“You heard me. Get your self down over that stool now!”

“I won’t do it again!”

“Good. That’s always nice to know. Too bad you didn’t make that promise before you did it this time.”

Her groin clenched. Surges of anxiety pulsed through her body. Her husband moved to pick up the strap. Soon her bottom would be on fire.

That certain knowledge made her heart race, her throat go dry, and her body quiver in nervous anticipation.

story watch the game and some spankings

“Get down in position I said. I won’t tell you again! Don’t make this any harder than it has to be.”

With a whimper, she forced herself to turn her gaze away from the instrument of her backside’s doom and down onto the soft damask fabric of the ottoman she straddled. She hated being punished while prone over this particular piece of furniture. It made her feel exposed, but worse, it meant she was really going to get it. Her husband’s swing was much more effective when he was able to sit on the side of the bed and whale away un fettered by the range of motion constraints imposed by having her over his knee. If she struggled, it was a simple matter for him to lean down on her back and hold her where he wanted her.

“Down now!”

Another whimper, and then she felt the cool of the fabric against her chest.

Her groin clenched again drawing her attention to the throbbing moist parts of her that were now fully exposed. Her hips tensed pushing her wet lips involuntarily down into the fabric. Nervous anticipation crested when she felt the cool swirl of air caress her bottom. The movement told her that her husband was in position beside her and ready to start.

There was nothing quite like those intense physically and emotionally charged moments right before that start of a very sound and very well deserved spanking. Nothing at all on earth.

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