Please spank me, take me, own me

I’m playing with the wonderful sensual sadist I love and married…..

This morning Mark kissed me awake and cuddled with me quietly for a nice long time. I must say that I really do love those times when we just hold each other for the sake of the feel of each other.

The last two weeks have been kind of distracted for both of us. I’m getting a real sense for the truth that we’re not alone feeling the effects of some expansive the ‘upheaval.” 5 blogs I love either closed or announced hiatus, and several other bloggers shared feeling down and stepped away for unspecified periods… It’s like the world that matters to us is at loose ends and undergoing flux and we could easily be sucked into the undertow of whatever wav is passing.

Mark’s been busy as hell, I have been too, and we both know that come Sunday this week I have to travel on business. He’s been terrific, and has let me lean on him a whole lot. I’ve leaned for silly things, and important things and I’ve leaned to diffuse feelings that could easily pollute and turn into stuff they shouldn’t be allowed to. Being indulged and nurtured can put me in a very selfish place though you know…. So, I’ve been beginning to feel some nebulous worries that my needs are taking top spot on our shared list too much…

Imagine the sensual thrill I felt then, when as if he knew my worries this morning, Mark bit my breast hard and said, “My turn.”

He wanted to play tonight… play by his rules, and play with some of his desires….

Man o Man!!!!!! My groin clenched immediately. If only we could take today off together!!!!! We couldn’t, but maybe that was even better. I spent alllllll day today being captured by periodic thoughts about what he wanted to do with “his turn.”

He refused to tell me, but he did make sure to tease. “Pain.” He wanted to inflict pain. I’ve been indulged so much lately it was time I paid for my keep. Oh my! We are really going to play hard!

And I was right! We played gloriously, frighteningly and humiliatingly hard. It was perfect.

Delete the whole workday interruption thing… and here we go.

OK don’t fully delete it, use it… Use it with phone calls that torture me with reminders of just how much I owe him…. How hard the pay back is going to have to be….

I entered my front door with my slacks already undone. I had orders to be nude, with both wrist and ankle cuffs on before he came home. I was late. The door didn’t even close behind me when his truck pulled up. I’d failed with my first directive.

Oh my. This was going to be bad. Bad in a most delicious, torturous and mind blowing way.

The harshness of his tone of voice made me quiver. My failure to be ready as ordered earned me serious retribution. When he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to the kitchen to get part of it out of the refrigerator, I both quivered with lust and trembled with fear. Gawd!!!!!

story watch the game and some spankings

I was going to get a figging! But, that was only the beginning.

My husband loves to play, but, he rarely ever plays to just his own fantasies. Mostly, he works on pleasing me. Tonight his fantasies ruled. Man o Man it was a really special ride for me to take with him.

I stripped nude in the kitchen, carved and peeled the ginger root, bent over and lay on the dining room table while I was spanked hard with his hand and then a wood spoon and then the ginger root was pressed into my anus.

The spanking was exquisite…. His domination sent me into a very blissful place… The ginger root threatened all of it. My mind simply can’t collect the burn and urgently desperate primal panic it induces and put it in it’s disciplinary place… or for that matter it’s sensually disciplinary place… at least not until Mark takes my panic and discomfort and plays with it.

“Take it out! Please take it out!”

But it stays, as it should, its infusing spreading desperately painful heat compels both compliance and rebellion.

Mark pre-empted any and all fight over the root. This was just a small part of ‘his turn.’

With the ginger still inside me I was given the tawse for whining, then the school master strap for failing to stay on top of due dates., the cane for arguing and his hand for an extended session because he needed to make an intimate impression..

It was his turn for release. He had several points to make.

I couldn’t help myself, even though the ginger root found my panic button. Mark’s dominance and the spanking found my eros button. My first orgasm was a bit wimpy, a couple of spasms I hardly felt. But the next two were explosive. They were all induced by spanking.

But spanking was not all that Mark had in mind. He linked my wrists and suspended me. He tortured my breasts, my pussy and my mind. I came two more times, though I was reaching the desperation point…. The ginger was still held where it was put and required to be.

More. I needed more, and he needed to give me more.

I am a lot afraid to post this, because what we did tonight was let Mark’s desires rule. Some people might find it very hard to understand how my erotic connection to him could possibly find release or even acceptance o whatever pain he wanted to administer… That we could ever find a place where he could grasp haw hard was not hard enough seems to be much to hard for some people to grasp…

Well, I got it too hard tonight, and it was perfect. My bottom is welted and bruised. It feels amazing!

When Mark pushed me down over the sofa arm so he could pullout the ginger, slick his cock with lube and plunge into my anus, I knew that was how it was supposed to be tonight.

I was his turn, and Man o Man I love playing with him … the sensual sadist. Please spank me, take me, own me….


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5 thoughts on “Please spank me, take me, own me

  1. Don’t be afraid to post this! I for one, loved reading it! You submitted to your husband and his darkest desires to bring you both pain and pleasure…I think that is a beautiful thing. Wear your marks proudly. And, I can’t help but sympathize….ginger takes me to total panic as well, it is the ultimate punishment.


  2. Dear Constance,I admire your strength and the intensity of your love for your husband. My future wife has much in common with you. May I ask for your advice occassionally? She has had a very hard time with her former master as his slave. She left him, when he added emotional abuse to the extreme physical pain he inflicted on her and I helped her to leave him. For the time being we must be very careful, as she has had two surgeries of her heart recently and her body should not be under stress. We still live several thousand km apart, but she will come to live with me next spring (she is Iranian). I feel great respect for submissive women like you two and will have to find the right equilibrium between my sadistic and her masochistic tendencies. My primary aim is to make her feel happy whatsoever will be necessary for that. Thank you for your beautifully written blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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