Story: The Sword Of The Dragon, Part II

The Lady found a stream and refreshed herself. The sun rose higher. As it did its rays filtered through the trees danced briefly with the wisps of the mist, and then chased them away.

She returned to the hovel and retrieved her pack. The horse was well rested and sated on the grasses that grew near the stream.

“Where will you take me now kind sir?” The Lady spoke to the animal as she drew her finger nails down the muscles of its neck. The horse whinnied and leaned into the delicious touch of his mistress. “You like that do you fine sir.” The Lady rested her weight against the warm and yielding animal.

Quickly, anxious to continue her journey, the Lady broke fast with a crust of the bread and some of the cheese. Blackberries grew near the stream. She collected as much as would fit in the leather pouch and then ate her fill.

She mounted her horse, and again they moved forward, destiny guiding them.

The watcher, stood up from behind the natural blind of the sumac bush, his eyes following the child. Near grown he determined. Foolish and wanton, she was, to be alone in these woods; beautiful, and enchanting as well. Something about her drew him. But unlike the woman he watched, the man had no illusions of destiny. His thoughts were occupied by curiosity, interest and an odd paternal annoyance with her. Something gave him to know he should follow and protect her. He turned and quickly and went to his camp. In minutes he was leaving the path assigned him by duty, and was following the Lady.

The man’s duty was discovery. The wise one held him a full year longer than the others of his rank. When finally he was released for his journey, he was told only one thing.

“You are to find and tame the Dragon. You must earn the title of The Dragon Tamer.” The wise one said nothing more to him as he finished the ritual of cleansing under her gaze. It was not his place to question, but he could not control what rolled through his mind.

As he prepared to leave the safety of his father’s home, the Wise one spoke again. “She will fight you my son. She will not know her destiny is to bow to your will. You must be strong. And you must trust your heart.”

As he looked into the eyes of the old woman, with questions churning in his mind, he saw a face flicker in the black depths of her pupils. Recognition flashed for a moment and then was gone.

Four days now he had traveled, and if not for a brief bout with illness, he would have been a full day north of the stream where he spied the child


“Ahhh, it unfolds as it should.” The old governess stood by the well in the courtyard of her master’s castle. She looked deep beyond the surface of the water and watched the young man mount his horse to follow his Lady. The flapping of wings overhead broke the old woman’s reverie. A large shadow crossed the ground. The woman smiled and looked up.

Above her flew a Dragon, translucent and luminous as it crossed the land of mortals, it was fully visible only to her.

“I will.” The old woman said. Her head nodded as she took in the silent message from her kindred. The Dragon dipped and spun playfully and then was gone. Its path took it west over the wood. The same direction the Lady took only 30 hours before. Again the old woman smiled. “Yes, playful one, your mistress seeks you, as does your master.”

Inside the castle the old woman made ready. Her role here was finished. It was time for her to return home. Peace spread through her. The future was turned over to the fates. Her exile was ended, her duty abroad was done. The child was grown and must now find her way.


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