Story: A weekend of tantric sex, Part I

All packed and ready to go. What a week this has been! Some fun, a lot of crap, a modicum of stress, and a husband who could cut to the chase and make a call the wife could not. Poof, problem solved and the weight of the world lifted. Carl to the rescue! Marissa smiled.

A few hours at work that morning, and then home quickly to get ready, here it was 1 PM, and all that remained was for Carl’s truck to roll up the driveway. Marissa was excited, and anticipation of a great weekend wasn’t the only dimension to it.

Months ago they’d looked into options for their 26th wedding anniversary, and considered several options. Their 25th was behind them, and although marred by tumultuous problems in the months before, it ultimately became one of the most renewing weekends of their lives. Spanking and sex for four days. It was as near perfect as possible. What could top it?

Carl suggested that the answer was probably “nothing could,” and Marissa had to smile. He was right. Equal, or approach it. That was really a better goal. Better yet, let what ever they settled on just be enjoyable and something they could both look forward to and then back on with fond memories. Why set expectations and then risk failing to meet them.

Emotional and physical wellbeing were taking on power in their lives, and holistic strategies to achieve or maintain it managed to get both of their attention. Both of them viewed their spiritual and physical connection to be the thing that made their relationship strong, and kept them close. By accident, or maybe by dedication, they’d created a recipe for a comfortable and fulfilling partnership. So, something that would renew that made good sense.

Marissa came across some brochures for couple’s retreats on a rack at the doctor’s office. She picked them up and brought them home. Carl wasn’t opposed, but the idea of spending time in seminars and discussion groups about constructive communication and creative arguing wasn’t exactly his idea of fun. One of the groups had a website, and Marissa decided to check out their program before completely dismissing the idea.

The relationship site was a bust. Carl was right. Their marriage was strong already. Some of the links on it were intriguing though. Maybe they didn’t need relationship advice, but time away together trying something new might be fun. Holy cow! There are actually retreats and workshops for jazzing up your sex life! Marissa had to laugh. But, one site offered workshops for tantric sex. They read about Tantric love together a while back, and had been trying some of the exercises in a book Marissa came across. A weekend away for the express purpose of having sex and pleasing each other was a lot more interesting than the other retreat options. Marissa saved the site as a favorite, and e-mailed it to Carl.

They did some investigating together over the next few evenings. Three different groups had workshops in Texas on their anniversary weekend. Carl checked out some references and talked with the instructors. One sounded too clinical, so it was crossed off. The deciding factor was the recommendations they got from couples who took workshops with the other two groups in the past year.

The retreat that ranked highest was offered at a quaint bed and breakfast in the Hill Country north west of San Antonio. Marissa liked the idea a lot, Carl was non-committal. He agreed it sounded interesting, but said they could do as well on their own somewhere without the expense of instructors and bullshit like classes. When Marissa asked if they were going to or not, the discussion was closed with him saying “we’ll see.” After that, Marissa let it drop, and was unaware that Carl took the initiative, and registered them. When the confirmation and information came in e-mail, he wrapped it in a small box, and gave it to her as an “early” anniversary gift.

For well over a month, Marissa enjoyed a slow bubbling excitement, and now today, they were getting ready to go. All she could think about was loving Carl, and his body. By the time she had the suitcase, carry on and airline tickets assembled, her groin was throbbing with anticipation. Their flight didn’t leave until 5.

“Gawd! I can’t wait that long!” Marissa thought about some solo activity while she waited for her husband, and smiled at how naughty that would be. The workshop information recommended that they have sex in the morning before leaving so that urgency would be less of an inhibiting factor when they applied the first exercises that evening. So, they did that. But it hadn’t worked because already Marissa was more than ready for more. In fact she wanted more than sex she wanted a damned hard spanking and then some sex. Her heart pounded with both desire, and anxiety that Carl was going to get home too late.

