Story: The punishment


The silence was deafening. That there was no one in the waiting area was both a relief and a disappointment. Sara didn’t really know how she would feel if she had company waiting for this particular appointment, but there were … Continue reading

What’s a gal to do when she’s flying solo?


Read sexy stories and use memories and phone sex for temporary private pleasure, that’s what….. Been without my husband for a week, and still have another week to go. I really hate it when he’s not home. My bed feels … Continue reading

Domestic discipline is not domestic violence


In my travels online, as I got more and more open about this life we live, I encountered questions about domestic violence… and some accusations… amazing how many folks want to save me from myself… well here’s a little tabular … Continue reading

Let me inside to do you right: Part 2


“C’mere,” he tugged my torso down so I was laying down on him like a giant hard body pillow. We cuddled and like that for a while. I kept him hard inside me by undulating and circling my hips very … Continue reading

Let me inside to do you right? Part1

Let me inside to do you right?

Mark and I had sex for three hours on Saturday evening, four if you count the one-hour massage we tag teamed. Mark decided we should do the whole ritual and he & his Dad had horses to move way the … Continue reading

Orgasm denial trial: We made 12 days


 Yes folks we had a lovely weekend that came to a close last evening with wonderful cuddly closeness and several mind blowing orgasms for me. First was a long fondling slow fuck that started face to face on our side. … Continue reading

Orgasm denial trial: Day 11!


Here’s day 9, 10 & 11. I started it Friday evening and I’ve been working on it in fits and starts since then. Hope you enjoy the progress. I know I am. And when this is all over, I really … Continue reading

Day 8 – Orgasm denial trial


Day 8…. Calm and at peace with this test and what it means for us. I am in a constant state of arousal and very aware of my body. Mark says I look serene. We woke up at 5AM today and … Continue reading