Story: A Weekend Of Tantric Sex, Part III

He brought them to bed, gently laid Marissa down and climbed in beside her. They faced each other lying on their sides, and cuddled close in an embrace. They kissed and stroked each other’s skin doing their best to keep this part slow and unhurried.

When Marissa finally opened herself to invite Carl to take her, he slipped inside and pulled her to him. They gently rocked together maintaining tight contact between their pubic bones.

They talked quietly maintaining sexual bliss with easy gentle circles against each other. Soon Marissa felt herself drifting toward sleep.

Carl began to pump within her; his thrusts were slow and unhurried. Marissa was so completely relaxed and drifting, she whispered, “I love you so much,” as her pelvic muscles spasmed rhythmically in orgasm and she fell into peaceful sleep. Carl came only a minute or so later and he too drifted off to sleep.

They woke up a few hours later still entwined, having completed their homework successfully. After changing positions, they spooned together, and went quickly back to sleep.


Marissa was up first. Carl continued to snore until the room was filled with the aroma of fresh coffee.

“Hey you?” Carl spoke when he came to and saw Marissa pouring a cup for herself.

“Happy anniversary,” Marissa smiled.

“You too” his body trembled and shuddered as he stretched out of the fog of sleep.

“Want your gift now?” Marissa’s smile was coy.

“Did you get me something good?” he smiled back. .

“I think you’ll like it,” she answered opening the drawer, and taking out a two foot long narrow box. She handed it to him and sat down on the side of the bed.

“Get me some too,” Carl nodded to the cup of coffee Marissa cradled in her other hand.

“Open it first OK,” she shook her head no.

Carl obliged, and smiled wickedly when he opened the box. “That’s the real deal honey?”

“I know,” Marissa nodded. “Like it?”

“”Smells great!” Carl sniffed the box.

“Hmmmm,” Marissa nodded as she leaned down to sniff the aroma too.

“Shall we try it out now?” Carl smiled.

“After we have coffee maybe,” Marissa smiled and stood up off the bed and went to pour Carl some coffee. “We only have twenty minutes before we have to be downstairs for breakfast and the first session.”

“More than enough time I think,” Carl chuckled. He slipped out of bed, and went into the bathroom to relieve himself and splash water on his face.

They enjoyed their coffee, and Carl gave Marissa her gift.

“Oh honey!” Marissa sighed when she opened the box. It was a long white 600 thread count old fashioned Calida night gown. The bodice was smocked and embroidered white on white with satin thread and ribbon, and pinned to the left collar was a small gold angel with a diamond heart. “Its beautiful!”

“I thought you’d like it,” he smiled.

“But Carl it’s too much money?” she lifted the gown and held its silky Italian fabric against her skin. It felt as cool and luxurious as it looked.

“None of that now,” Carl growled. “Do you like it?”

“Oh yes!” Marissa nodded.

“Good! Now you don’t have to worry about not having a nice nightgown to wear today,” he smiled and leaned over to kiss her.

“Oh yeah!” Marissa smiled. “This will be perfect!”

Marissa stood and pulled the gown on over her head. It fit nicely coming down to just above her insteps.

Recommended clothing for the day’s sessions was boxers and t-shirts for the men, and nightgown or caftan with no panties for the women. Clothes that would allow for some intimacy between couples while still preserving modesty.

“Lemme test mine out now too,” Carl stood up and picked up the box.

“Not too hard OK?” Marissa smiled.

“Pile up those pillows and get your butt up over them,” he instructed as he lifted the thick three tongued tawse out of the box. “London Tanners Glasgow Tawse” Carl read the label and patted the leather across his palm.

Marissa giggled as she piled and then lay down over the pillows.

“Lift up that gown so your bum is bare now. Don’t want to get any tanning oils on that white cloth.”

Marissa obeyed. Carl climbed up onto his knees on the bed beside her. First he caressed her bottom with the long leather fingers.

“You better behave from now on honey this is going to replace vermin as a serious implement for punishment I think,” he remarked bringing the tails down firmly on his palm. “Very serious toy, this one.”

Marissa wiggled her hips and grinned. “Well I’m not a bad girl right now, so just give me a little taste OK, nothing too hard.”

Carl chuckled, and brought the strap down lightly. He repeated that several times until Marissa’s bottom was starting to pink up. “Not too bad?”

