Story: The Brat And How He Dealt With Her, Part II

“Yeah, yeah. So what’s new!” says she.

The man shook his head. His little wife was a force to be reckoned with when she had a bee in her bonnet. Another time, he might have hauled her up short then and there and forced the subject. It was late, and their son was home. Not much to be gained waking him up getting down to business that could keep for a few hours until morning.

The man washed up, and set down in the family room to relax with some ice water and his e-mail.

Didn’t take the man long to get an inkling of just what his sweet brat was gnawing on. Couple of mails asked him what she was thinking. Folks were worried he was upset too. Wanted him to reassure his brat that all was well and she was loved. There was enough in the mails to direct him to more of the story. Took him just a few minutes reading to get a good idea about what the real issue might be. “How’d he miss that the night before?” was the first thought that crossed his mind. He’d sort it out with folks if he could later on. For now he had a brat in a snit and in need of attention.

“Poor brat,” says he to himself. “

One of these days folks are going to have it up to the limit with you and your insecurity. We’ll have a long talk about it come morning.”

The brat tossed and turned for a good part of the night; helped some when the man pulled her up and trapped her in a spoon with him. That seemed to let her calm enough so they both rested for a few hours.

School day mornings start early no matter what time a parent goes to bed, or how well they slept. That was one of those unavoidable facts of life that can make for rough going once in a while. Good thing for the brat’s backside she kept her mood out of her son’s day.

The man did his bit to get coffee going while his wife negotiated with the boy over what he would eat. Track and field practice had the kid out the door before 7:30. Then it was time for the brat’s reckoning.

“I told you last night I don’t want to talk about it,” says she when he brings it up.

“Doesn’t matter,” says he. “You’ll talk about it.”

“Well! I have a right to know!” says she, stomping her foot and crossing her arms.

“You have a right to know what? What made it an issue?” says he.

“It just bugged me all of a sudden! I did all that work, and I never know who cares, if they visit, or what they think when they do. So I asked,” says she.

“You didn’t just ask though did you?” says he “You made folks worry about you, so what’s the real reason?”

“My feelings were hurt! Can’t I have hurt feelings?” says she. Evasion with “plausible whine.” Good tactic, but the man wasn’t going to let it fly.

“Won’t fly sweetheart. You were just fine the other day, what happened since then?” says he.

“Nothing!” says she.

“You just wound yourself up over nothing?” says he. She’d best not ignore the warning he posed with that question.

“No!” says she. There it was the pout that told him she was cornered with little else to use but the truth to get out.

“What was it?” says he firm in his stance that she would disclose all of it.

She did. Along with it came some sass and a whole mess of sarcasm. The man had to laugh. Never in a million years would anyone believe the convoluted reasoning of a brat who found a hundred irrelevant things to expend her energy on just to stay busy and keep her mind off of something she was afraid of. It was one hell of a smoky snowball she’d rolled down that hill. She’d’ve made the damned thing an avalanche if the man hadn’t caught on.

“Why do you get so worked up about these little things?” says he, when the whole issue was spread out.

“Because?” says she. “I don’t mean to. I just get so mixed up. I hurt about one thing and before I know it I still feel it, but I’m on to thinking about something else, and that thing makes me feel a little annoyed, but I’m still hurting from the other thing, and it all gets twisted up.”

“Do we need to limit how many little things you can get into?” says he.

“No,” says she. She knew what the man meant. Sure fire way to keep her from getting wound up over silly slights on line, was to keep her away from them altogether until she found some perspective.

“What’s the solution then brat?” says he. “Can’t have you blackmailing folks with their own good will just so you can patch a hole that isn’t even real. They’d sooner have you be honest. Open up a thread and tell them you’re sad instead of winding all your feelings into how you answer other threads and questions. No one stands a chance of understanding what’s really going on when you bury it like that.”

The man’s wife shrugged. She didn’t have an answer.

“Are you going to spank me?” says she.

“Suspect it can’t hurt,” says he. “Will it help?”

“Probably,” says she with a five star pout and another shrug. “Better than taking away my computer I think.”

The man had to laugh again. Damn if she couldn’t manipulate her way around almost any consequence with that pout when she timed it right.

“Might be we’ll do both,” says he.

“It’s Friday! Please! I won’t whine any more. I promise,” says she.

“Spend some time writing a story instead of tangling yourself up in debates alright?” says he.

“I promise,” says she.

“Bare your bottom and turn over,” says he.

The brat hesitated for a moment or two. Got herself a warning, and then obeyed.

The man gave his wife one mighty sound spanking. Made sure to spend some extra time heating up the sitting zone so she’d have the whole discussion on her mind for a good long while. Some bucking and some tears ensued. Par for the course when a brat needs her attitude tuned.

“Always important to iron out the snits by giving a brat a real reason to feel sorry for herself,” says he to himself while he applied himself firmly to the task.


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