I needed a spanking

Patty got a needed spanking

Man o Man I was a beotch this morning. I stayed up till well after midnight finishing up a story chapter that is three weeks past its deadline. Not to mention that I stayed up till 3AM Saturday putzing around with this computer. Mark was annoyed with me Saturday because I became tunneled with this PC to Mac conversion project. I blew him off more than once too…. You know??? In those testy moments where I bitch about something & he tries to help but helping me is just more distracting than helpful??? Yeah well there was a lot of that. So when I came to bed way late that night he growled. Fortunately he had even more to do than I did yesterday, so we were safely in our own corners. Bedtime brought us together long enough for him to growl again that I better not stay up dawdling around on this thing all night.

I wasn’t dawdling, I was typing. Of course if I’d been typing instead of dawdling earlier I wouldn’t be typing then.

This morning the relative testiness came to a head when my ever-loving husband complained about having to have cracked wheat toast instead of 7 grain toast. “You did the groceries honey.” I reminded him, although I think the exact words I used might not have been so sweet. I simply had not had enough sleep. And I am sure there are many besides me who have discovered that sleep is an essential foundation for patience. Without it, inane questions and other people’s cranky remarks take on whole new meanings. I was not in the mood, is an expression that barely covers it.

I was in A mood. That’s certain, perhaps not THE mood I should have been in, and not THE mood that was probably called for, but I was certainly in A mood to share my irritation. Which I did.

Well heck! You know, what exactly is it that I am supposed to do at 6:30 AM Monday morning about the fact that we only have one loaf of the wrong bread in the house? And seriously, I simply do NOT know where he put the oil he uses for his duty belt. If it isn’t where it’s supposed to be, it’s because he moved it. I can’t even remember the last time I saw the stuff never mind moved it. So what if all his black socks are dirty? What’s wrong with brown, or gray? OK fine, I didn’t get to the laundry yesterday, and a bit of guilt bubbles up to compound things on me (even though Mark will say it’s his job as much as mine) .

It was probably the really exasperated, “Will you just PLEASE Shut up!” that got me pushed down over the arm of the recliner and spanked hard and fast, but way not long enough before we made it out of the house and off to our respective jobs this morning. I left the house after red, feeling tired, misunderstood and a whole lot out of sorts.

And it was just not a good day for it at all.

When I got to work, as you can tell, already a little out of sorts, the first event of the day came when I was barely in the door of my office. My purse was still on my arm, and the phone was ringing. It was a wench who is NOT on my list of favorite people, and she wanted something excessive from me. Something I gave her in person on Friday. She didn’t recall that and had no idea where it could be.

Like I know where she puts things in her office? HELLOOOO? She needed it right away, could I bring it to her again. I suggested I could e-mail it, that would be faster.

“But it’s 63 pages right?”

“Yes, and you can print it as easily as I can.”

“Just bring it to me, I don’t want to wait for all those pages to print.”

I kind of had to snear you know, I out rank this wench by several levels even though I am not the type to use that card, she’s snotty as hell at the best of times … “You’ll have to wait for it to print if you want it from me, because I have to print it too, and then you have to wait for me to come down stairs & across the parking lot and into your building to hand deliver it, so, I’ll e-mail it.”

“Can’t you just bring it to me?”

“Sure, I can bring it and shove it down your snide power broking throat.” I growled under my breath. But instead of saying that, I told her no. I’d already hand delivered it on Friday. I laid it on the line for her, she had three choices, look for the copy I already gave her, do without it or print it from the e-mail that I’d just sent her.

She tried to bicker. I didn’t belabor it with her any more, my other extension had already rung three times and gone to voice mail and the IT director was at my door with a HIPPA privacy complaint we needed to finish the action plan for.

Gawd I hate Mondays!

Twenty minutes later, my phone rings, it’s my boss… a sweet man really, but oh so easily manipulated by our friend the wench. “Patty, M**** has complained that you weren’t cooperative with her this morning, can you fill me in before she winds herself up any further.” I laughed, explained the issue, and had him laughing with me. He knows her, so, he pretty much figured it was something like that. Even so, the boss trusting me enough to check first, etc etc,….. I still hung up from that call feeling a bit frustrated.

Then another call came in less than a minute. Stuff I’d signed off on last month has come up again as a problem. Do I know why the order was never placed? “No, I signed off on it and was under the impression that the PO went out the next day.” Well it didn’t and now there was a Doc up in arms wondering where the actual thing was. I hung up, and proceeded to check with the person who should have actually placed the order…. A person I had reminded 4 times to place the order, The same person I had to ride heard on to do the paper work & get it signed so I could sign it too…

“What’s the status of XXXX?”

“I didn’t place the order.”

“Why not?”

“I thought it was set aside.”

“Why? What would make you think that? It was signed off by all of us.”

“Well in the conference call with XXXXXXX she sai we might want to hold off, so I did.”

Man o Man!!!!!!! This woman is not a member of our facility’s leadership. She has no say at all. She was speaking off the cuff with no knowledge what so ever about the whole picture and the other variables besides her narrow focus. The project she was part of that first highlighted the issue was so small in comparison to the whole picture our team based its decision on. The whole team had agreed that for all of these other reasons in addition to this one new one, this purchase was justified.

“What!” (OK I was flabberghasted) “You mean you took an off hand comment by a corporate nobody in a conference call and vetoed 4 signatures from our leadership team?”