“Hmmmmm, just right,” she nodded lifting her bottom for more.

“A little harder?”

“K,” she nodded again. “Not too hard though.”

Carl obliged.

“Yikes!” Marissa lifted and wiggled her bottom. “Stingy!”

“Marks good,” Carl noted, as he delivered a couple more slightly firmer licks.

“Ow!” Marissa bucked her bottom vigorously.

“Good huh?” Carl asked.

“Very stingy!”

Carl chuckled wickedly, and put his hand down on the small of Marissa’s back. He held her down and brought the strap down moderately hard three times.

“Oh shit!” Marissa gasped. “That’s mean Carl!”

“Very good strap,” Carl sat back and admired his gift.

Marissa lifted up onto her knees, and squeezed the sting out of her bum. She smiled, but wondered if that purchase had been a wise one.


The morning session was just as stimulating as the one the evening before. Tantric breathing, and PC exercises were described, discussed, demonstrated and then practiced. The demonstration was incredibly sexy. Like the guests, Nila and Paul were nude under their robes, but unlike the guests, the couple were completely uninhibited with being nude in front of everyone.

They placed a large square pillow on the floor in the middle of the room, and embraced together in what they called the sexual lotus position. Nila sat on Paul’s lap with her legs wrapped around his hips, and he sat with his legs open and crossed ‘Indian’ style. Paul’s semi erect penis rested against her pubis and lower belly between them.

Gently caressing each other’s faces, shoulders and arms, they demonstrated the mutual breathing. Paul’s erection grew quickly. Marissa couldn’t help blushing. As a nurse she’d seen plenty of naked men, but except in a few pictures, she’d never in her life seen any man but Carl in a state of sexual arousal. The sight was moving, unnerving and exciting. At least a few of the others seemed equally affected.

Paul described the breathing and eye contact, as he and Nila showed them how it was done. The PC exercises, muscle tensing exercises that tensed the ‘pubo-coccygeal’ muscles, were to be used with the breathing when ever either couple felt their sexual tension become too urgent. Everyone was asked to do them a few times. Marissa knew them already as the same Kegal exercises she was advised to use when she was pregnant, and then when she was healing after her deliveries. It was explained that these exercises would ‘recirculate’ sexual energy building up in the genitals back up into the body, allowing the experience of arousal the be more fully experienced, and to help it last much longer.

The mentors demonstrated for close to ten minutes, and then invited the guests to get their own pillows, find a spot, and practice.

Everyone understood the reason for the nightgowns and boxers now. Intimate contact between couples was possible, without any body parts being seen by others. Even so, Marissa couldn’t help feeling very self conscious and embarrassed as she eased herself down into Carl’s lap.

“Honey, we could do this in our room too,” she whispered hugging him tightly.

“Relax baby, everyone else is busy and pre-occupied by their own nerves, just look at me and relax,” Carl nuzzled her neck and stroked her hair and back gently rocking her until he felt her tension abate. He let her keep her eyes closed until she was able to fully ease up against him and relax, and then he coaxed her to lift her face up and look at him.

In a few minutes they were breathing together looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Marissa was surprised by how easy it was, and then how completely relaxed she eventually became.

“There you go, that’s better,” Carl smiled when he felt her labia open against his hardening penis. “Nice and wet now too.”

Marissa blushed and smiled.

Everyone in the room rocked and breathed and quietly enjoyed their partner for well over an hour, before Nila and Paul suggested that everyone should take some time alone to finish the exercise. Their assignment was to repeat the same ritual, only this time in the nude, and with penetration. If possible, orgasm should be prevented using PC exercises for at least forty five minutes, but not more than and hour. This was essential they were advised, because it was important for the erection to be allowed to go down so the blood and hormones could refresh.

Carl and Marissa were happy to comply. It was a very pleasant exercise indeed.

They showered together afterward, and then dressed to get out for a walk. They were free until four that afternoon. By noon they were both starving and ready for a nap. They had lunch with the other couples, and then excused themselves. Most of their companions had the same idea.

The two hour nap did wonders. When they woke, they were both content to rest quietly together. Carl turned on the television, and Marissa took out the laptop and began a new story for the storyboard. She thought about logging on to check the forum, but Carl suggested they wait and do that together later in the evening.

