Story: A Weekend Of Tantric Sex, Part II



Check in was easy. The group had a welcome table in the front hall of the large home, and signs directed them to the sumptuous library where the evening’s session would be held. Carl and Marissa had time to unpack and freshen up before the welcome buffet supper was served.

Their room was huge, appointed with a large king sized sleigh bed, and a beautiful adjoining bathroom with an immense Jacuzzi tub and separate shower.

“We should remember this place just for regular getaways honey, it’s amazing,” Marissa marveled.

“It’ll do,” Carl smiled and pulled her to him into a bear hug. “Happy anniversary Mrs. M.”

“You too Mr. M. I love you, you know?” Marissa looked up into Carl’s eyes and rocked side to side in his arms.

“Hmmm.” Carl nodded. “Me too.”


Supper was great. Marissa was less inhibited meeting the other couples than she feared. Counting the mentors, there were seven couples altogether. Ages ranged from 30 through 66. Marissa relaxed when she saw that there were no weirdos or fashion models among the group, just ordinary normal people.

The intro session was fun, and further helped Marissa relax. Each couple shared about themselves, how long they’d been together, a little about family, and a lot about what their sexual interests were. Most had read at least something about tantric sex. A few had been using it for a number of years. All of the couples reported that they had very active and satisfying sex lives together, and that their main reason for coming to the workshop was to expand their horizons and try new things.

Setting mood and cleansing were the first topics. Techniques for purifying their space, and preparing their bodies for pure loving were shared and discussed. Descriptions were frank and very sensual. Marissa wasn’t the only one who found herself shifting her bottom on the sofa with the anticipation of the practice assignments they were being given. She smiled as she looked around and noticed that all of the men, Carl included were sporting the tell tale bulge of erections.

The mentors explained that there would be some in person demonstration in later sessions, and couples were free to touch and do whatever they felt comfortable with while they were in the group. But for that session at least the most explicit activity was a beautifully done and extremely erotic videotape of the mentor couple bathing each other using some of the techniques described.

At 9PM the couples were dismissed with candles, pure soap and oils and their assignments to prepare their space together, and then apply whatever mutual cleansing techniques appealed to them. The only specific request was that they try to make the ritual last for at least an hour, and if they could, that they try to use breathing and muscle tensing exercises to refrain from reaching orgasm for at least thirty minutes after initiating intercourse.

Marissa’s groin was throbbing so intensely just from the discussion that she was sure she’d explode just from walking to their room. Her panties were wet, and her labia were swollen so that walking was a very sensual massage. She couldn’t help blushing as she and Carl followed the other couples up the steps. The fronts of all of the men’s pants bulged in the same state. There was no doubt that every one was going to be enjoying what remained of their evening whether they were successful lasting the recommended time or not.


Inside their room Carl sighed and immediately unzipped his fly. “Now I know why the recommended outfit for the next two days is boxers and t-shirts,” he laughed.

“This is so cool honey!” Marissa exclaimed. “I’m so horny I’m going to explode.”

“Definitely not a run of the mill weekend,” Carl nodded and stepped out of his pants. “So what’s first?”

“Can you believe Nila and Paul?” Marissa stepped over to help Carl with the buttons on his shirt, and cuddle against him. “They’re so ordinary!”

Carl had to smile. “What were you expecting?”

“I don’t know? Hippies or movie star types I guess. I just didn’t expect people like us,” she answered wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Randy sex crazed old geezers like us huh?” Carl patted Marissa’s bottom. “Out of these now, we have homework. We don’t want to end up in detention now do we?”

Their first task was to remove and neatly fold their clothes, and then prepare the bedroom for the love making. They each folded the other’s clothes, and then placed the thick pillar candles on the bedside stands and the dresser on the far side of the room. The drapes were already drawn shut. Together they folded down and smoothed the sheets, and then placed the fresh gardenia flowers on their pillows. Marissa lit her candles first, and then Carl lit his. Then they stood at the end of the bed and embraced.

