Just Another Sexy Evening … How To Spice Up Your Life

Nummy Nummy Nummy I got love in my tummy … and a glow on my bum too.


Nothing strenuous yet, and so far no bratty pranks, hehehe, (so far). What can I say, I’m getting old, and sheesh if my pain tolerance isn’t still totally whimped out.

Yesterday we cuddled into bed by 8 and watched TV. I teased him by nibbling his neck, whispering bratty coos and sweet nothings and stroking my hands where there’d better be a promise behind the tease or else there will be butt to fry. Well, given that I thoroughly intended to make good on any and all promises, my whimpy butt was pretty safe.


Mark got a very long slow combination hand job and blow job that lasted through the first 40 minutes of the Grammy’s when we both agreed the whole show was too frenetic, loud & hyper, not to mention a serious waste of our time.

The TV went off and I had the stage.

Resting my head on his thigh, I used my hands and occasionally my tongue on his glans to capture his perfect attention and bring him beyond pleasure. He came all over my hands, his stomach and my face.

Today was another story. I was bad. I had to go to work to get a chest X Ray, so while I was there I checked in with my office. Not even an hour I’ll have you know, but I did check e-mail and answer some while I waited for the page that they were ready for me in X Ray. Mark was cagey and he called my secretary to ask if I was in the office and how long. What he didn’t ask was if I went there before registering or after the test. I went after registering and before the test. I basically waited there. Sheesh, and seriously, what is really worse, folks? Waiting in a waiting room twiddling thumbs while watching CNN on the canned TV waiting to be called in for your x ray, or puttering on your office computer answering the odd e-mail while waiting to get beeped that they’re ready for you?

Mark says the office thing was bad. Gee whiz if he isn’t the boss of such things here too.

So, tonight right after supper, I got a very ouchie 20 smack ‘wise up’ spanking.

Man o man! Holy old piss pots! That hurt! Gawd I can’t wait for normal back. Normal me, normal us, normal pain, normal desire…. Normal kink!!!!! It ranks (rankles) way up there among the bad girl spankings of my lifetime. I was wailing and crying by the 3 whack. Seriously!

*Wink*, Mark was kinda frisky though; as much as he wanted me to focus on putting my wellbeing before work, he couldn’t control or hide the little bit of pretense in the whole spanking ruse. He knew waiting in one place was as reasonable as waiting in another, and that given my seriously limited attention span, having something to occupy me was probably way less stressful than fixed channel TV and little else than the second hand on my watch. He got his reminder across, and I got the message (even if it wasn’t quite fair this time)

We both know what he meant to get across and we both know that this time I stayed within the lines only because of the timing of a page. Technically I was actually a good girl, but not really through any deliberate design on my part. He knew it, and so did I.

I registered 1st because I forgot my office key. Unable to get in my office before my secretary got there without calling security to let me in, I was stuck registering for my X ray 1st; once registered they gave me the patient pager; it’s a buzz pager like some busier restaurants give you, so you can go in the bar or wait on their deck for your table to be ready. If I’d had my purse with me and could have gotten into my office, I might have puttered much longer there before even thinking of calling to see if X ray was busy.

So, that truth was addressed. Man o man I’m a whimp! It was addressed way, way too easily and thoroughly. Did I mention how ouchie it was? How utterly brutal that 20 whack spanking I got was? Well, just so you know, it was very memorable, supremely ouchie and extremely perturbing. Perturbing … yep, that’s it, very much that, I must say. My bum and sensory machine have been placed on notice. Severe has a new dimension. And, damned if there isn’t going to be a whole new adaptation process in finding its place, limits and scope in our lives & balance!

Mark was frisky though. *g* and all you spankee brats know just how quickly a twenty whack spanking fades, even if it has made you cry and examine truth, life and all other essential realities. Just a little bit of hug and cuddle time, and I was all me again, and his pressing, and “poking” need became my central focus.

“Can I give you a blow job?”

“What if I fuck you?”

“I’m dry honey. My mind wants to fuck you just like it wants to get spanked right. It’s just not happening. I really want to get you off though. Please?”

What can I say, Mark needed no coaxing. Mmmmmmm! There is just nothing like suckling, and stroking his cock with my tongue and mouth! Deep throat was easier than usual. Maybe our comfortable cadence had something to do with that. Mark didn’t just let me fuck him with my mouth and throat he held my hair and head and kept things slow and comfortable.

At first, when he wouldn’t come in my mouth, or on my face, I was tempted to pout, but he had a plan. Just as “Without a trace” was getting started he pushed me up and off him.

“Come to bed baby.”

I obeyed.

He put me on my hands and knees facing the foot of the bed, lubricated his cock and my pussy, and then pulled and eased me down onto him. I was facing away leaning down on his legs, and he was comfy and cozy resting back on all our pillows. He gave me a pillow which I placed over his calves and cuddled my chest and face into. Mmmm it was a nice cozy position. He was all the way up inside me, my pussy and bum were perched and already rocking perfectly for his pleasure. My chubbiest cheeks were perfectly positioned for his hands to play like bongos. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I put my right thumb in my mouth suckled and closed my eyes as I rocked and ground my pussy on him. “Not quite the same as deep throat all the way honey,” I whispered, “but almost as good.”

He took a while to come, but I’m pretty sure he’ll tell you it had nothing to do with what got him off, or how I did it. Deep throat is terrific, but so is nice easy pussy fucking, especially if the pussy comes hard two or three times just because she’s being spanked. Mount him while facing away. Lay down on his legs, embrace his calves, rock, fuck and grind your hips and pussy on him.

My bum was placed perfectly to become his bongos. Spanking those bongos hurt, but he’s a master. He helped, teased and coaxed me to fuck and ride him. Before too long after working all angles, getting spanked was exquisite again. My pussy exploded, chewed and gnawed his cock hardest because his hands stung and worked my bottom, then he let me ride him. That vigorous activity brought gasps and howls from me.

I’m probably not up to aggressive sex or spanking again for at least another week. But, I must say, I’m encouraged to know that persistence can overcome/overpower the dry pussy & man o man ouchie, ouchie, ouchie after an illness/break spank realities.


Also, since you already are here 🙂 I put a very comprehensive How-To together, for all the people out there who want to get in domestic discipline – I received and receive so many question in emails, that a guide might help some of you out there.

With this goal in mind, I wrote around 200 pages – some chapters about the lifestyle, some on the life in a domestic discipline relationship, a detailed description of implements, and much more. And of course the guide contains info on how to convince your significant other -this is key. Each chapter contains valuable tips and habits that you can apply to your life. I wrote this book because there are no such books out there (!), and … we have developed our relationship with Domestic Discipline so far, that I now consider myself as an expert 🙂

… write me you like it !

Click here to read a detailed description, or go to Amazon and click here for more!



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