Story: The first marital spanking

Eamon woke his young bride with a light kiss to her neck just behind and below her ear. He marveled as she shuddered and goose flesh appeared with a soft flush that spread up into her cheeks and down onto he chest. Before Sheila’s eyes opened, her nipples peaked. Her involuntary shudder lifted her shoulder up and into Eamon’s chin.

Sheila smiled, and turned her face up to meet her husband’s kiss. “Mmmmmmorning,” she said. And as her lips parted, she accepted his tongue. Hers pushed into his mouth, and she reached up to wrap her arms around his torso. “Hhhhhhhhiiiiiimmmmmmmmuuummmmmmm!” Sheila sighed as she stretched and turned fully onto her back underneath the man she had been married to only six short weeks. This morning greeting was never going to get old she thought. His touch, his skin next to hers, the taste of him, she was never going to get enough.

For weeks now, they had been camping in complete isolation. The long days with only the crystal clear lakes and streams and the northern Quebec forests for company had given the couple the luxurious freedom to discover each other. Nothing in Sheila’s life prepared her for the bliss of marital intimacy that she had been enjoying from their first evening together as man and wife. Fantasy and masturbation had always been pleasing, but sex with this man was so much better. As shy and uncertain as she felt that first time, she was amazed by how unashamed and uninhibited he was helping her become.

Eamon loved her body, and he was teaching her to love it also. His body was becoming hers, and she relished her exploration of it. She could have him when she wanted him, and when she did she found he wanted her more.

This was the first night they’d spent in a real bed in five weeks, and it was the most rested Sheila had felt after sleep in as long. Her skin tingled awake as Eamon shifted down to suckle her small erect nipples. The sensation was electric, and pulsed through her beating his hands to her groin. Roughly, Eamon pulled Sheila’s legs apart, and lifted them so they were wide apart, her knees up by her shoulders.

“Hey!!” Sheila giggled. Eamon looked up into her eyes and smiled. “I’m hungry,” he chuckled, as he slid his tongue down across Sheila’s stomach and then down onto the rosy bud and spread lips of her sex. His tongue teased her briefly. Tickling her clitoris first, and then stroking it. His hands push her thighs against the mattress on either side of her torso, forcing her apart and open for his mouth.

Years of gymnastics had made her body able to accept this. The stretch of her muscles, while mildly painful initially, added to the intense satisfaction she felt as the other arousal grew. Eamon’s tongue stroked the soft slick inner lips of her vulva first one side then the other. Then he caressed the swelling hood over her clitoris, taking care to avoid the engorged bud that was pushing out from under it. Sheila shuddered with the tease and almost painful promise that he would kiss and suckle there. He teased her like that for a while, and then pushed his tongue into her vagina. Sheila whimpered with the new sensation. Eamon worked his tongue, fucking her with it, stopping now and then to push her legs harder into the mattress, and to withdraw and swallow her essence.

“Mmmmmm need a little more I think,” Eamon spoke into her pussy. And the stroking began again. Now as he teased the hood over her fully erect clitoris, he closed his lips over it, and with his lips and his tongue he suckled.

“Uuuuummmmmmgggnnnnnggg!” Sheila writhed and moaned. Her hips undulated beneath her husbands face. The sound made Eamon lift his eyes, and he could see the flushed mask of ecstasy on his young wife’s face. The strokes of his tongue became firmer and longer and faster. “Oh God!” Sheila whimpered. Her breath was coming in short gasps and Eamon could feel the tension build in her muscles. He stretched her legs down harder into the mattress, stroked deep into her vagina, then suckled her clitoris, and stroked her juices around and over it. Sheila’s orgasm built and exploded from her with a soft moan. Eamon smiled and moaned himself, as he moved quickly and pushed himself into the opening where his tongue had just been.

Sheila took a sharp breath in as Eamon’s penis broke through the tight rhythmic spasms of her orgasm, and then she felt her whole pelvis spread and stretch to accept him as he eased himself into her. The fit was perfect. The stretch and fullness Sheila felt was exquisite. As he filled her to the hilt, his pelvis ground against hers in gentle rolling circles. This renewed the spasms of her orgasm, and Sheila cried out softly as she felt herself come again. Her muscles milked Eamon as he ground against her, and then as her spasms began to ease, Eamon began to pump his hips. Short strokes initially, and then long slow and deep strokes.

