt some shame when thinking about it. I tried to forget these kinky thoughts, since I didn’t understand why I yearned this: it’s embarrassing, after all.

At the other hand, I am a really shy person. I have a quiet voice and don’t like to speak up. The few times when had to do a presentation in school, I was sweating heavily and had a wildly beating heart after that.

And of course, my relationship with men was difficult as well. I have no siblings and therefore my parents were extremely protective of me (a curse which every only child probably has..). That and the fact that I grew up in a really small town led to me being a late bloomer. I had my first kiss at 18 after a school party (and it was really awkward with this guy, maybe I will talk about this some other time). Also, I was a brat to the few boyfriends I had, I literally begged them to be spanked and taken, but most didn’t. And I felt to ashamed to talk openly about it.

Although I had some encounters since then, I wanted to keep my virginity for someone special. And then, during my during my term abroad here in the US,  I met him: Mark. He is the best man  I could imagine… I could go into details, but that would take days. Since then, it went really fast: I went back to finish my degree and then moved to him here in the east coast. however, in 2013 we had our first daughter. Since then, I became a stay at home mom- I care for our family and it makes me happy. However, our marriage lacked a little in the bedroom… more precisely, I’m vastly more sexual than him. And by that, I mean really vastly. But with certain adjustments in the last years, our marriage has ever grown and I can confirm that sexually speaking it’s now better than ever. Especially since I found that I like being submissive- and Mark likes to be dominant…

How we got there and how our daily lives are will be the topic of my blog…



15 thoughts on “Something About Me

  1. There is something very special in the way you write about yourself and in your stories: a remarkable mixture of openness and decency tately found in erotic writing. I admire submissive ladies for their strength and their ability to give so much of themselves, and you are a wonderful example. Thank you!

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  2. I just found your site. After an incredibly bland 10 years and my marriage almost crumbling, I decided to take control of my desires and tell my husband how much I long to be spanked. I never knew about DD. Bought the guide and now I’m trying to plan how I will tell him I need weekly spankings. He is much more vanilla and not very dominant, so it will be a challenge. I so appreciate how much your guide covers and explains.

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  3. I read on another site that you would like to experience a caning. Have you had your wish yet?
    I remember the anticipation and feelings of both excitement and dread as I bent over for my first caning – I found the stingy sensation of the thin whippy cane to be sensational


  4. No doubt your chosen way of life is despised by those who preach Feminism. But if Feminism doesn’t mean the right of women to live their lives as they see fit, then it serves only to move women from one prison to another. Long life, happiness to you and your family.


  5. I fail to understand the difference between domestic discipline and spousal abuse. How anyone could crave or desire their husband to spank them to the point of crying is something I can not comprehend.


  6. Really happy you found a man who can love you and lead you. You couldn’t have done better I’m sure. I know a lot of women crave a dominant man who can discipline them, and it can take some searching to find one, or some time to let him learn on his own. We need more men who can take command.

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