Story: The Sword Of The Dragon, Part III

As she traveled sounds came to the Lady’s ears. At first they were distant and indistinct. But in the last hour they were becoming clearer. Tiny voices. Singing and laughing. She looked around in earnest trying to locate the source. A few times she tried to stop the horse, but it would not heed. Her good humor and something deeper told her this was as it should be, but her curiosity was awakening.

The watcher saw her attempts to stop her mount. T’was a good animal who knew better, but it was loyal too. Surely the wench knew better than to answer the siren call of the pixies, and would not overrule the horse’s sense. But the watcher did not know that the Lady was new to his world. Again he heard the insistent call of the wee folk. Now they used her name.

“Marie! Marie! Come play with us! Come play!” The tiny peels of laughter were filled with seductive melody.

The child pulled the horse with white socks up short. It reared and resisted.

“You must obey me kind sir!” The Lady spoke softly to the horse. The noble animal shook its head, as if it knew what his mistress said. “Why not sir?” The Lady asked, but she was not yet fully aware that steed beneath her truly did hear and know her meaning. The horse took its own head and trotted onward.

For a moment the watcher was ready to lunge his animal forward, as he thought the foolish child might actually mean to get down. When he saw that the stop in her progress was brief and she was again pushing forward, he relaxed.

This pattern of starting and stopping in response to the lilting pleas of the pixies continued until the watcher was certain he would flail the child to within an inch of her life for the fear he place in him. He imagined her stops were done to tease him, yet he knew she did not know he trailed her. He spoke to his own mount before long. “I swear she will take my good nature if she persists in this game!”

As soon as he spoke he knew that his voice alerted the pixies to his presence. His cloaked presence lost to him, their voices beaconed him.

“Reed! Reed! Please leave her to us. She is so fair. It is all in the game.” The melody of the song teased him. But he was a master at fighting the seduction of the wee folk.

The Lady heard the new name called by the voices. Reed. What was this? She stretched and turned to look behind her, but she could not sustain a scan on a horse that would not heed her signals and commands.

As the afternoon sun dropped below the tree tops, the light in the forest shifted. Shadows were gone, but dark places deepened. Something about the change made the Lady feel unease. But only seconds later she felt more than heard a purring sound. It came from in ahead, and her mount heard it too. The horse with white socks seemed to quicken its pace.

In minutes the sound was louder. It was much more pleasing and seductive than the laughter of the pixies. The Lady felt pulled to it.

The watcher, Reed, felt a subtle tremble in the air, but he could not hear the purring. Foreboding settled into his gut, but he kept his distance behind the Lady Marie. Her mount appeared energized and had quickened its pace. In a short few seconds he lost sight of her.


The purring became louder and Marie felt a sense of urgency. It was a sense that she was near something essential to her being, and a sense that her destiny was calling.

Very soon her mount carried her into a clearing. It was shrouded in a mist much like the one that greeted her that morning. But here there was no sunlight, and here the mist did not move.

The horse stopped, and allowed his rider to dismount. The purring sound was deafening and the earth rumbled with it. The sensation invaded Lady Marie, and somehow told her she was with her kindred, her kind. Sensation commanded that she must be pure, and in only seconds she removed her clothing and moved bare into the mist. She made the currents that set it in motion.

The mist spun, swirling around her and then lifted. There before her was a nest of large eggs. Their soft shells were pulsing with the life within them. The purring sound came from here. These eggs and the infants within them purred with contentment.

But one seemed to spasm. The Lady Marie knew instantly from an instinct deep within her. It was birth. Birth of a kindred was about to happen for her eyes. She moved among the eggs. They rolled for her. One tilted down and the unmistakable message for her to climb on, seeped into her being.

She trembled as she watched, felt and heard the birth.

The man Reed, the watcher pulled up short of the clearing. He felt a sense of peace, but the siren call and seduction of the pixies was fresh and still dancing in his mind. The purring heard by the Lady was only a faint rumble he felt in the air. He stepped down. He was aware that the child was stopped and dismounted. How he knew it he could not fathom, but he trusted his instinct.

As he came to the opening between the trees he saw the child nude and sitting on a huge smooth oval rock. Her eyes transfixed on another rock that moved and shuddered. In a moment he realized it was a cluster of rocks all of them moving and pulsing.

“What has she done? The fool has stepped into a nest of Dragons! She is to be the first meal of the spawn of a monster! His thoughts tried hard to push him forward to rescue, but the sudden cracking sound of the egg held him transfixed.

A head appeared and then translucent wings. It was born! The beast was born. Reed watched the eyes of the beast and the child lock. She was gone! He could do nothing to stop it.

He turned away, and as he did the trembling in the earth intensified. The air vibrated with it too. Reed turned back to see that the Dragon was in flight, and the child watched safely from her perch.

Lord help her I will whip her raw! The foolish child!


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