Both of them made soft sounds that spoke of the bliss they shared together. Both of them became lost in the reverie of what they shared, desperate for it to last forever and desperate for the climax that was inevitable. The gentle pumping slowly became more intense. Sheila’s hips shifted under Eamon, as she adapted to the harder thrusts. The lifting and rocking of Eamon’s hips pushed Sheila’s to rock with him, and she wrapped her legs around his back as if to hold on. Locked together their lovemaking took on urgency. Eamon’s thrusts were deep, long, and almost brutal. Sheila was first to reach the crisis, her whole body shuddering with release, her leg muscles quivering as Eamon’s thrusts broke each spasm of her vagina. Her breath came in rapid soft gasps. She thought she might smother it was so intense. Her teeth clenched as her spasms wrenched. “Oh!! God! Oh God!” she whimpered, and then Eamon shuddered with her. The groan that came from him with his last brutal thrusts made both of them tremble.

Eamon collapsed onto Sheila, and then pulled her with him as he rolled onto his back. They remained coupled together as the last spasms of orgasm spent. Sheila melted onto his body. “Would they have this together always?” she wondered.

“I love you baby,” Eamon groaned.

“I love you so much.” Sheila whispered as she kissed his chest now slick with the salty dew of sex.

Eamon’s hands wrapped around her buttocks and kneaded the cheeks. He smacked them hard a couple of times, making Sheila wince, and lift her head so she could see his face.

“Up you get you bad girl, or I’ll spank you, for being late for breakfast,” he teased her. Sheila giggled and lifted up so her groin spread wet on his still hard sex. Playfully she tightened the muscles of her pelvic floor, and lifted herself off of him. Eamon winced and smacked her butt with the minor pain she caused stretching him like that.

They showered together. Playing with soap and skin, and then went over to breakfast in the still quiet motel café. They had two days in the kitschy civilization of Stowe Vermont to do tourist things before they started the last part of their three-month honeymoon. Hiking the Green Mountain and White Mountain legs of the Appalachian Trail.

As blissful and close as they were in bed, there were beginning to be signs of abrasion between the newlyweds. In the wilds of Quebec, and the campgrounds on the way down from there to Vermont, there were few distractions from each other, but in the towns and roadside stops there were many. Sheila bucked against Eamon’s frugal hold on their money, and his unwavering focus on their destination.

Her habit of pouting and whining when she didn’t immediately get her way was beginning to irritate Eamon. For her part, Sheila was bound and determined she would break his resolve. All she wanted was a few T-shirts, some post cards and a hat for each of them. It wasn’t so much after all.

Eamon wasn’t really being stingy, they only had three thousand dollars total to spend on their summer. And their tuck had dwindled by half thanks to the thousand dollars Sheila needled and cajoled him to let her spend in their first week out. Side trips and souvenirs that were required of all couple who cruised the Caribbean. Their first minor squabbles were over money. The cruise was a gift from both sets of parents for the first week of their honeymoon.

Eamon was just out of his Masters program, set to start the new school year as a High School English teacher and track and field coach, and Sheila was going to start her junior year as a Physical Education Major at Queen’s University. This had to be a frugal trip.

The tug of war began again over breakfast.

“Let’s ride the gondola up to the Indian head,” Sheila spoke up from the small brochure she had collected in the lobby.

“How much?” Eamon looked up from the newspaper he was reading.

“Arrrrrrrrh!! Eamon!” Sheila flashed an exasperated glare at him.

Eamon returned a warning glare that Sheila ignored. “It doesn’t matter how much it costs.”

“Let me see,” Eamon frowned, as he put his paper down and reached his hand out expecting Sheila to hand him glossy advertisement she had in her hand.

“No!” Sheila pulled her hand back out of his reach. “I’m going.”

“Let me see, Sheila, I’ll decide if we’re going,” Eamon growled.

“You always decide! It’s my turn to decide!” Sheila shot back, as she threw the folded sheet at him.

“Sheila, you’re cruising, you really are,” Eamon’s tone of voice was cold, but his eyes burned with frustration.

“Yeah!?! So!” Sheila spit back. She slouched back in her chair and folded her arms across her chest.