Trying to fill the time, she logged on the computer and answered e-mails, and then she started reading a spanking story on the woodshed. Her groin throbbed, and the growing temptation to go into the bedroom and relieve herself distracted her. Just as she was about to give in to it, Carl surprised her be coming in the front door. She hadn’t heard his truck pull up, and she was surprised that he didn’t come through the garage.

“Hey stranger, wanna mess a round with a really bad girl?” she smiled.

“That’s the plan,” he smiled back, and pulled his tie loose. “Let me get a shower and changed and we’ll head for the airport in about an hour.”

“But I’ve been having very evil thoughts right now,” Marissa grinned and shifted her bottom suggestively on the sofa cushion.

“Is that right?” Carl chuckled.

“Yeah, I think I should be spanked very hard for them too,” Marissa nodded.

“Very hard?”

“Yes VERY very hard.”

“That bad huh?” Carl tossed his tie onto the chair by the door, and put his hands on the buckle of his duty belt.

“Yes, so bad my bum should be blistered,” Marissa crooned and stood up. Her eyes focused on Carl’s hands and the bulge that was beginning to push out below them.

“Then you better go to your room and pull those pants down hadn’t you?” The duty belt landed with a thump on the floor, and Carl advanced on his wife with a mock stern look on his face. “Get moving or it will go much harder on you.”

Marissa sidled over to get in his way, and then scampered backward in front of him toward the bedroom. She couldn’t help giggling, and Carl smiled.

“You better wipe that grin off your face right now young lady or I’ll have to deal with you severely.”

“Promise?” Marissa giggled more.

“Oh yes, you bet your butt I promise,” Carl lunged and caught her by the waist band of her slacks. “First we’ll take these off.”

Marissa responded by leaning up against her husband. They embraced and kissed. When her slacks fell with gravity, Marissa rubbed her stomach against Carl’s bulging groin. He leaned down and pushed her panties off her bottom, and then he grasped her cheeks and pulled her tighter against him. Marissa groaned and shivered. Her groin pulsed with excitement.

Carl’s grip on her bottom tightened almost brutally. “You’re a very bad girl,” he crooned.

“Yes I know. What are you gonna do about it?” Marissa bit Carl’s lower lip hard, her eyes twinkled with the dare.

Carl’s eyes twinkled back, and he lifted Marissa to the bed, taking her mouth with his. He sat and placed Marissa between his knees. “Hard spanking?” he grinned.

“Yes please, really hard,” Marissa smiled.

“Very bad huh?”

“The worst,” she nodded.

“Over you go then.”

Marissa obediently turned and leaned down over Carl’s left thigh, laying her chest down on the bed and arching her lower back so that her cheeks spread and lifted for him.

“This bottom is much too white to belong to such a bad girl,” he remarked as his hand caressed and kneaded.

“You’ll fix that for me though won’t you,” Marissa answered with a sexy, ever so slightly sarcastic tease.

“Oh yes,” Carl countered with a firm stinging slap.

“Hmmm that’s how to do it,” Marissa lifted for another spank, and Carl obliged.

“A very hard spanking, for a very bad girl,” Carl set up a slowly building stinging rhythm. It was exactly what Marissa wanted, and soon her hips were gently bucking with the same rhythm as her spanking. As her bottom became warmer and warmer, her groin throbbed more. The building tension between her legs forced Marissa’s hips to increase their tempo, and begin to grind in lascivious circles.

Carl chuckled, and shifted them both so that Marissa’s legs parted and she straddled his knee. Now as he spanked her harder, she could rub herself on him.

“Mmmmmm!” Marissa sighed. “Spank me harder k?”

He did. But soon when his hand began to hurt, Carl decided he needed another tack to bring her along faster. His left hand eased up under her pelvis, and up between the lubricated lips of her sex. Her juices made his fingers feel like they were stroking hot silk between her labia.

“Spank me hard. Honey! Really hard!” Marissa gasped with rapidly building arousal.

