I Really Needed To Get Spanked… Part II

Suddenly, I really didn’t want to obey, but my hands and body, much like my errant temper, had minds of their own. My light wool trousers and redunctional panties came down with little effort.

“Please not too hard OK?” my plea came in a whisper when my eyes locked with his as my hands walked across his lap on my way down into position.

He kissed the top of my head. “Only what you need brat.”

That made me sob. I wanted to scream NO! Not this time please! But that would surely bring the cleaning ladies close enough to hear me get the spanking I had coming.

Mark was methodical. Who’d have thunk a strap some wonderful generative blog reading friends claimed they gave us to be purely ornamental could ever become Mark’s second favorite ‘make it count’ spanking implement? Who’d have thunk it that something so pretty and special could pack the kind of sting this thing does?

Yeah, I cried. I know I deserved to and needed to, but gee whiz, ya know? Those smarten up, get on a better page type spankings are just … Well, memorable comes to mind, but in the moment there’s something way more immediate and intense to be coped with. Yeah I remember them, they definitely are memorable. But there’s more. I remember kicking, struggling, begging, pleading, slobbering and crying. I remember heaving sobs, and I remember tender kisses and Mark’s firm embrace. I remember that safe arm lock that traps me until I’m calm.

It’s a place I probably go far too often, a place I need to go maybe even more far too often. But, no matter what, it’s a place I get to go. I get to go, he lets me go, I go …. And he’s there when I do. To hug me, love me, rescue me, and bring me back.

Mark pulled me up into his lap to rock with him. When I stopped crying, he nuzzled my neck, “feel better?”

I nodded, because I did. Better than I had in a while as a matter of fact.

We cuddled in the chair for quite a while. I was first to shift and start the essential break between nurturance and lust. The feel of Mark’s rock hard erection next to my left thigh as he held me safe and loved in his lap was one impetus; my throbbing and very wet pussy was another.

I pulled back, found his eyes, kissed him and said, “Please?”

He took a few seconds to agree. When he did, I kissed his lips thank you, and slipped off his lap to my knees.

He started working his belt and fly.

“Please! Let me?” the sobs lingering from my spanking owned my voice.

Mark stroked may hair twined his fingers and held me so I had to look at him. “I love you! You know there’s no one like you right?”

My eyes glazed over with tears again. I hiccupped. “I know!”

When he let my face go, I pulled his rock hard cock out of his pants, and kissed it. I used my tongue to stroke it, and my whole mouth and throat to suckle and love it. If he’d let me that would have been the end of our nooner. A long thankful blow job, but far too soon, Mark stopped me before I could make that good enough.

He had other plans.


“Come on baby, out of these clothes.” He stripped while he helped me do the same. Once nude, he nudged me to the bedroom. He had his knap sack with him.

A few pulls on the bedspread and some rearranging off pillows followed. In a minute he’d made a pile for me to lay over. Before telling me to crawl up over them, and assume the position, he pulled me to him and kissed me.

“Ready for what you need now sweet thing?”

“Not too hard?” I vascilated and whimpered.

“Exactly right, how’s that?” he kissed my eye lids stroking and cleaning the silly left over tears away with his tongue.

“Yes please.”

I was so ready for what he had in mind now. My body obeyed his hands and kissed. I climbed up on the bed and laid down over the pillows.

Mark massaged my legs and back, studiously avoiding the still burning parts of my totally punished bottom. He talked to me, telling me how perfectly submissive I am … he tortured and made me cry with things that just aren’t so… Yes I’ll take punishments for being jealous, angry, hurt, hurtful, prideful etc….. but, no matter what I am and can’t escape all of those things. I am! & so I sobbed.

“Yes baby,” he whispered into my ear, nibbling the lobe as he pressed the well lubricated butt plug against my anus. “That’s just fine. You’re normal and human and I love you just the way you are.”

“Oh no!” I pulled a panicked breath. I wasn’t ready for that. The lube and his ownership of my will easily defeated my momentary surprise.

“Please honey?” I whimpered even though I had no real question..

“Yes brat. You just go with it let it please you, and you’ll please me.” Mark knew exactly what to say and do..

His fingers strayed forward to my pussy. Several minutes of concentrated loving attention and I was fully on his page. Once I relaxed and let him own me properly, he turned on the bullet vibrator he’d put in the butt plug, and stood up to retrieve the flogger.

Oh Jeezuz H help me please my GaWD!

I was flogged. Mercilessly flogged.

My bottom, my back, my legs, my bottom all felt progressively more confident lashes. Pain was tolerated when the enthralling spread owned the sensation. “Own me! Thrash me! Please, oh PLEASE!”

I came so hard under the stinging leather tendrils of the flogger and the insistent buzz of the plug I staggered. Mark showed no mercy though. He kept up the whipping. I needed a severe lesson it seemed.

“Ready to really go for what matters now baby?” he asked me after flogging my back, legs and thighs so they were deep burgundy.

With me eager, and on my stomach, he climbed onto me and pushed his cock up inside my pussy.

“Yes!” I begged him. The vibrator was too much for either of us. Mark’s orgasm was implosive, mine was explosive.

There will never be anything like the sweet comfort of going into my life supported on palpable knowledge that I am worthy & valued…..

Nope … there never will be. *g*


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