Spanking Implements – My 6 Favorite Implements And Why You Should Check Them Out, Too

So I keep getting questions regarding spanking implements. Many have asked me the following (often via the contact form):

  • what kind of spanking implements do you (we) use
  • which spanking implement is recommendable (for beginners)
  • What other implements have you tried already, but are no longer using.

While I used to answer these questions personally, I thought maybe it’s better to ask them all in one post. That’s why I’m publishing this guide on Spanking Implements, to answer what kind of implements you should get (or try). This guide will not cover: where to spank or how to spank. I will likely put out similar guides for these topics. To find out more about this, you can check out the guide Steve from SpankingLife wrote, it’s called When, where and how to spank. It’s the best book I’ve read so far which focusses exclusively on spanking. My own book is more like a mixture of Domestic Discipline and spanking, but you can also check it out. Now let’s talk spanking!

story watch the game and some spankings

Here’s an overview of this article, because it’s a fairly long one (4000 words, that’s at least one hour…):



Let start!

Introduction to Spanking Implements – why should spankers use implements?

To be honest, there is not so much to write about on why to use spanking implements. Simply put, it’s not even 10% of the fun if you have no implements. For starters, spanking with your hand can be painful for the spanker. Others use an implement because those hurt more on contact and make it more palpable, and of course you can do so much more with an implements. Simply put, they are necessary for every spanker.

As for us, we’ve quickly started using implements during our session. Only the first 2-3 times we didn’t use implements, but then I got a nice bath brush and it quickly escalated from there. Right now our collection is 30 – 40 items (I should count them…). Some are old and used (we bought them on the internet), some new (we’ll have to use them), some are made of metal, some of leather, some of wood, and so on. Apart from the type of the implement, the material and the processing are also important.

A great thing about implements is that they are usually used for something else. Some people in actuality don’t even think that others would use something like a wooden spoon to spank someone with. Those are for cooking. Same with paddles — most think of them as things that decorate the walls of fraternities. Belts are used as clothing accessories, canes are used for walking, hairbrushes are used for hairs etc. Most implements can be used for something else, and that’s another reason why you should consider getting one (or two, or 30-40 like I).

It’s amazing how common household objects have a whole new meaning when you are in a D/s relationship.

What implements are available?

This is the core of the discussion. The below mentioned implements are not the only implements that are used for spanking. Rather these are the most commonly used implements, and I have used them or am using them. There could be other implements which could be used effectively for spanking – if you know any, please drop a comment.


Let’s start with the most common implement – your hand. It doesn’t cost anything and is the most common implement.


Hand spankings

In general, hand spankings are the least severe out of everything. When you start adding implements in is when the pain increases some, so hand spankings are the mildest, in most cases. Also, hand spankings tend to leave the sting of the spank just on the surface of the skin, meaning the chances of getting any sort of damage from a hand spanking (i.e. – welts, bruises, extreme soreness, etc.) is very minimal.



A hand spanking can be used for things like maintenance spankings, warm ups, or “swats”. For beginners and those new to D/s, hand spankings are probably the best route to go at first. It’s good to establish a “spanking foundation” so to speak, so you don’t want to just jump right in and begin using implements. Therefore, the hand is the best to start with. But, for those who consider themselves to be out of the “beginner phase” of Domestic Discipline, it is not recommended to give a spanking with the hand for every single spankable offense, only because there needs to be a severity line/scale created somewhere.

Next up is the paddle. It’s the first actual implement for many, and I suggest you get one if you haven’t already.

The heart shaped paddle

A spanking paddle is a usually wooden instrument with a long, flat face and narrow neck, so called because it is roughly shaped like the homonymous piece of sports equipment, but existing in more varied sizes and dimensions, (length, width and thickness) used to administer a spanking. Historically, wooden paddles for spanking were most popular in the U.S.A. They always make a loud noise. The actual pain depends very much on the clothing worn, the paddle’s size, material and weight, and how hard it is swung. Paddles with holes drilled through the board sting more because the holes reduce the air resistance and prevent the building of an air cushion.

Trust me, I hate being spanked (sometimes) – let alone with something like a paddle. When someone references a paddle, the automatic thought is “crap, those hurt!”. We’ve been using paddles throughout the last years, as you can read here:

Also I mentioned paddles in various of my posts/short stories (which aren’t related to my actual life.)


Now here comes my opinion on paddles- I distinguish between large and small paddles.


Large paddles Small paddles
Expertise Advanced users Normal spankers
Sensation Stingy! Stingy!
Intensity Severe Moderate (depends on material)
Potential targets Lower two/thirds of bottom Bottom and thighs
Noise Loud Moderate to loud

My opinion on paddles

Paddles are essential in every spanking relationship! If you haven’t one already, get one today. We use a heart shaped one, which I got from Amazon.

