When pain sluts disobey

Man o Man!

O man o man o man o man!

We did something last night that I could never have imagined, never mind hoped to live. But I lived it! Man o man!

Mar decided I should get the *punishment* he promised when I couldn’t wait to come as he ordered. If I hadn’t posted the account it would no doubt be long forgotten. *g* But I did and have now suffered the unimaginable consequences.

I stripped naked and got the cuffs as I was told. He put all four of them on me scolding me deliciously all the while. Then, as ordered, I put out the brat loop, the school master strap, and Mark’s last word anniversary strap.

“Get on your knees and beg forgiveness!” I was ordered down and immediately complied. He was so wicked! He tied my burgundy silk scarf around my eyes as a blindfold, and then made me say and admit to all manner of things, not a one of them real or germane. Of course I’m a brat. Of course I’m a wench. Since when have I ever questioned being willful? How sexy to be made to agree to my guilt over so many obvious and legitimate crimes in a thousand different ways with his penis swelling and bobbing only inches from my lips. The engorged tip of him just visible through the space where the scarf crossed the bridge of my nose.

Schoolgirl spanking a favourite fantasy3

Schoolgirl spanking a favourite fantasy3

Oh yes! I sucked him once he got around to commanding it. I suckled, licked, stroked and kissed him. I took him deeply enough into my throat that his pubic hairs tangled between my teeth. And then he made me stop.

“Not yet baby, I have plans.” He pulled out of and away from my mouth, and then used my hair to lift and push me onto the bed.


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