The Reformatory and Pleasure/Pain

Last weekend Mark and I went to a BDSM club near Milan, MI called The Reformatory.  We don’t have any personal pictures, but if you visit the web page, you can read about the club and see the provided pictures.  … Continue reading

Spanked in public

With my new engraved paddle in hand, I stood before about a dozen people at a Mardi Gras fetish party and explained why I was about to be spanked in public for the first time. Those gathered around gasped and then laughed … Continue reading

Implements room by room

Here are spanking implements that can be on display in each room without arousing suspicion: Living Room: Large vase that includes reeds, bamboo, canes, unbrellas, etc. Kitchen: Hanging rack of wooden spoons and spatulas Dining Room: Bread board on the … Continue reading

The Rubber Spatula

I absolutely love spanking with ”found” implements — that is, ones that were designed for another purpose but are effective for punishment. Of course, the kitchen is one of the best places to find such tools. The wooden spoon is the most … Continue reading

Story: The Price (FM/M)

Sexy time in the shower

NOTE: This is fresh out of the note-pad and only lightly edited, but it should give you an idea of where my thoughts have been for the last couple of weeks. THE PRICE by Constance For Mark The boy sleeps. Sybille … Continue reading

Schoolgirl Spanking: A Favourite Fantasy

Schoolgirl spanking a favourite fantasy3

Pleated skirts. Cotton knickers. Pigtails. “Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” Books pressed to the chest. A wooden desk with a hole for an inkwell. Shorthand for a fantasy so familiar that we don’t even question where it’s coming from, how it … Continue reading

Refusing To Get Spanked…


A good, loving wife should never fear, resist, or fight a punishment spanking from her husband. It is the natural order of things and the husband’s duty to correct his wife’s behavior to maintain order and a peaceful home. This … Continue reading

Love with every strike – the final part!


As some of you know, I already talked about my book in the first part (The diaries of a truly submissive woman), in part 2 (Getting masstered) , part three (which is about me getting owned), and finally part four . This … Continue reading