How We Got Into Domestic Discipline: The Day He Just Took Me

So I previously described how I started in domestic discipline. As I said, my husband was really supportive of me (and we had some great sex this evening =) ), but we hadn’t done any actual spanking yet. So just 2 days later, I reallyyyy wanted to have it … Continue reading

No means yes: why I just want to be taken

Today’s men are being told what to do and especially, what not to do with women. That leads to men who are afraid of just taking their wifes/girlfriends. Pretty much all the men with whom I hung out with until meeting Mark were too intimidated to just take me. I think they don’t want to hurt women and want to show that they are good guys. (I know that most of you are!) Continue reading

How We Got Into Domestic Discipline: Why I Need Submission

As I discussed in my previous post, I needed more sex and tried several ways to „incentivize“ my husband. I omitted several details which I’ll cover to some extent here. The story is too long, though, to put it in … Continue reading

How I started making my husband more horny

Personally, I have a really high sex drive. I have been married for four years now. I love to tease my husband and to seduce him, but much more I love being seduced. And yes, sometimes love to be not even seduced, but just being taken. Without a word, just getting taken. Continue reading

An ode to cum: the white gold

an ode to cum

or: where does the salty-bitter taste of sperm stem from? Personally, I really like cum. Initially my relationship with it was difficult, though. I have been brought up in a rather liberal household, but also had a very protected childhood … Continue reading