Story: watch the game and some spankings

Happy Christmas!

I’ll continue here with another story 🙂


Both Carl and Marissa were in a lazy mood and the weather outside was completely cooperative. Wind and drizzle made all but indoor activities attractive, and the busy week made quiet time appealing.

Marissa wanted to spend the afternoon relaxing with Carl, but he wanted to watch a series of football games. Unfortunately that was an activity that was as close to Chinese water torture as Marissa could imagine. She tried negotiating for a movie and a game, but when Carl held his ground that he wanted to see both games, Marissa sighed and gave up.

story watch the game and some spankings
“You’re mean sometimes you know?” she pouted when it became clear he wasn’t going to give.

“Cut it out Marissa. I almost never want to do something like this. You get your way most of the time, today it’s my turn,” Carl didn’t just make his case with a ‘play fair’ card he issued a warning with the tone of his voice. Marissa was no idiot she got the message and backed off.

Carl was sweet though, when it came time for the first game to start, he made a tray with his tortilla chips, salsa and beer and carried it into the bedroom. For a while Marissa stayed in the family room doing her thing. Activity on the forum was very slow, and none of the afternoon movies appealed to her.

“What a crummy day!” she muttered to herself.

Frustrated and bored, Marissa got up and went to the bathroom. Coming out of there, she complained to Carl that she had nothing to do.

“Write something or draw then,” he suggested.

“I don’t feel like it,” she pouted.

“Then come in here and join me,” he patted the mattress next to him.

“I hate football Carl!” Marissa whined.

Carl growled and gave her a warning look. “You’re not getting your way Marissa, I’m watching the game.”

“All I want is to spend time with you, and you won’t even do that.” Marissa knew Carl did not respond well to whining, so she changed the tone of her voice to irritation.

He wasn’t having any of it.

“Cut it out!” he warned again. “You can come in here and watch the game with me or go do something else. Those are your choices.”

“There’s nothing else to do!” she grumbled and left him alone.

Back in the family room Marissa flipped through the channels again and quickly gave that up in frustration. Not even one post had appeared on the forum in three solid hours. “Damn it!” Marissa kicked the pillow at the foot of the sofa. She tried surfing to the reading sites, but couldn’t get her mind into reading spanking stories. She’d rather be living a spanking story, but Carl wasn’t being very cooperative.

“I could piss him off,” she grumbled. Yes she could, but then she’d end up spanked, have an angry husband, and still have nothing to do. She’d really rather just have what she wanted, and that was quiet cuddle time with her husband. Finally she sighed, and folded up the laptop and carried it into the bedroom.

“Going to join me after all are you?” Carl shifted over to make room for her beside him on the bed.

“May as well be bored in here as out there,” she complained.

Carl turned his attention back to the TV, absently lifting his arm, then holding a pillow, until Marissa got situated up against his right side with the computer resting on a pillow on her lap. She tried engaging him in conversation, but she couldn’t get him to stay with her. The game was well underway, and he was engaged in it all the way.

Surprisingly, Marissa found it a little easier to concentrate on reading now that she was cuddled up against Carl. She didn’t have his attention, but she did have his company. Now and then he’d load a chip with salsa give her a bite, and then finish it himself. They weren’t engaged in the same activity, but they were together and Marissa wasn’t as bored.

Her butt got tired after about half an hour though, and she had to rearrange herself. She put the laptop and pillow on the mattress and her knees up under Carl’s arm and lay down on her stomach propped up on her elbows. When a commercial came on, she pestered Carl by putting her feet in his face, he responded by kneading and smacking her ass.

“I have an idea,” he chuckled.

Marissa turned to look up as Carl shifted up and back propping pillows behind him. Once he got where he wanted to be, he patted the mattress with his left hand.

“Put the computer here.”

“No Carl, then you have both the TV and the computer!” Marissa misunderstood his plan.

“Put your bottom right here,” he patted his right thigh ignoring Marissa’s objection.

Marissa caught on immediately, and smiled. “K.”

“Hurry up before the game starts again,” Carl instructed when she puttered up on her knees blocking his view of the TV too long.

When Marissa settled down across his thighs with a pillow under her chest, and the laptop in front of her, he put his hands down on her bottom and squeezed. “Take these down,” he tugged up on the waistband of her jeans.

Marissa smiled, and obliged, wiggling a bit to get her jeans down far enough. “Panties too?” she asked.

“This is good for now. Quiet, the game’s back on,” Marissa sighed as she saw his eyes glass over and fix on the TV. She wiggled some more to get comfortable, and started to read a new spanking story. At least she was comfy.

Carl absently stroked her bum while he focused on the game. Both of them departed mentally into their parallel activities, connected only by distracted movements of his hand, or her bottom.

The story Marissa was reading was a good one. It was heavier on discipline than sex, but mind candy enough that she clenched and wiggled her bottom periodically as she read. Carl answered her movements with equally random squeezes of her cheeks. More to acknowledge she was there than to engage with her movements.

