I Really Needed To Get Spanked … Part I

As you may recall when I left you dangling it was Thursday morning and I’d been rudely awakened and ravaged by Mark’s woodie, not to mention set up for a long morning of anticipation. Mark had devised a plan to get some spanking time in without disturbing our house guests. We’d meet for lunch at the Residence Inn out on the highway. Actually there’s no restaurant there, but that’s OK, lunch was just the description of the break in the day we were going to use for other things.

My morning went by very slowly and as some of you can imagine it didn’t take long at all for the beneficial effects of the vigorous activity we started the day with to wear off. By nine my pussy was throbbing, and my mind kept fucking itself with thoughts of the spanking to come. In my defense it had been a week since I’d had one. While that’s not necessarily unusual, for some reason enforced deprivation always seems harder to get through than just life, don’t ya think?

Did Mark really mean it about doing a serious one first? He did give me that wicked smile when I said I’d rather have the flogger. Maybe he was just playing with me and we’d have a nice sexy flogging? What kind of an idiot are you ? You know he’s primed to for it. Gawd what an idiot I am picking the brat strap. The thing is, the cracker barrel paddle is just as bad, and is much too noisy for a hotel room, and there’s no way I wanted to get the bath brush. I really didn’t need to get it hard either so there was an edge to my pre-occupation. The anticipation worked its seductive magic though. Several times between ten and eleven as I walked with the team doing safety rounds my hands wandered to rest on or surreptitiously rub my behind.
The rubber spatula

Not even half an hour now, I smiled looking up at the clock as we finished up at 11:20 and got in the elevator to return to our offices and other tasks. Here I was getting in an elevator at work, a full grown adult, with 5 other managers. They were on their way back to work, and eventually lunch, while I was on my way to get a spanking. My heart leapt in my chest and fluttered nervously. What would they think if they knew? Then inevitably, in order to control the building excitement, I looked around for distraction and smiled at each of my co-workers. I wonder if any of them are spankos, or at least enjoy a little slap and tickle with their sex? Something I do often, especially when I have spanking on my mind.

My pager went off. I pulled it off my belt and looked at it. My office. OK well, I’ll be there in a minute or two. Not three feet off the elevator, I got side tracked. Sheesh, the things that happen in hospitals. A doc, pissed that his patient’s lab results (all of which were normal) hadn’t been called to his office, had just lifted, hefted and lofted the whole chart at a very pregnant unit secretary, who fell trying to avoid getting hit. I listened, got the main particulars and promised to have the unit secretary and the staff who witnessed the event come to my office to give me their side of the story after lunch. Main thing was making sure the director took the issue to the CEO. She wanted me to go with her. Man o Man!? I walked her to his office, knocked on his door, got her started and asked to be excused. “Lunch date with my husband?”

Count on it. On a day when distractions might come in handy, you have an ordinary morning, ordinary stuff all the way through, and then less than ten minutes before it’s due to be over and the thing you need distracting from is upon you, what happens, that elusive distraction surfaces and doesn’t just mess with your resolve, it threatens to derail that anticipatory thing altogether.

I got to my office at 11:50. My secretary wasn’t at her desk. Not unusual at all, my office door was open, but the motion activated lights had long since turned themselves off. I was cussing myself for not taking my cell phone with me, but then why would I? It had been a slow morning, I’d gone to take care of a predictable activity. Usually it’s my phone that catches & traps me. This time it had been the dreaded hallway button hole.

As I whirled into my office after my purse & phone, motion sensoring the light on, I also motion sensored Mark to uncross his legs.

“Yeaiks!” I screamed and leapt eight feet. “Holy shit!”

He couldn’t contain the his laughter.

“But you scared the shit out of me!” I whapped him with my purse when he was still laughing & I was barely recovered.

“I waved that light on twice waiting for you. Juanita paged you for me.”

“Yeah I know, I got it when I was just about to get here, then I got stopped by something.”

“Ready to go?”

“Yup,” I smiled. I was. I’d need the whole ride, short though it was, to the hotel to unload the little bit of distraction the incident put in the mix, but I was ready.

Have you ever checked into a hotel at noon on a work day with a man who is carrying only a back pack? Heheheheheh!!!! How clandestine and slinky. Yummy! The fact that my man was tall and dark, in uniform, and fully armed just added to secretive edge the moment possessed. I was having a secret liaison with my own husband. What could be better? Except maybe having them know exactly why we needed to get away for this together.

The Residence Inn is nicely set up for spanking if you’re ever in the market. The Embassy Suites are pretty good too. The rooms are linear. The sitting area and kitchenette are what you walk into, and then the bathroom/bedroom is an extension further back. If you turn on the TV in the sitting area and close the bedroom door, unless there’s serious screaming, no one from that hall can hear a thing going on in the bedroom.

I went straight into the bedroom, but Mark didn’t follow me. He stopped just inside the door and locked it then found some unknowable thing to slow him down. I waited a minute or so for him to come in, but quickly realized I had to pee. Be it threat, promise or anticipation, no matter what, when it’s of getting a spanking, needing to pee is pretty much a guaranteed if inconvenient ingredient.

I was just washing my hands and splashing my face when I hear the gruff command to “come here.”

Mark was sitting forward on the lovely plush wing chair in the sitting room whapping his shins with the brat strap. The door was locked, the news was on TV, and the coffee make was brewing. He meant it! I was in for a ‘for real’ scalding, at least to start off. I could tell by the muscles in his jaw that he was steeling himself for it. The bulge in his trousers promised there would be more, but right now there was a *spanking* to be dealt with.

“Someone’s going to hear?” I pointed to the door that was hardly 15 feet away.

He just shrugged. Man o Man the man has no inhibitions!

“Come here ,” he pointed to the carpet just behind his right foot.

I quavered. “Aw no honey, in the bedroom OK! Please.”


“Honey no, please?”


“OK! OK!” tears of anxiety and relief dripped from my eyes as I closed them. There was no going back now. I felt that maximal aversion moment that always comes right before a sound spanking. All the while up to it, my stomach and insides had been wrestling with, ‘I want it, I fear it; do it, please don’t; do it, please don’t; I need it, I can’t take it; please do it, please let me off…. gawd please honey! ….’ There was no going back now. I didn’t really want a real spanking. No matter how the prospect had primed me physically for it, inside I really didn’t feel like I needed it. So, that came out.

“You’re getting tense and cranky baby,” Mark looked me in the eyes when I came to him. “Pull your pants down and lean over, “ he tapped his thigh with the strap.

“I’m not though,” I objected. “I’m listening and stopping myself before it gets bad.”

“Mostly yes, but what about yesterday when your mother dropped the eggs? Or when Todd left the door open and the dog got out on the street?”

I grimaced. He was right. I’d lost my temper in both of those situations. Not an issue at all really except for what I said and how it lingered after. Yeah it was a 36 flat of extra large eggs that my mom dropped not just a dozen…. And yeah Todd had been warned about the door and asked repeatedly to watch that Bliss didn’t get out. I’d let loose on them just because. It was done, there was no changing it, making them feel bad with my (“I just knew it! God damn Mother! Why can’t you just take the two eggs you need and not the whole tray?’ then, “Shit for brains Todd! Why can’t you just think for once? Why?”) shit did nothing but take away from family fun and bonding.

Mostly this is stuff I get away with all the time too, because Mark almost never hears or sees it. This was what had given the whole morning its edge and made me so nervous. I knew he knew. Now it was on the table between us.

I hesitated.

“Pants down! Over my knee!”


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