What Does It Mean To Be Spanked

fAhhhhhh to be properly spanked and ….

Yes folks, my whiney bratty ass has once again re-entered that land of the properly spanked. Not to mention that my very needy pussy has been well and truly fucked. Ahhhhhhhh! All is right with the world again.

Shall I just preface this by warning all my potentially wayward peers that it is probably not wise to try out brand new curse words on your husband when it’s been a while since you were spanked and you have been becoming progressively more and more testy as the interval lengthens. I do love the word though. It is quite satisfactory as a matter of fact. Nice and percussive as you work your mouth around it. It allows for excellent stacatto, with that very fine expressive economy that a good curse word should have.

FUCKTARD. Much, much better than fucking retard. Cleaner you know?

Now, may I say that I didn’t REALLY call Mark a fucktard. Not reeeeeaaalllyy, just sort of. And he was kind of bugging me, so it was kind of called for.

A man should just not tickle a woman who just had her stitches out and whose stomach muscles are still just a bit tender and on the soft and unused side. And he really otta let her go when she begs him to stop and let her go. And, when she has to resort to gouging her elbow into his ribs, even if she’s giggling and laughing, he really, really otta figure out that she’s running out of options.

Doncha think?

Well, Mark has a different perspective; hence, his colorful renaming.

“Stop I said! Please! Mark! Ok! OK! I mean it!” Insert uncontrollable frantic giggling here… (what else can a woman who is being mercilessly tickled do?) “STOP! Damn it honey are you deaf? Please!” More desperate giggles. “Mark! God damn it you FUCKTARD stop!”


I think there were a few “you’re killing me’s” in there too before that last expletive.

It was one of those perfect “oh oh!” moments. One for the record books you know? “Fucktard” from my mouth and the “oomph,” from his, issued in response to the very effectively timed punctuation mark made by my elbow impacting his ribs hard. Time stopped…. And then …

“You’re in for it now brat,” came his sort of growly response.

“Wait a sec! Wait! Wait! No honey! Wait! Wait!”

You know, my voice has a very strange squealy, echoey inflection when I am airborne all of a sudden, and it kind of vibrates when the torso lifting me is chuckling with evil intent all the way to the destination.

Now, I knew Mark was quite tuned on at this point, because I had been leaning back against the evidence while being tickle tortured. Even so, every swat he’d delivered to my bum for many days had been quite painful, so, I wasn’t entirely on board with getting a spanking.

When we got to the bedroom, I was kicking and thumping my hands on his back. He dropped me on the bed.

“Take your pants and panties off.”

“But it will hurt too much honey?” I complained.

“Then it will hurt too much brat. You have it coming, so do as I say.” His response was firm, but there was something in his eyes that said ‘trust me.’ So I did.

My pussy clenched and I felt the tingly excitement I’d been missing for a while. “ohhhh goody!” I thought, “maybe this won’t be so bad after all?”

“Roll over on these,” he put two pillows in the middle of the bed beside me.

“Don’t make it hurt too much ok?” What a stupid request from a woman who has just called her husband a fucktard and given him a goose egg on his ribcage.

Mark just laughed. You know the laugh I mean too. The evil, ‘you have no say in this at all brat’ kind of laugh that has the power to ignite both excitement and uncertainty in its recipient, which of course in this case was me.

Man o Man! When his hand branded my right cheek the sting shot through me like lightning. “Oh no honey! No!” I instantly rolled out of the way, and that made Mark’s evil grin broaden.

In an instant we were wrestling, and then he was tickling me again! My poor stomach! I just got the stitches out! The thing is, while it kind of hurt for my muscles to have to tense up for the tickling, the pain had a kind of ‘good-pain’ feel to it. But the need to stop laughing and escape the tickling was a whole other matter! “Fucktard! Stop! Fucktard! Fucktard!” More giggles and desperate gasps, and then I was back over the pillows getting my butt properly scalded. This time there was no getting away either. Mark straddled and sat on my back, and used both hands to spank me like he was playing bongo drums.

“I’m not bongos fucktard!”

“Babaloo!” he laughed playing my bum.

Pretty soon, the whole thing was sexier than heck and the really ouchie sting was numbed down just right by my arousal and the fun of the sensual play.

You know, I am loosing my flexibility. It is not as easy as it once was to arch up my bum so Mark can spank it better when he’s sitting on my shoulders, especially when my belly sort of aches and the muscles don’t want to tense & help me. I managed as best I could though. Just so you know. And then, dumb me. I got brattier.

“So when are you gonna actually spank me fucktard?”

‘Oh Oh!’ Just in case there are other brats who may wanna consider this tactic when the spanking gets sexy… If you do, you would be wise to make sure no implements are handy. In what felt like less than half a second the premier gold edition cracker barrel paddle found my very vulnerable convalescent bottom.

And so it went. I got spanked a bit more than I really needed to be. Some tears were shed and Mark had to enter the cuddle and reassure her first zone before the really, really hot fucking could get started.

I needed a hard spanking though you know.

And, when it was done and he turned his attention to other matters, I found that even more than I needed my bottom warmed, I needed my pussy filled.

How is it possible that a woman who has had two children and very regular sex with her man, can shrink in only a few weeks so that his penetration becomes such a wondrous and sensually challenging experience? Fortunately I was wet and beyond ready. Even so, when Mark’s penis pressed into and breached me I couldn’t help gasping with the mildly painful transit he had to make to make himself fit in me again. GAWD that sensation is amazing. I love it and hate it at the same time’ love it because it feels so special and renewing, hate it because it only comes when we’ve had to be apart….

Once he gently managed to get fully seated inside me, he shifted gears and fucked me. You know the kind of fuck I mean too right? The hard, brutal fucking that belongs with being called ‘fucktard” and not having been able to fuck hard for a while. Poor Mark! He fuckthard for what felt like forever to me. I came and came and came, and eventually screamed because it was getting too intense. When he finally came, I was trembling and dissolved into tears.

Spanked hard and fucked hard. Man o man… My bum’s loosing some of the glow though… oh oh… what am I gonna do?????

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