Carl obliged, enjoying her excitement and the sexy smell of her. She was close now, and he pushed her with spanks that would have made her cry with pain if he were punishing her.

“Oh fuck!” she keened. “Harder! Spank me harder!” Marissa’s hips pumped on Carl’s fingers as he spanked her as hard as he could.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” she gasped. “Please? Please!”

“Good girl,” Carl spanked harder, and picked up the tempo with his fingers.

“Unnngggggg!” Marissa gasped as her body gave way to the intense spasms of orgasm. Carl stroked her vulva and spanked her bottom until the movement of her hips eased into slow gentle grinding circles. And he could feel the rhythmic contractions of her sex slowly abate.

“Good girl now?” he crooned.

“Very good I think,” she whispered.

“All better then,” Carl lifted her and pulled her into a hug between his legs. Then he pushed her panties the rest of the way down her legs and helped her step out of them. “Good girls get to ride the pony if they play their cards right.”

“Really? Can I please?” Marissa smiled and watched as Carl pulled down his trousers and boxers freeing himself. His erection stood tall away from him waving an invitation to Marissa to climb on.

“I don’t know? I’m not sure you’ve been a good girl?” he teased.

“But you spanked me to make me good?” Marissa pouted.

“Yes I did, didn’t I? Are you going to stay good for a while?” he smiled and leaned back on his elbows grinning down at his penis, and then up at Marissa.

“A couple of hours maybe?” she giggled and straddled both his legs climbing up on the mattress onto her knees. “Please can I have a ride?”

“I guess so. But I warn you, if you’re bad again soon, it will go very hard on your bottom,” Carl smiled and let his torso drop flat. Marissa shifted up so that she could mount him.

“I won’t be too good though OK? I might need another spanking pretty soon,” she sighed as she slowly slid down onto her husband. Marissa loved the feeling of fullness that came with mounting him this way. At first she rode him with gentle grinding circles, and then long wet rubbing strokes against his pubis. Carl closed his eyes, and lay back letting Marissa do the work. That was something else that Marissa loved. Watching his face relax and then tense with arousal. It didn’t take very long before Carl approached climax and decided to shift them so he could thrust faster for it.

“Turn around,” he lifted Marissa to face away from him so he could lift up and enter her from behind. In that position, he was able use her hips as a hand hold to pump himself vigorously inside her. Marissa came again after about a minute and Carl followed shortly with his climax.

“We’re going to use ourselves up before this weekend even starts,” he chuckled as he backed out and stood up off the bed.

“Mmmmm, that’s a nice thought,” Marissa sighed.

“Well, if we don’t get moving, we’ll miss the plane. Is everything ready?”

“Everything but you,” Marissa nodded, and scooted off the bed to the bathroom.

“Clothes, PJ’s, laptop?”

“Yes everything,” Marissa turned on the tap, and lathered a face cloth to wash between her legs.

“Bethany’s paddle too?” Carl’s tone of voice carried a slight warning edge

“Bethany’s paddle too, but I promise my attitude won’t need that,” Marissa answered. The paddle could be used for play, but lately Carl had taken to using it preemptively every time her attitude became testy.

Carl finished undressing, and climbed in the shower.

By 6:20 PM, They were in a rental car heading out of San Antonio toward their retreat.

There are chapters on the lifestyle and introducing it, living life in the lifestyle, a detailed description of tools, and much more… Each chapter contains valuable tips and habits that you can apply to your life. I wrote this book because there are no such books out there (!), and … we have developed our relationship with Domestic Discipline so far, that I now consider myself as an expert 🙂

… write me you like it !

Click here to read a detailed description, or go to Amazon and click here for more!



2 thoughts on “Story: A weekend of tantric sex, Part I

  1. This is fantastic! I was enthralled from the moment I saw the meme (Rough Sex?…I was like, yes please!) to the very end. I’ll look forward to reading more.


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