“Ow!” Marissa yelped when Carl announced a commercial with a solid spank.

“That was for being such a pain in the ass earlier,” he chuckled.

“You’re watching the game aren’t you?” Marissa grumbled and pretended to go back to reading. The petulant wiggle of her bottom betrayed her distraction.

“Well, now that you’re here where you belong, I’m going to deal with your whining from before,” Carl announced as his hand came down in a series of moderate spanks. They stung, but they felt good too.

“Ow!” she complained and lifted her bottom against his hand when he stopped spanking to rub. “That hurts.”

“There’s that whining again,” Carl started spanking again, this time a little harder.

Marissa dropped her head onto the mattress between her elbows, and closed her eyes. The sting of the spanking was just edgy enough that she had to steel herself for it, but she didn’t want it to stop. Soon her flesh warmed to it, and Marissa could relax. Carl kept it up until the commercial was over.

Commercials were amazingly long! Marissa remarked to herself as she shifted her pelvis and bounced her cheeks to ease the lingering burn. Carl kneaded and rubbed her bottom, and disappeared into the game. Marissa returned to the story. Her bottom was a perfect degree of warm to make reading spanking stories delicious. The next commercial brought another spanking, making the next story Marissa started reading even more appealing.

At half time, Carl devoted a lot more attention to his wife.

“Lift up,” he smacked her. Marissa obediently lifted her hips and Carl shimmied her panties down to her knees. “Now we’ll get some real work done here.”

Marissa clenched and relaxed her bare bottom. The activity during the commercials and the subject matter of the stories she was reading warmed her up for sturdy spanking play nicely. “You think you can make me behave?” she teased.

“I think so,” Carl spanked her right cheek hard.

Marissa winced, and then retorted. “You’re paying attention to me aren’t you?”

“So you think you’re smart do you?” Carl laid in hard for a good thirty or forty spanks.

It hurt more than Marissa would have liked, but she was also ready to play. “Yes I do.”

Carl chuckled, and got busy showing Marissa just how smart she was. It was a thorough and sound spanking, but darn it! Marissa grimaced when the game started up again. Half time is just not long enough.

Her bottom was very hot now though, and the next spanking story was even better reading. The commercials during the second half of the game helped keep her bottom the right temperature and by the time the 1st game was over Marissa managed to catch up on four full updates on the woodshed.

They both needed to tend to comfort details between the first and second game. When they were done, Marissa eagerly returned to her position across Carl’s lap, puffed up the pillow under her chest, and wiggled her bottom happily. Carl grinned and patted her cheeks making her flesh bounce.

“All set?” he asked.

“Yes thank you,” Marissa smiled up at him with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Good,” Carl renewed the heat in her bottom while the announcers set the stage for the game that was about to get underway. He had time to warm some other parts too before the action on the field started.

The game occupied his mind, but Marissa’s warm bottom occupied both of Carl’s hands. The players ran patterns and plays, and Carl watched them. Marissa read and crooned, and Carl’s hands kneaded and rubbed her bottom.

The spankings during the second game were much more vigorous and spicy than they were during the first. Halftime was exactly the right length this time, and ended with Marissa bucking to the spasms of a spanking induced climax. Carl patted and rubbed her more intently when the game resumed. He was a little more distracted than he had been earlier, but he did manage to re-engage with the game.

Marissa relaxed and enjoyed the aftermath of the halftime spanking, ready for the next commercial. She wasn’t able to focus on another story for the moment. During the next commercial, her fingers wandered down between her legs as Carl warmed her bottom back up. That repeated during the next commercial and the next, and then for some reason, Carl forgot about the game. When Marissa climaxed again, the last quarter was just starting.

Properly and thoroughly spanked for trying to make Carl be with her, Marissa shifted herself lengthwise and scooted down on Carl’s legs so he couldn’t reach her bottom any more. This time it was her turn to attend to his pleasure. She pulled his fly open and fished into his pants for the part of him that was very impatient for the game to end so it could come out.

Carl objected briefly and tried to keep his mind on the last of the game, but Marissa’s tongue and lips on his penis said things he couldn’t ignore. Marissa didn’t know that Carl’s eyes had closed. She was too busy to notice that she’d finally managed to get his undivided attention. Both of them lost track of time until Marissa’s ministrations brought Carl close to crisis.

“Come here brat!” he sat forward and lifted her under her armpits. Marissa looked up and willingly let him lift her up so that he could finish ‘the way God intended.” Mounting him, she rocked vigorously on him until Carl’s face contorted and he thrust up hard with his climax. Marissa pushed down and ground against him feeling the spasms of his climax like twitches under her.

When he opened his eyes, she grinned with a wicked twinkle. “You missed the end of the game honey.” Carl smiled back.

“And for that you will be severely punished.”


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