Story: The Sword Of The Dragon, Part VI

Marie flinched. The sound was not nearly so loud or disruptive to her ears, but she was moved to obey it by the shear force of command it carried. She stepped close to him as if in a trance.

Reed took hold of her arm and pulled her to his side. The black glare of his eyes made Marie shiver, and then she was pulled down so she lay across his thighs. Marie’s mind found the memory she needed to understand what he was about.

“You cannot! I am grown!” She began kicking and wrestling with his grip.

“I can and I will! You will feel the lick of the switch. You are lucky to be alive for the experience!” Reed pulled her skirts up and over her back. Marie fought with everything she could muster, but she was no match for this man and his anger.


The fabric of the cloth that covered her bottom gave way easily, and Marie felt the silky cool morning air caress the skin of her legs and her backside. In seconds she felt the searing pain that followed the whistle the stick made as it was forced through the air. The pain burned deeper and spread. Marie gasped. The pain came again, again, and again before she could collect her senses and take control of her limbs.

Marie began to struggle and try to twist.

This assault had to stop.

She kicked her legs as hard as she could. Her efforts did nothing to stop the searing stripes that were being applied to her bottom and legs. So many licks burned into her flesh, and the pain was becoming so intense, that Marie felt her mind giving up its anger.

Reed observed the marks he applied as they first blanched white, and then filled with color, and then split into double tracks of red split by a white line. By the time 20 licks were laid down, the first licks were rising into double red welts. He stopped the licking and ran his hand over her flesh. The welts were hard raised ropes of flesh. He renewed his efforts and with purpose delivered another thirty stripes.

Marie’s struggles were of no use. Reed held her still with almost no effort. The pain was unbearable, but more than that the reality that she was completely without power to escape this settled into her deepest awareness, and Marie felt herself depart from it.

Reed felt the change in her physical response, and he threw the switch aside. He was not finished with his lesson though. His hand came down hard.

Marie came back to the moment. The flight she was ready to take in her mind was cut short by the change in sensation. This man’s hand was hard as steel, but more intimate. The pain he raised with each spank was intense. But she could think past the pain now. And she began to feel more than the pain.

“You must stop! You must stop! Please you must stop!” Marie cried.

Reed smiled to himself. He was very surprised by her silence, and amused by what she finally said. She was a spirited imp. Her pleas were commands. He laughed outright.

“You will have to be more repentant than that! This will end when I know you have taken this lesson about safety into your soul.”

Marie felt rage build within her. How dare he do this to her! Her rage was tempered by something she could not grasp. The heat building in the flesh of her bottom was matched by the warmth that spread deeper within her from her skin to her groin and up into her breasts and her mind. Arousal spread through her. Tears began to fall from her eyes, and sobs wrenched from deep within her.

Reed sensed she was close to acceptance of his authority.

He spanked harder and with a renewed sense of purpose.

Marie could not resist the pain and arousal that built within her. When it reached its crescendo she screamed and bucked. “Oh Please! Please! No More!”

The muscles of her groin pulsed again and again and her sobs came in short gasping spasms. Reed knew he had brought her to the place she needed to be, but he wanted her to know he would go past any limit her body could set.

He increased the force of the blows he delivered. Initially she simply shook and twitched with his efforts. Her flesh burned and the pain seared into her. But soon her rage awakened. She must stop this. Her struggles were of no use, her please fell on amused deaf ears.

“I must escape! I must escape!” Marie thought. Panic built within her and something new within her awakened.

Her eyes opened wide. The cold white blue glow they radiated terrified the amused pixies, who had come out to view her punishment.

Reed’s efforts now fully realized were close to completion, but he had no idea what he had awakened within her. As he delivered the final flurry of spanks to her battered and pained backside, he did not see the flare of hot blue flames that her scream emitted into the air.

The spanking was over, and Marie was released. She backed away from the man, and he watched the contortions her emotions commanded as the washed over her face.

It struck him that her eyes were a soft hazel green, until he spoke to her, and then the smoldering blue returned……


Reed watched amused, as the woman child in front of him struggled to control her emotions. He had no doubt she would have happily throttled him at that moment. He did not plan to give her much time to dwell on it however.

“Now you will tell me who your people are.” He commanded.

“I have told you!” Marie snapped out. “I have no people!”

“I do not believe you.” Reed smiled, and cocked a teasing grin at her.

“I care nothing of what you believe Sir. I have answered your question, and that is an end to it.” The tone of Marie’s defiance sounded much stronger than it felt to her at that moment.

“Are you certain that is your position?” Reed continued to smile.

Marie’s expression flashed with contempt. “Are you dull sir?” She quipped.

Reed’s smile widened as he reached for the switch he had discarded several moments earlier. “Perhaps, you require more of this?”

“No I do not!” Marie glared, as she backed away from him. “What good will it do you Sir? You would whip me only to have me invent someone to satisfy this interest you have in a name? Why will you not believe me?”

Reed continued to smile. The child raised an amusing question. He would not know even if she gave him a name for her people if she gave him an honest answer. He chuckled to himself at the card she held in her favor.

“You will answer me when I ask from where you have come! Or would you have me assume you come from ‘no where’ as your people are ‘no one’? ” Reed’s amusement was still evident.