As you can see, the paddle has a lovely red heart. It is made of a high density polyethylene with a textured matte surface and beveled edges that measures about 4″. Very comfortable and it allows for easy control.

In total the implement measures about 10 inches long. It’s extremely easy to wash and keep sanitary. The price… $29.99.

So it all sounds pretty good, but how does it actually work when heart meets bare skin? Well, that’s the point of the review!

Here’s a bruise I had after getting paddled a while ago…

We’ll start with an honest observation. Looks can be deceiving! The paddle has a lovely and romantic look to it, but it packs a mean sting. So instead of getting right down to business Mark gave me a nice long warm-up hand spanking. Lots of rubbing at first then slowly building to harder and harder spanks given at a brisk pace.

This implement is a great example of a TEASE paddle. It looks all nice and pretty and fun. It even feels nice with it’s smooth white rods, nice comfortable handle and textured pretty red heart.. BUT.. it can be SO much meaner than it looks!!

When you get it the first time it’s a real eye opener. Thoughts go through your head like “what the heck was that? That can’t be that little tiny heart” but it is. It packs a sharp and focused sting and when used in rapid fire repetition it gets me rolling and squirming (to get away hehe). The pain isn’t deep but it does last until the next swat comes and so it’s perfect for party play.

The heart paddle’s romantic qualities are purely in the receiving of it, wait.. I mean the receiving it as a gift, not the receiving on the butt. LOL. You could rub the flat textured heart side across an already warmed bottom and that might be nice.. but what spanker do you know who would just do that? No.. me neither..

For discipline it could work. It would take quite a few swats because of the lightness of it. To make any deep lasting burn or marks if that’s what you need, but if you just need a painful reminder to behave yourself, the heart attack valentine’s paddle would definitely make a good girl out of you (at least temporarily).

I highly suggest this implement because of its looks and its quality structure. It costs 29 $ and here’s the link:


You can get a similar paddle on Stockroom, too:



Next on is the wooden spoon!

Wooden Spoon

This is, by far, the most common implement to use. It can be used “regular spankings”, minor spankings (i.e. a few swats), and can pretty much be used every time to some degree in a discipline session. Because of the sting of the swat, it is a hated implement by submissives; it definitely makes them think twice about breaking any rules.

It is very easy to find (you don’t have to go to a specific spanking implement store to purchase one), and is probably something you already have around your house.

The wooden spoon is really lightweight, and the sting of it is pretty powerful. However, the sting only lasts for a few seconds, because it stays right on the surface. Like your hand, it’s unlikely to cause any damage or long-term harm.

The wooden spoon is another implement that is ideal forbeginners or those wishing to begin introducing implements. However, a lot of people transition into using the wooden spoon as a warm-up type implement as they progress further into domestic discipline.

You can use the wooden spoon for warm ups or reminder spankings. Sometimes it can be used for minor offenses too. I heard somewhere once (and I wish I could remember where, so I could cite it) that the concept of being spanked by a wooden spoon originated back in the 1950’s when men would use the wooden cooking spoon to spank their wives there in the kitchen for not having dinner ready on time.

While it may not be true, at the same time, it makes a couple points. The first is that it’s a popular implement and has been around forever. The second is that it’s a very “on the spot” type implement, much like using your hand. It can be used wherever (to an extent) and is something you probably have in 1 or 2 rooms of your house already, so if the “need arises” it’s readily available.


This is my opinion about wooden spoons:

Wooden spoon
Expertise Beginners
Sensation Stingy!
Intensity Mild to moderate
Potential targets Entire bottom
Noise Moderate


My opinion


Wooden spoons come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they can be purchased in a variety of different places. We picked up our spoon at a local store. We’d actually gone there looking for a pair of black socks when we spotted our spoon near the checkout line. We really liked the design. It has a small spoon end, yet has a firm and solid feel to it. It cost $2.95 plus tax.

We’ve used it perhaps a half dozen times in the 3 or 4 months we’ve owned it. All the spankings have been of the fun/erotic type.


The speed did need to be kept at a fast pace. The impact the spoon made was very small, so any sort of pause would detract from building up a nice buzzing sting.

The spoon also offers a few different spanking options. There is the curved bottom part of the spoon, which is probably what is most commonly used. The other side of the spoon works too though (the ‘scooping’ part). It makes a much louder sound with even a mild swat. Plus there’s the handle. It’s a clumsy cane of suspect value. But, it is an option. I think the wooden spoon is a very good spanking implement for fun and erotic spanking. It’s simple, sturdy and playful.

I don’t particularly like it as a disciplinary implement because when it’s used hard and fast it feels like my skin is breaking. I don’t like anything about hard spanking, but if I get one.. I’d rather not have that feeling. As much as a I hate to say it, the paddle is better for discipline.

