Remodeling the Guide To Spanking And Domestic Discipline

Many of my readers know that I wrote in the of 2015 my book “The How To Guide To Spanking and Domestic Discipline”.

The book hasn’t become a massive success, compared to my blog at least (around 500 of you read this blog every day… thanks for your support!). I also have various regular commenters, just to mention:

  • lurvspanking
  • ddjennifer
  • naughtynore

(this list is not inclusive… I remember quite vividly the discussions in 2016 with Experienced Husband, who, unfortunately, doesn’t comment anymore). Many of you hit the like button when a new post goes online … thanks! Every like for my writing is a success 🙂

The book on the other hand hasn’t received so much praise, judging by the Amazon comments (I have not cheated and reviewed my own book or asked friends to do this, so there’s that.).

To date I have four comments …

Comment Number 1, Chad wrote: (2 stars)

It’s clear the author is unable to disassociate spanking from sex. In a DD relationship, maintenance spankings shouldn’t be making her wet or horny, they should be steering her toward introspection into her behavior. My wife is a spanko, a sub, and we are in both a D/s and a DD relationship. It’s important to draw a clear distinction between punishment, maintenance, and play.
Additionally, I found actually reading the material to be almost painful. How can you publish a “book” and not be bothered to spell check it? Constant misspellings, incorrect grammar, and a grade-school-level smattering of text emojis such as :)) and ❤ have NO place in published works.

My reaction: wow Chad, that hurt! Yes my book is apparently not totally clear on this distinction. As for the emojis, well, I deleted them. Too bad Chad never commented here – it would’ve been great to have him here.

Comment Number 1, D. Y. wrote: (4 stars)

“I just learned about the DD lifestyle from your blog in trying to do some research to help my marriage. I knew instantly this was for me, and devoured ever word on your blog, and then the book. Thank you so much for taking the time to lay it all out, and from so many points of view. I think I’ve found my true self, and can’t wait to get started in learning how to be a better wife!”

My reaction: wow, great comment! Such a great recommendation 🙂 That makes me happy. (Unfortunately, 5 stars would have been better 🙂 ) I never noticed a commenter called D.Y. , if your are this, please leave a comment!

For the last two reviews, I received three stars from two reviews:

“it’s ok” and “interesting”. Wow, quite the explanation … 😦 !

So where am I going?

Three things:

  1. First, if you have purchased my guide, please leave a comment! Would you like to review it on Amazon? What did you like about it? What did you not like? I am desperate for more feedback 😦
  2. If you have not purchased the book, why did you decide against it? For spanking or DD beginners, I thought my book was a good idea. However, there might be other reasons.
  3. Obviously some parts of my guide aren’t perfect – so I’ve decided to “overhaul” it, so to say. I recently rewrote some parts of it, and I bought a nice cover for it, too:


Both the paperback as well as the kindle edition are new online with the new book, new cover and new style. What do you think? Please leave a comment, I need reviews and honest feedback 🙂


Love, Constance

2 thoughts on “Remodeling the Guide To Spanking And Domestic Discipline

  1. Hi Constance,

    I read your book for the subject matter. What I found annoying about it was the syntax and grammatical errors within the book and that put me off. Perhaps also a more structured ordering of the book into a more logical sequence.



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