How To Have A Great Spanking Weekend – Part II

There were still some glowing coals in the bedroom fireplace when we woke up at 6:12. I grumbled and told Mark he should get that fire going for us first, just so I could get up and run to go pee. Gawd I’m blessed! He did it! Poor, naked hero that he is, his morning wood, lost all its starch in seconds while he took care of that chore. Then he went into the bathroom and started that fire too. No I wasn’t a selfish wench. *g* !!! When he leapt back under the covers and his whole body trembled from the cold, I wrapped up tight against him, even if my body desperately needed to yelp and skootch away from his frosty cold flesh.

Gee? Did you know that morning wood stiffens double quick when it’s warmed up just so? Awwww! How sweet. But, we had a bath to enjoy didn’t we? OK so, Mark got out from under the down again and turned on the taps to start filling the tub. He waited for the hot to run hot before setting the plug and adding cold, that way he was sure the blended temperature was right. The tub was deep, and the fires were in need of time to get properly cozy.

Selfish, selfish me, I ducked deep under the covers. As soon as he got out, I even tucked all the still warm edges of the down comforter we shared around me before any heat got lost. When Mark’s tense shivering body tried to take up space again in my warm cocoon I cringed, but allowed it. Man o Man was Mark’s poor woodie badly in need of special rewarming! The most awake and therefore most intelligent part of me to be recruited to render aid was my mouth. Mark’s woodie got nice and warm, and gee if woodie didn’t get extra stiff again! Darn if our suite didn’t get even warmer too before our tub was ready.

Mark did get a nice and very earnest blowjob while our tub filled and the cuddly bathroom fire warmed up. I almost had him too. I had complete control of my gag reflex. He could have fucked my throat forever and I would have belonged to him. He needed other things though.

We had to let some water out of the tub, and add quite a bit of cold water in order to be able to get in (a mistake we didn’t make Monday morning in case you’re wondering. *g*.) Probably not the most environmentally friendly move we could have made, but heck…. These things take practice. Especially filling a huge tub from taps you’re not quite sure of. We needed some tweak, give & take and it took a bit of effort, but we sure did get it worked out. Didn’t we honey?

Yes we did!

We bathed each other, cuddled and suckled each other, and then we even fucked each other. All while still in the tub feeling the whirl pool jetted water churn vigorously around us, yet off on the edge of our reality, while a juvenile fire crackled.


Mark tried to hold out until he could play completely on his terms, but messing around in a tub meant for sex in front of a fire set to tickle my sexiest ‘ain’t-this-special’ bone put him at a serious disadvantage.

We had such a wonderful time loving each other and fucking.

20 feet of rope, a four poster bed, a school-master strap, a cane and a flogger; any ideas how Mark took proper advantage of a blissfully and sensually fire warmed morning?

The rope and the flogger were mercifully my toughest Sunday morning challenges. Oh! My! Good! Gawd! Damned! KEEEreyeEAST! Please honey! Tie me up and do it again! Do it again! PLEEEZE! DO IT AGAIN! but GD don’t you ever say I begged you to, ever!!!! (but please honey, please, do it again!).

The flogger and his cock. Those were the main tools he employed Sunday morning. Yes he’d just about fucked me to death with woodie, but eesh, if woodie didn’t hold out. I was flogged mercilessly until just after 8:30. I lost count of how many times I’d come since waking shortly after 6. Even so, I knew enough to appreciate my respite.

P~~~~ I could have and would have loved to come and come and come and come again!

Ooops. I did! LOLOLOL.

Sunday night on the other hand after we’d spent a most perfect day, I cussed up a blue streak while we walked along the creek under the full moon… Mark being Mark blistered my poor bare ass for my mouth on Sunday night…. But gee… & Man o Man. It was exactly as it should be in my world.

Monday was just so wonderful…..


Also, since you already are here 🙂 I put a very comprehensive How-To together, for all the people out there who want to get in domestic discipline – I received and receive so many question in emails, that a guide might help some of you out there.

With this goal in mind, I wrote around 200 pages – some chapters about the lifestyle, some on the life in a domestic discipline relationship, a detailed description of implements, and much more. And of course the guide contains info on how to convince your significant other -this is key. Each chapter contains valuable tips and habits that you can apply to your life. I wrote this book because there are no such books out there (!), and … we have developed our relationship with Domestic Discipline so far, that I now consider myself as an expert 🙂

… write me you like it !

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