When it was time to get back into their workshop clothes, Marissa had managed to click out close to four thousand words, and she was as aroused as she had been watching Nila and Paul together that morning.

“Ready to go?” Carl asked her as she saved her work and shut down the computer.

“Yup,” she smiled and stepped under his arm so he could lead her down to the library.

“I’m having a great time,” she said leaning into him and squeezing his waist.

“Me too.”

The afternoon session was one of the most incredible things Marissa had ever experienced.

The Art of Oral Pleasure for your partner.

By the time the session was over, seeing Paul and Nila together that morning was no longer the sexiest thing she’d ever seen.

First was a brief lesson in female sexual anatomy, sensitive zones and the g-spot. Next was a video of Paul giving oral pleasure to Nila. It was edited showing only a minute or so of each step in the process. The lecture Paul gave to describe the techniques indicated that the actual scene had taken two hours to complete. It was thorough, and had the same effect on every one of the guests. Marissa squirmed as the video concluded with the camera zoomed in on Nila’s vagina contracting rhythmically on Paul’s up curved first and second fingers as his tongue lovingly caressed her clitoris.

“Oh Gawd,” she whispered and leaned into Carl’s side. Carl squeezed her shoulders. He was at least as turned on as she was, although his heavy terrycloth robe covered the evidence well.

Paul smiled at the group, as Nila got up, and took over the session.

Male sexual anatomy was next. Like Paul’s discussion of female sensitivity, Nila paid particular attention to which parts were most sensitive to stimulation, and which areas might be too sensitive to tolerate much attention. When Paul climbed up on the table and laid back for her to demonstrate, several members of the group including Marissa could be heard to take a shuddering appreciative breath.

The demonstration was a beautiful thing to see, and the men were all profoundly affected.

80% of Nila’s attentions were focused on the very sensitive ridge that surrounded the base of Paul’s glans penis. She called this the corona, and advised that this was the most sensitive part of a man. Where that ridge came together on the underside, was the most sensitive area, and simply tapping this area with your tongue could get a man off within minutes. She teased Paul playfully, but then pointed out that it was much better to prolong her partner’s pleasure than it was to get him off.

That was probably the workshop’s main message, and it was repeated again and again. The goal of sex is not orgasm, but rather mutual pleasure and spiritual connection through that pleasure. The longer that could be sustained, the more profound the union between partners could become.

Nila’s technique included showing how the testicles could be suckled without causing pain, and then last she described how to relax and control the gag reflex so that a fully erect penis could be taken all the way into the throat. She demonstrated it, but made a point to explain that since the shaft of the penis is not particularly sensitive, that there was no real need for this kind of activity. Good fellatio did not have to include taking the penis deeply into one’s throat. Good fellatio caressed and suckled the areas of the man that most responded to touch and that was the glans, the ridge around it, the very sensitive verge at the base of the glans, and the testes for some men.

Supper would be served at seven thirty. At six thirty, the guests were released. Both Nila and Paul suggested that the couples seek rapid relief before supper if they needed it and then plan to practice oral pleasure techniques later in the evening after repeating the ritual cleansing they’d engaged in the night before.

There was no way that Marissa could have waited through a slow tantric session for release this time, and Carl was in the same state. When they returned to their room, they wasted no time on preliminaries; Marissa’s vagina spasmed with her first climax almost as soon as Carl plunged into her. In less than two or three more minutes she gasped and cried out with an even more powerful wave of contractions. Carl needed several minutes to reach his climax, and when he did it was as powerful as Marissa’s had been.

“Can you believe we’re doing this?” Marissa panted when they rolled apart.

“Fun isn’t it?” Carl chuckled.

“Man o man!” Marissa whispered as she worked to catch her breath.


They decided not t stay in the dining room with the other couples for supper. Instead they filled plates at the buffet, and carried them up stairs. Carl asked the owners for a bottle of wine, and the couple retired to their room for the evening just shortly after seven.

They ate their supper and talked quietly, and then relaxed on the bed in quiet parallel activity. Marissa went back to her story, and Carl cuddled with her and watched TV. Marissa’s story was easy to write, seeming to pour out of her fingers onto the keyboard. By 9 it was finished, and ready for Carl to read. He smiled and chuckled. He dared her to post it.

Marissa smiled and got up to get the phone line. In a few minutes she was logged on. She didn’t have much time because they still had a homework assignment to complete before they could go to sleep.

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