What is domestic discipline?


What the heck is Domestic Discipline any way? For us it is a consensual lifestyle that is based on traditional values of respect, honesty, accountability and love. One in which there is a partnership agreement that builds upon the relative … Continue reading

Morning fun


If all goes as planned, this will be Mark’s first present tomorrow morning. Not the picture, that actual activity. This is by far his favorite position to be in, in the morning, while the one with the couple that I posted … Continue reading

Let me inside to do you right: Part 2


“C’mere,” he tugged my torso down so I was laying down on him like a giant hard body pillow. We cuddled and like that for a while. I kept him hard inside me by undulating and circling my hips very … Continue reading

Let me inside to do you right? Part1

Let me inside to do you right?

Mark and I had sex for three hours on Saturday evening, four if you count the one-hour massage we tag teamed. Mark decided we should do the whole ritual and he & his Dad had horses to move way the … Continue reading

Orgasm denial trial: We made 12 days


 Yes folks we had a lovely weekend that came to a close last evening with wonderful cuddly closeness and several mind blowing orgasms for me. First was a long fondling slow fuck that started face to face on our side. … Continue reading