Spanking with the cane


I alluded to some issues with thin whippy implements from our younger years, and the role of some online exploration and a freind or two in helping me to get past it. And as a result, we have embraced the … Continue reading

Story: The punishment


The silence was deafening. That there was no one in the waiting area was both a relief and a disappointment. Sara didn’t really know how she would feel if she had company waiting for this particular appointment, but there were … Continue reading

A serious encounter with a hairbrush


When things get stressful, sometimes a hard no nonsense discussion between hairbrush and bare backside is exactly what the doctor ordered. It might not seem like it while it’s happening, but there is nothing like the calm that comes over … Continue reading

Domestic discipline is not domestic violence


In my travels online, as I got more and more open about this life we live, I encountered questions about domestic violence… and some accusations… amazing how many folks want to save me from myself… well here’s a little tabular … Continue reading

What is domestic discipline?


What the heck is Domestic Discipline any way? For us it is a consensual lifestyle that is based on traditional values of respect, honesty, accountability and love. One in which there is a partnership agreement that builds upon the relative … Continue reading

We broke the paddle!


I feel like a truck hit me, and not in a good way! Thank goodness for days off, comfy beds, and diet coke. I’m aware that diet soda is one step away from poison and probably should be considered blasphemy, … Continue reading

I love Spanking: Here is why and how


This is a Mark post, but not in the way that you might think. You see, Mark already gives me more. As a young(ish), single girl with a profile pic, I tend to get a lot of messages on places … Continue reading

Rape fantasies


Non consensual play or ‘non consensual’ is one of the thorny sides of the spanking world. Generally, there are two types of this play – in my definition the type of non consensual play without the inverted commas is where the … Continue reading

Spanked in public

With my new engraved paddle in hand, I stood before about a dozen people at a Mardi Gras fetish party and explained why I was about to be spanked in public for the first time. Those gathered around gasped and then laughed … Continue reading

Implements room by room

Here are spanking implements that can be on display in each room without arousing suspicion: Living Room: Large vase that includes reeds, bamboo, canes, unbrellas, etc. Kitchen: Hanging rack of wooden spoons and spatulas Dining Room: Bread board on the … Continue reading