Love with every strike – Getting mastered


Last week I wrote about my book and introduced it. It took me so long to finish it, but here I am… And now, I want to present Part two of my 5 part book series Love with every strike . … Continue reading

My Guide To Domestic Discipline, Part 1

My guide to domestic discipline I

I’m rather new to domestic discipline (we started around 2012, and introduced it really in 2013) and not exactly an expert. That’s why I want to talk about the introduction of domestic discipline in our household today… it has made … Continue reading

Love with every strike – He rewards me with flogging

My Book: love with every strike

As I already mentioned, I finally finished my first book ! 🙂 I am very, very happy, this was a project on which I was working on for the last weeks. As you know, I do you have an active … Continue reading

Take me as hard as you want

I love blowing Mark

A while ago, I called Him to ask him and question and see how things were going with Him (He had been given a new position at some outpost). At the end of our call, he paused and said, “Come over here, … Continue reading