My Book series: Love with every strike

I just finished my first book / ebook and published it on Amazon.

I’m so happy! It was lots of work, but I love writing and I reallllly wanted to write a book … I will also no update my blog more regularly.

As you know, I live in a D/s relationship, which developed over time. In my book, I mix my own experiences with some fantasy elements… in my relationship, things aren’t always as in the book 😉

I wrote this book specifically for the emotional D/s journey of my characters. Mark and I have found each other and are committed, but he also introduced me to begin a new chapter in my live:  me becoming his sub. For any of you who know me, you know I have spent a lot of time learning about the lifestyle and while I now
practice, I still am not an expert, but I realized the emotional side of this lifestyle is not only terrifying but very freeing.

This page is decided to my series. Love with every strike – the diaries of a truly submissive woman just hit the ebook shelves and I wanted to treat you with some extracts and the synopsis. This book basically develops a story (something like mine, but not entirely… a little more filthier 😛 ) , more precisely the developing story of the D/s relationship of me and Mark.

Part1 : He rewards me with flogging

“I want to kiss Him but I fantasize about Him biting through my lip. I want to fuck Him badly and cum all over Him, but I want His teeth more. I want that moment when I first undress, shaking with anticipation, on my knees, and the instant relief I feel when I suck His cock into my mouth, His hand on my head; Master. I want the wrath of leather against my skin. Oh gawd how I want to be flogged in a way that would rid me of the devil…”


Part 2:

I hope you enjoy…

This has been such an amazing process of love … Stay tuned. The love story only gets hotter.

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