Carl’s skin felt hot and silky next to hers. The tip of his hard penis was damp against her stomach. “Oh honey, you are so sexy and amazing,” Marissa whispered as she rested her cheek on his breastbone. Her eyelashes tickled the hairs on his chest.

“Never have wanted anyone but you sweet thing. Everyday I thank God for giving you to me. You’re everything I need, and then some,” Carl stroked Marissa’s hair, and then captured her face between his palms so he could look into her eyes.

“Even when I loose my temper and create problems?” she asked her question sincere and filled with wonder.

“Even then,” he nodded.

They kissed and moved into the bathroom. Carl started the water running in the tub, while Marissa set out the three remaining candles and lit them. Marissa chose the jasmine and sandalwood oils, and put two drops of each into the water filling the tub, and then poured a capful of jasmine scented bubbles into the flow. Carl peeled the fresh bar of French milled soap, and then laid out towels. Marissa laid the combs and razors on the vanity, and then they both stood back and surveyed everything.

“Looks like everything,” Carl suggested.

“I think so,” Marissa agreed. Carl switched off the lights, leaving them washed in candlelight. And then they both stepped into the tub and eased down so they were both seated facing each other. They each took a face cloth, and used it to rinse the other while the tub continued to fill.

Carl let Marissa take the lead.

She washed his face first; gently abrading the skin with the wash cloth, and then lathering her hands and smoothing his cheeks and forehead in gentle but firm strokes. The stubble of his whiskers felt especially pleasing with the soft lather of soap acting as a lubricant for her palms and fingers.

“Gawd you’re face is sexy!” Marissa sighed. Carl simply smiled and kept his eyes closed while Marissa’s hands ministered to his skin. He was enjoying the process. When she rinsed off the lather, Marissa followed the rinse with kisses; first his forehead, and then his eyelids and his cheeks and chin, his ear lobes and the sensitive areas below them where she lingered, smiling when he shuddered and flushed with goose flesh. Before moving on to his chest and arms, Marissa kissed Carl on the lips, and gave him her tongue in exchange for his.

It took everything in her to break that kiss and return to the ritual cleansing. Her groin throbbed, and her heart pounded with desire.

For more than twenty minutes, Marissa ministered to Carl and he let himself completely belong to her. Marissa lathered and massaged him until every inch of him was scrubbed squeaky clean. The last parts of him she gave attention to were his genitals and anus. Marissa marveled when Carl actually let her slip the cloth and a finger into his anus and gently circle inside the sphincter. He actually shuddered and gasped with pleasure. After soaping and stroking his testicles and penis again and again, Carl had to make her stop.

“I’m going to loose myself honey, you’d better stop now,” he whispered, taking her hands into his.

Then it was Carl’s turn. He repeated everything Marissa had done, speaking to her quietly through all of his ministrations. He described why he loved her face and her freckles, and then her earlobes and neck. Lathering and massaging and kissing them as he did. He lingered on her breasts soaping and rinsing and suckling them at least twenty times over, until Marissa squirmed and shuddered with it. Her stomach and legs and back followed, and then her vulva.

By the time he was finished the water was tepid, so he lifted the plug and had Marissa stand so he could shave her privates. First he lathered her mons and gently drew the razor down in a v pattern until she was bare. When that was done, the tub was drained. Marissa stood while Carl rinsed the floor of the tub around her feet, and then obediently lay down on her back spreading her legs so that he could lather and shave her vulva. He skillfully denuded her labia, and the delicate tissues close to her anus. The fresh warm water he ran to rinse her felt wonderfully silky. With a new razor he lathered and shaved her arm pits and then her legs. When that was done, they both rinsed each other again, and then gently toweled each other dry.

They finished their cleansing ritual with Marissa seated astride Carl’s lap, lathering his face and gently shaving him.

“That was amazing,” Carl said when she patted his cheeks dry with the soft terry towel.

“I love you,” Marissa whispered, as she leaned over him to kiss him. She shifted her hips forward so that her labia opened against his still hard penis. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Marissa rocked her hips to stroke his shaft between the swollen very wet lips of her sex.

“I love you too,” Carl returned her kiss, and then stood with her wrapped around him.


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