A day of total submission

In the last while, Mark and I have been dabbling beyond straight DD into a little D/s… meaning, while we don’t live a lifestyle where domination and submission is a goal or a focus for us … we are beginning to … Continue reading

I make my husband crazy


I make my husband crazy with this stuff I can see it in his eyes. When the insecurities dig in I have never been able to make them shut up. I don’t know why they’re so strong, and rationally I … Continue reading

Normal and healthy spanking? Is spanking normal?


Well ya know….. I started this ramble a while back… when I was lamenting the yucky words that describe my contented reality… sexual fetish, submissive, masochist, pain slut…. And of course the ones that describe the man I love deeply… … Continue reading

Story: because I need it


Marissa spent most of her afternoon fighting with herself, and an unexplainable free floating anxiety. Maybe it was the hormone treatment, maybe it was a cold coming on, maybe it was lack of sleep, or maybe it was just the … Continue reading

How to deal with it when he’s not there

Schoolgirl spanking a favourite fantasy3

I know there are lots of wives who deal with long and frequent separations from their husband’s… and that to them I’ll probably sound like a whiner… but I’m not used to it, and I don’t like it. This trip … Continue reading

How I started making my husband more horny

Personally, I have a really high sex drive. I have been married for four years now. I love to tease my husband and to seduce him, but much more I love being seduced. And yes, sometimes love to be not even seduced, but just being taken. Without a word, just getting taken. Continue reading