How We Got Into Domestic Discipline: Why I Need Submission

As I discussed in my previous post, I needed more sex and tried several ways to „incentivize“ my husband. I omitted several details which I’ll cover to some extent here. The story is too long, though, to put it in one post …

So it all started after a year in our marriage. At the time when I started all this stuff to spice up our marriage, the book „Fifty shades of grey“ came out. This book was partially putting me on this path, this quest for marital satisfaction and bliss. Now, while I, as I admitted in my about post, have always some _very_ strong fantasies, I had never read anything remotely erotic. I considered it dirty.. but once reading it, this book was enticing and stimulating… and it was too hard to resist picking it up.  While I found the writing a little poor, it still gave me tingles, and it evoked feelings, sensations, desires, in me that I thought I never had had. 

Fifty shades of Grey (Image = WM magazine)

It made me curious. I needed more. And yes, I started having strong fantasies. So at first I started reading more about this and there are two website which I can recommend for further reading:


This was a great forum which I signed up to to get more information. The people you can meet there are sometimes really adorable.


In this site, Marijke talks about her life in BDSM. I had never thought something like this would exist in Dutch…(I’m originally from the Netherlands), it’s a great site.

So my fantasies and constant horniness didn’t stop but actually just took of. I yearned and yearn to be spanked and to be reduced to an object  – it want it all the way, to be a thoroughly, exclusively sexual object at that.

And then I needed to talk with Mark about this. Amidst much “fear and trembling” and aided by the effects of several mojitos, one evening I went all in and did it: I started a little about my fantasies, just to evaluate his reaction. Since I have really many fantasies, I will do a post about it sometime (especially since I found that other women have them as well..) but it would be too long to write about them here. So, in short: not only did I imagine sexual domination, but I also proposed to submit in the household. And I described him how I really reallyyyy wanted him to be spanked and punished like a little girl…

I can feel a mxiture of fear and lust coming up me…

So he was actually quite understanding. After a while, we really got into it, and had a big talk about the taken in hand lifestyle that I imagined. I never thought he would be so understanding! And I was always ashamed of talking about my feelings.. He agreed on concepts and we talked about how to take try this in our marriage.

I also asked him if he could write me a weekly planner of chores and other stuff that he would expect me to fulfill in order to satisfy him. We even talked about my punishments for not complying what his orders or if I get argumentative with him 🙂

So we started with this the same evening. Needless to say, the sex this evening was incredible 🙂 albeit it was nowhere near any dominance / submission, instead it was caring, tender… but the fact that my husband supported me in this, meant so much for me.

However when I demanded actual measures and domestic discipline, things got a little more complicated. I will talk about this in part II. (You can click on this link).

If you have any thoughts, write me a comment and I’ll get back at you!

Also, since you already are here  🙂 I put a very comprehensive How-To together, for all the people out there who want to get in domestic discipline…

There are chapters on the lifestyle and introducing it, living life in the lifestyle, a detailed description of tools, and much more… Each chapter contains valuable tips and habits that you can apply to your life. I wrote this book because there are no such books out there (!), and … we have developed our relationship with Domestic Discipline so far, that I now consider myself as an expert 🙂

 … write me you like it !

Click here to read a detailed description, or go to Amazon and click here for more!



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