“Why do you want to know? There is nothing there for me. I will not tell you only to have you force me to return there. I have much invested in my departure from there.” Marie backed further away from him as she watched him worry and roll the switch in the palm of his hand.

“Tell me to satisfy my curiosity. What I will do with what you tell me is not decided. You needn’t fear that I will force you to return.” Reed smiled as he offered her some small reassurance.

Marie considered what he said.

But something deep within her told her to resist yielding her trust to this man. When he revealed himself as the Dragontamer the night before, one more piece of her myth was made real. It was his destiny to try to subdue and defeat her, as it was hers to try to prevail in the struggle and take her place as a ruler of his land. There was more that gnawed at her mind. His face. She knew she had seen it before.

If she failed in her destiny then her kindred would remain in the dark shadows of fear and superstition. If she prevailed, two worlds would become one. The battle that was laid out before them was foretold in the myths. And the myths had many endings.

Inside, Marie felt a stirring. Around her she heard the chatter of the Pixies. And she heard the distant hum of the old woman.

The man observed the Lady in silence. She looked to have drifted with her mind. He thought to himself that it might be amusing to have her tag along with him. She did seem to have an affinity with dragons. It might prove useful to him on his quest.


“Ah my sister you have come home.” The wise one embraced the old woman. It was now one hundred and sixteen long years the sisters had been apart. Even though they shared their eyes and their thoughts across space, even though they shared their purpose across time, the reunion was sweet.

“They are together.” The old woman nodded as she wept into her sister’s robes.

“Eye, it is in their hands now.” The wise one caressed the old woman’s face.

“As it was foretold.” The old woman agreed. “We have sown the seeds, and tilled the fields. He must nurture and pluck the fruit. With this will be sewn seeds to blend the worlds”

“Aye.” The wise one sighed. “The ending of an eon of separation of worlds, the end of life in the shadows for our kind. The future now lies in the hands of the prince of light. Who must win and tame the princess of the shadows.”

“The quickening is done. She is born into the shadows. Now she must become.” The old woman released her sister, and took in the sights and smells of home.

“You have taught her well my sister. She has the gift. The way is proscribed, and the re-joining must be borne of instinct and love. She must choose it without knowing what she does.” The wise one reassured her sister.

“They have both been prepared. We can only watch now. And pray that our destiny has been fulfilled. That these children are the ones.” The old woman sighed wistfully.

“Yes my sister. I grow weary too. The centuries grow longer, and we grow weak.” The wise one took her place on the altar. Her sister settled with her. Their eyes together found the surface of the pool, and within the black surface of the water they watched their charges as they broke camp.


Marie was grateful when the man Reed left off his badgering and digging. Her agreement to continue her travels in his company was all he required.

As they resumed their journey Marie let her mind wander back over the events of the last few days. The first day’s escape from the city and the world she knew by instinct was not hers, but the only one she’d known. The next day’s trek through the woods and the seductive songs that kept her company. The awesome hatching of the beast. The sensations her body woke up to wrapped in its flame. The man. The spanking. The dreams she had in the weeks before she left. The lilting seduction, silky sensations and sensual torment that so excited her in her dreams, that became exquisitely real for her that last evening upon her horse. And again terrifyingly real and deliciously desperate just before the Dragontamer stopped spanking her.

Now she was again aware of the sensations. The heat and discomfort that lingered from the punishment she endured mingled with the sensual memories of her dreams and the ecstatic spasms her body came to twice these last few days, and settled into a slick wet heat in her groin. She shifted her weight under her. Aware that the friction played with the intensity of all of the physical heat she was feeling. What was it she felt now? This calm restful ease? And this tingling awareness of her body? Contentment? Is this the illusive thing she could barely conceive, except in dreams?

The dreams were the first place that word came to her. Now she was awake.

She turned her attention to the strong back of the man who rode in front of her. She found herself wondering about him. Examining what she could see of him.

‘He is the Dragontamer.’ She wondered. ‘He is the one who is foretold to be my challenge. Does he know that I am to be his?’

His back was broad. Even through the leather of his vest and the thick woven cloth of his shirt his strength was visible. The definition of him sharp. He was pleasing to behold.

“Marie!? Marie?!” came the lilting song of the pixies.

“Who are you?” Marie spoke up. “Who are calling with this seduction?”

“We are one with your kindred Marie! We are kindred.” Hehehehehehehehe the laugh tinkled through the brush.

The Dragontamer sensed the folk were speaking, but this time he did not hear the words. Instinct told him that there was a message. It told him she could hear it. But he could not.

Marie’s expression was innocent. Her eyes were wide to the wonder of what she heard. The bushes and roots seemed to know more of her quest than she.

“He is the one, Marie. Do you see? Did you feel?” They laughed and giggled.

“Did I feel?” Marie spoke.

“Yes!!!!! Didn’t you feel? Did he not take your being through shame, anger, fear, terror, pain, desperation, gratitude, pleasure, ecstasy and devotion?”

“He did that. Yes” Marie nodded and shivered.

“He is your tamer Marie! He is yours!”

“No!” Marie cried out. Loud enough for the man to hear. “He is the Dragontamer!”

Maries sobbed. There was something unsettling about what she said.

“Yes Marie he is! The Dragontamer. Your tamer!” hehehehehehehehe

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