But as an implement for playful and erotic spanking fun the wooden spoon is great! The sting it gives with even light smacks is very nice, but in a wickedly naughty way. When used playfully it stings just enough to excite and when touched upon my pussy either lightly or with a little zing, it entices me to orgasm.

I like both sides of the spoon. The cup side makes a light thud, which is gone as soon as the smack is over. It does make a loud noise though. The other side has the sting, which does linger. I like the sensation when Mark switches them around. The handle is fun too. It feels very, very thick and has a lot of thud to it. Wouldn’t want to get a harder spanking with it though.

I enjoy the wooden spoon, and recommend it for anyone that likes erotic play. For discipline spanking, I don’t like it but others might find it useful for harder spankings too.

You can get a recommendable wooden spoon on Amazon or at your local shop (maybe not WalMart, I bought one there a while ago and it broke, not during play but in the kitchen) To be honest, I just checked the reviews and they were ok.



Hairbrushes are another common spanking implement because, like wooden spoons, they’re found in almost every household already. However, they’re a little more severe than a wooden spoon because they’re denser. They are one of the common, easily available and inexpensive spanking implements. The backside of the hairbrush is used for spanking. It is normally made of wood, but sometimes it could be made of plastic also.


This is my opinion about hairbrushs:

Wooden spoon
Expertise Intermediate
Sensation More than stingy
Intensity Moderate
Potential targets Sit spots
Noise Moderate to loud


My opinion


Our brush is wooden. Long well balanced handle with firm bristles on the brush side. The most interesting thing about this particular brush is the non-bristle side. The ’spanking side’ of the brush isn’t smooth. It has raised ‘nubs.’ Not small ones either.

They’re rounded and smooth, so no chance of causing a cut. But they are quite prominent, and really give the brush a different feel.


This bath brush is definitely one of the more unique implements I’ve been spanked with. It has a very different feel to it. I couldn’t feel the little nubs on the brush. It felt like it was flat and smooth when it was hitting my butt. It left almost no surface sting though, and instead caused a deep throbbing sensation. That might be because of the nubs, or maybe it’s because the material it’s made out of.

That throbbing got extremely intense when Mark spanked fast. I could still feel it several hours later too, and even a little bit into the next day.

As far as using it as an erotic implement, I wasn’t very impressed. The bristles are just too harsh for anything other than very light touches. The bristles actually seem better for a discipline spanking.

Overall I don’t think that the bath brush is a very good spanking implement. Those that like lots of thud in their spanking would probably like it. For me though, the bath brush is probably best left in the tub.

Here’s my opinion on the bath brush:

Bath brush
Expertise Intermediate to advanced
Sensation More than stingy
Intensity Moderate
Potential targets Lower two thirds of the bottom
Noise Loud

You can get a suitable bath brush on Amazon.


Most submissives will agree that the cane is by far the worst implement a dominant can use. It packs quite a sting, and most only wield this behaviour changer for severe offenses. The cane is one of the most severe spanking implement. It is regarded as a traditional implement for spanking in Britain.

It cannot be used while the wife is in OTK position. Instead she has to bend over to receive the cane, as it stretches the skin and exposes more surface of the bottom available for the strokes of the cane to land. When the stroke of the cane lands on the bottom there would be a initial pain due to impact and after a few seconds the sting could be felt. Caning on bare bottom is stings a lot and usually leaves a mark on the skin.

The thicker and heavier canes causes more bruising than the thinner and lighter ones. If anyone wants to use it, then the rattan cane, which is flexible, should be used. The bamboo canes is inflexible and it might split and cut the skin and should never be used. Usually a few strokes of cane has enough effect. It could be used for handing out a severe discipline quickly.

Our intense cane

It combines spanking implement and sex toy into quite a stimulatingly painful mix. It’s about 24″ long and 5/8″ thick and offers some nice flexibility. It’s a high quality cane and has so far been with us > 1 year… It’s at $20 fairly cheap, too.

It’s very easy to clean. Soap and water, a 10% bleach solution… could even put it in the dishwasher. Keeping things sanitized is a snap. Also get a cloth case for storage, which will keep everything looking brand spanking new. Should note too that each design is slightly different, since they are hand made.

When I first saw the cane I thought, ‘ohhh yeah a caning sex toy!’ Foolishly I thought it would be all fun and giggles.. uhh. NO.. lol.

This thing is intimidating.. to say the least! The cane is awesome.. owwchy but awesome… but the sexy part is intense.. it’s BIG .. HARD… It was a bit too large for me to take it ’all the way’ but we certainly had fun slipping and sliding, poking and prodding with it too

I think it is fantastic in it’s uniqueness and definitely a turn on.. between the erotic feel of the smoothness and then the stinging swats the cane a moment later.. you never know what to expect!