I can see this guy’s head rolling, and I’m just incensed. Why in God’s name didn’t he ask or clarify? How could I never mind anyone else have anticipated that he’d do this? Well, hell! I could have. I’d had to snap at his heels all the way to begin with, but Man o Man,I was so sure he understood it was a done deal. I never even heard the comment that XXXX made in the conference call.

This guy is a Director. He knows the chain of command, and he knows she isn’t in it, FUC*! I can’t figure out what was on his mind.

He waffled and blithered and I finally just asked him to please submit the order and ask if we could have expedited delivery at no charge. If they wouldn’t do that, then I was firm with him that he’d better defer the extra shipping costs from my cost center to his. If not, I’d have no choice but to tell his boss why my budget was over by thousands of dollars this quarter.

When I hung up from that call, I was ready to throw things off my desk at the walls.

Then a recent patient showed up at my door. She wanted to tell me a thing or two about how rotten our hospital is. I’m thinking, “I need coffee!!!!!” I haven’t even opened my e-mail yet, I have a meeting at 12:30 and I haven’t made the Powerpoint for my presentation yet. I have to graph the length of stay and complication indexes still. Man o Man!!!!

Well it seems miss priss patient has already spent 4 plus hours bending the ears of our ER Director, and our Chief nursing officer. Did she tell me this when she showed up at my door? No of course not. I listened to her. Wrote down everything she said. Apologized to her at several points during her discourse. Listened some more, and reassured her that her concerns were important to me and to the whole team. She told me thank you, she felt so much better now, someone was finally listening. Then she asked me to sign an affidavit that I believed her account to be true and would support any and all claims she had.

Holy old piss pots!!!!! I have been a hospital Risk & Quality Management director for a while now, and this was a first for me.

“No ma’am, I have taken you complaint and I have no reason to doubt your honesty, but I have to interview the nurses and doctors and find out what happened from their side of it. I don’t know hat happened.”

“You don’t believe me?”

“I didn’t say that. I have no reason to disbelieve you, but I have to check into what was happening in the ER when you came in.”

This chicky then proceeded to go ballistic. Vulgar doesn’t even approach the language she used. I thought she might end up being the one to start picking up things off my desk and throw them at my walls.

It took a while, but I did manage to get her out of my office. On the way out she insisted on hugging me because I was so nice to her. Without details betraying too much detail, she presented here after a suicide gesture, tried to leave after the psych folks ‘sectioned’ and committed her. The ER staff had few choices. What she perceived as abuse, boiled down to their duty to protect her from herself. There’s no way for me to orient her to the reality or ever expect her to appreciate the nuances. The staff were busy, stressed and coping with her combative asaultive actions. Heck! One of the burses need stitches because she used her designer finger nails to le him know how ugly she thought he was…

Finally, I could close my door and get ready for my 12:30 meeting. It was a bit tight, but I managed to get everything I needed imported & graphed & the CD burned.

But holy hell!!! There was no quarum! The few that showed up quibbled over a few things but, the bottom line is everything I stressed and rushed to put together now has to be take to the next level in person.

Well eff it! EFF it big time! I will not be here. I’ll be a way at a corporate meeting I Atlanta all week next week.

BUTT, it was decided, with no input from me, that on top of everything else I have to do this week, I now have to make time (on HIS schedule) to coach the Chief of staff to do my presentation for me. Damn, can’t they just table it until I get back? That would just be too easy.


“Hey there.” Mark was just Mark when he answered my call at 3 today.

God bless him that he carries no grudges and thought the whacking he dished out this morning did the trick. And God bless him for understanding that it didn’t once he was clued in. I need both of these men. The one who has faith that the quick fix worked, and the one who doesn’t get mad when it doesn’t.

“I’m so out of control honey. I feel like I’m going to explode.”

“Need some firm relief?”


“Good brat.”

And so it was. I sealed my fate for a spanking, pleased my husband and aimed my butt toward the strap.

My bum is really laced with stripes and very sore now, and Mark has had two blowjobs. We are both quite at peace.

First I met him at the door. A proper supper prepared and lined up and ready to go. I hugged him and thanked him for loving me. Then I asked if I could please him first before he dealt with me, and my issues.

Gawd I love it when I can pay part of the price of my loose ends with this small but sensual price. For his own reasons, Mark sometimes won’t let me have this part first. Today he did. I think he needed it as much as I did.

We kissed and embraced, and then I accosted Mark’s trousers and his cock. I worked him with vigor and desperation, and when he tried to stop me so he could hold out for a different finish, I had to cry. “Please cum in my mouth!” He wasn’t going to let me have my way a first, but I think he saw something in my eyes. He let me face fuck and deep throat him for all I was worth and he gave me his release.

I bared my bottom and took what I needed which was a good long session with the school master strap. I wish I could say that I found orgasmic relief, but that’s really not what I needed tonight. I needed pain, and I needed knowing that I could get outside my own interests & needs.

I just sucked Mark off again and promised to do it again tomorrow if he wants it.

My backside is properly spanked. My husband is serviced and I am feeling nicely needed and properly used. The truth is, I have done as much using as my husband has. I needed perspective and balance for the shit this day brought my way.

Also, since you already are here  🙂 I put a very comprehensive How-To together, for all the people out there who want to get in domestic discipline…

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5 thoughts on “I needed a spanking

  1. Love this!! We’ve all had days like this and thank goodness for the man and the strap waiting for us at home!!


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