A Spanking New Year’s! Part I

We all slept in this morning. The accumulation of late nights up chatting after puttering at entertaining house guests all day seemed to catch up to all of us at once. I was 1st up. Usually it’s still dark out when I wake up, but this morning the sun was streaming in through the patio doors. Poor Bliss was desperate to pee, so I let her out first and then ran a cup of coffee for myself. Todd, and then my mother joined me in the kitchen just as I was taking my first sip.

“What’s for breakfast mom?” Todd asked me.

“Surprise me,” I smiled and settled at the table. “Run some Sumatra Blend for gram ma first.”

Todd grumbled a little, but he and my Mom both huddled over the Flavia coffee machine putting the pouch in and punching the button. We’ve had the one cup at a time machine for a year now, but this is the first my Mom’s ever seen such an critter. She won’t operate it herself, but she’s keen to watch everyone else do it.

Todd & I had Cheerios, my mom had Special K. We’d actually had a nice chat and Todd was into his third bowl of cereal before we even heard a peep out of the rest of the house. Mark was next up, followed barely a minute later by my brother.

For the next hour and a half our house was full of chatter and activity.

The Canadians are all going home Wednesday, so they and Mark’s Mom had plans to go into Mexico today for the requisite jewelry, pottery and blanket shopping. Todd and his granddad had a date to drive up to Pleasantville to collect two mares that were bred last week. So, shortly before 10AM the noise level in the house reached cacophony when Mark’s folks arrived.

It was hectic for about thirty minutes while sleep fogged adults finished getting showered and dressed and ready to go. Todd & his granddad were first to leave, taking Bliss with them. There was some quibbling about whether my brother was going to bother to go with the two Gramma’s & his wife. After being reminded he’d be the better navigator, they were finally off too. I would have gone with them, except I had a 3PM meeting at work, and Mark had a special duty shift that started at 4 so he’d have to leave here close to 3PM also.

When I closed the door on their rental car and waved the shoppers off into their adventure, I felt a wave of peace. I love company, but I especially love self sufficient company. Most of all though, I’ll be glad when we have our lives back and all this upheaval is set aside for another year. I can see it in my Mom’s eyes to. As much as we’ve all enjoyed visiting, she’ll be glad to get home and back to her art classes and fellow auxillians.

The I took in the sudden quiet and puttered around the front garden for a few minutes before heading in for another cup of coffee.

Back inside the house I found Mark sitting on the ottoman in the family room holding a wood spatula in his hand.

“What?” I startled.

He grinned.

“Time to get some resolutions worked out.”

“Horny bastard,” I laughed.

“Saucy brat,” he laughed too. “Get your ass over here.”

“Nuh uh,” I shook my head. “Not if you’re gonna use that.”

“Oh yeah?” he knew he’d been dared.

“Yeah,” I nodded smiling and skirting around him just out of reach.

“You looking for trouble brat?” his chuckle was evil.

“Think you can handle it if I am?” I squealed and scooted out of reach when he lunged. His lunge was low, so once committed he was quickly off balance and fell to his knees. He’s so tall that even though I’m fast, he was able to grab the cuff of my pajama bottoms. I tripped, and Mark crawled up on top of me quickly.

We both giggled and laughed, wrestling and rolling in the middle of the living room floor.

“Now you’re really going to get it,” he growled. He kissed me. I kissed back and then playfully but firmly bit and held his lower lip. We locked eyes. I knew by the glint in his that I was going to pay dearly, and then started tickling me.

Man o man! I wiggled and struggled, laughed and squealed, and begged, begged and begged some more.

“OK! OK! You can spank me! Spank me! Gawd you’re killing me!”

I was beyond desperate when Mark finally stopped tickling me. We stretched out on the floor and laughed. It took me several minutes to catch my breath.

“So, brat? Want to play?” he slapped my stomach when he knew I was sufficiently recovered and pulled me close.

“Yeah,” I grinned and tipped my head up so I could see his face.

“Hard or easy?” he stroked my face.

“Maybe hard? Could we play it by ear?”

He pushed me over onto my stomach and smacked my butt. “Up you get.”

We both got up off the floor, no small feat for two middle aged farts like us. The effort and creaky groans from both of us made us laugh again. What are we doing rolling around on the floor like kids?

Mark stopped and kneaded his knees before standing all the way.

“Too much for yuh huh old geezer?” I giggled.

The wicked smile and intent look in his eyes told me I was cruising

“Keep it up brat. Just keep it up.”

I took his hand and we hobbled into the bedroom. He dug out the cuffs, and pointed to the pillows waving me to stack them. I slipped out of my PJ’s and came to him to get the cuffs on right.

I sort of expected I was going to end up spread eagle on the bed, but instead Mark looped our hunter green bondage rope through the D rings on my writs cuffs and pulled them together. Once they were tight he had me climb up on the bed and lay down over the pillows. He pulled the rope down between my legs so my hands had to follow. He split the two ends of the rope that bound my wrists tight together between my thighs, then ran one end through the D ring on the cuff on one ankle and the other through the D ring on the other.

“Ease on down and relax a second.” he patted my butt. When I relaxed I found my hands were snuggly secured with just enough play that I could masturbate. Maybe not the most comfortable position at first for my torso and neck, but after wiggling a bit I was able to shift enough so it was OK. Then Mark pulled my legs apart and secured my ankles to the footboard corners.


I will publish the next part in some days, so please find it here 🙂


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