We got the cane here on Amazon.

Here’s a really hot caning scene, by the way;


My opinion on the cane

The cane represents something very meaningful to me. When I came online and found the spanking internet, I was on the edge of asking to erase spanking and discipline from our lives. There are a lot of reasons, most of which don’t matter here, except one, and that is that I had for so many years not allowed myself to be honest about my need for it. I let Mark be the disciplinarian and never admitted to wanting him to be, or needing him to be. I kept him in the role of “the bad guy,” and I even used that in arguments about it.Well, when we came here, and things began to become more honest for me, I first admitted that I had always felt safe, satisfied and comfortable with our roles.

When I truly opened up, we talked about the one thing I was still very afraid of, and that was the switch. And Mark shared that he would like to try the cane.I couldn’t deny that I was curious, because I read stuff, and as afraid as I was, the real memory of the pain that had once made me so afraid was gone. Only the fear was left. It wasn’t small though. I had a physical reaction that included nausea to the idea of any thin whippy wooden things ever being used on me again.This one thing, letting Mark try *the* cane represents something very deep for me.

  1. I let go of a very real fear and painful memory.
  2. I took a very significant leap of faith in my husband, and he didn’t drop me.
  3. He took complete and amazingly sensitive control of my fear and the responsibility for learning. I mean the man bought videos and practiced with pillows and talcum powder.
  4. Spanking for fun took on a whole new dimension of experimenting and testing limits,,,, it became “adventure”!!!!!

I see it as symbolic of me finally becoming honest about this part of us, my role in it, my need for it, and our evolution together.


The belt


Finally, we went back to basics and took a look at a spanking staple… ‘The Belt.’ It was designed for a very utilitarian purpose – keeping pants up. Probably didn’t take long for some spanko in the distance past to figure out how effective a belt could be when pants were pulled down though!

A belt has a uniquely masculine aura to it. The image of a man pulling his belt through the loops of his pants as he offers a stern lecture is one that will make many a spankee weak in the knees. The belt definitely has a place in the spanko world!

(Our belt looks pretty much like this one).

We, of course, have many belts, and pretty much all of them are capable to give a spanking with. We do have a favorite though, and that’s what we’re going to review. We picked it up about a year ago at Walmart. We were there to get socks, but managed to stumble into the belt section and our belt pretty much jumped off the shelf. Two rows of 21 holes run the length of it.

It’s made of “fine Mexican Leather”… whatever that is, lol. It is soft and supple though. The price was somewhere between 10 and 15 dollars.

A nice thing about a belt too is, it doesn’t get a second look at the checkout line… or really anywhere. It’s quite ‘safe’ in any vanilla setting, unlike say… a paddle with holes in it. With the belt there is a risk that it might warp around the waist and could hurt the front portion. To avoid this the belt should be double folded to get a better control. It does not leave bruises or welts.


I have had a anxious desire for the feel of a belt against my bottom pretty much my whole life. When I was young, I was very well behaved (laugh if you must) so I only rarely got spanked. But as an adult, especially as an adult getting more and more involved in the spanking scene, I have a new
appreciation for it.

Our review today is of this holey leather belt that we have. It’s not exactly pretty but it sure is sturdy. I’m not sure any amount of tanning could wear this belt out.

Whether Mark was spanking me hard, soft, fast or slow.. the sting was the same.. not the fleeting sting of lexan or polyurethane… not the slicing cut of a cane.. but the strapping warmth and burning bite that only good leather cutting across my bare bottom can bring. One of the things I enjoy most about the belt is the way you can never predict where it’s going to land and even if it lands across the same area, the focus could be in a totally different spot.

I’d say belts are best used for hard spankings.. not necessarily discipline. I believe a more thuddy instrument is necessary for that, but for hard play spanking a belt works nicely. Also.. in the right mood (wanting a little pain with your pleasure)… erotic spankings can be VERY sexy with a belt. The warm smoothness sliding over my cool bare skin… the holes ever so lightly grazing across….. feel of the end dipping between my cheeks.. it tears a path into my newly reddening backside.. and then the smooth leather kind of burns as it flows across…

Well… you get the idea.. mmmmm.. I’m about ready for another sound whipping 😛

You can find a belt like the one we use on Amazon, too.



I hope you guys enjoyed my guide on Spanking implements!

Please comment if you don’t find your favorite implement here. Also, in most relationships, the HoH will often use a combination of implements. For example — a hand spanking for the warm-up, then the paddle and belt for the spanking. That’s just an example, and it isn’t like that in every case, but you see what I mean.


So the mix is much more interesting. What have your experiences been so far?