Eamon glared at his wife for a few seconds, as she glared back. Sheila was first to break eye contact as she became aware of the uncomfortable surge of awareness his expression sent through her. In the year since she met him she’d pushed him too far three times. She didn’t like the outcome in the least little bit, and she wasn’t keen to make him do that again. Smacking her butt when he played with it was one thing, spanking her because she pissed him off was altogether different.

Eamon scanned the brochure, and grimaced. “We don’t have $24.00 just to ride up a mountain we could climb in four hours for just the cost of some sandwiches and water,” he dismissed the idea without leaving room for discussion.

“Ass hole!” Sheila muttered.

“I heard that,” Eamon warned.

“Yeah!? So!?” Sheila stood up. “Give me the keys please.”

“Why?” Eamon resisted.

“Look! Just give me the keys. I’m going to change my shoes and walk into town,” Sheila shifted her weight in an exaggerated show of exasperation and impatience.

“Wait and I’ll come with you,” Eamon reached for his coffee.

“NO!” Sheila said firmly. “I don’t want you to go with me. You’re bugging me right now. Stay here with the golf crowd and vegetate!”

“Sheila, I’m warning you,” Eamon spoke quietly, but the steel in his voice was easy for Sheila to hear.

“Yeah, yeah, you’re warning me. Give me the keys……… Please,” Sheila brazenly teased his temper.

Eamon leaned back in his chair and pulled the keys out of his pocket. “Be back by noon.”

Sheila didn’t answer. She stomped out of the café and across the parking lot to the pathway that led to their cabin. Inside, she changed into sandals and a nice light pair of striped blue shorts. She felt like a tourist. Crisp, clean and carefree. Too bad Eamon was such a scrooge. It would be fun shopping with him if he didn’t argue all the time. Before she left, Sheila picked up his pack, and dug into the bottom for the traveler’s checks. She took two hundred dollars, and set out walking down the hill into the small town of Stowe.

Eamon knew he was going to have to crack down soon. Sheila’s attitude and temper were getting shrill, and he wasn’t going to let it stay that way much longer. He knew she was tired. He was too. But it was still no excuse to behave the way she was.

The morning passed quietly for both of them. Sheila’s mood lightened considerably, and she almost forgot her frustration with Eamon. Eamon was able to relax completely as well, spending two whole hours relaxing in the café, listening to the National Public Radio Broadcast and reading a three days worth of news. When she got back to the cabin, Sheila hid the things she bought, and tucked the rest of the traveler’s checks back in Eamon’s pack. She’d spent $52.00 and some change. She put the cash in her pack, and stretched out on the bed with the TV on.

Shortly after noon, Eamon came back to the cabin to find Sheila asleep on the bed. He stretched out with her, and they both napped for part of the afternoon. Sheila woke up to Eamon sitting in the overstuffed chair just three feet from her face.

“Hey!” she smiled sleepily.

“Hey yourself,” Eamon said, he wasn’t as chipper after his nap as Sheila was.

“What?” Sheila sat up, ready to whine and argue.

“Where’s the money Sheila?” Eamon’s voice was cool.

“What money?” Sheila leaned back on her elbows, her expression becoming the pout that Eamon was finding less and less appealing.

“You know what money, and DON’T play this game with me now,” the cold steel in Eamon’s voice sent a surge of fear into Sheila. He wasn’t just a little mad at her, he was seething.

“I spent some of it,” Sheila swallowed, and answered him. Her pout was in full bloom. The same look that work wonders on her father was not working to melt the ice that was glinting in her husband’s eyes.

“There’s sixty dollars gone Sheila, how much did you spend?” Eamon asked again.

“Not all of it, I promise,” Sheila whimpered. “Please don’t be mad. You’ll like the sweat shirt I got you. I know you will.”

“Sheila we don’t need anymore stuff to pack with us! Why can’t you wait until the end of the trip for this stuff!” Eamon raised his hands in exasperation, and then his anger returned. “Never mind. Get the stuff.”

Sheila eyed Eamon carefully. He was definitely angry. “No, honey please,” Sheila shook her head, and resisted.

“This is not negotiable here Sheila. Get the stuff and put your shoes on. We’re taking it back,” Eamon leaned forward in the chair.

“Aww! Eamon NO!” Sheila spun away from him and off the other side of the bed. Her stance was squared off and her expression oozed defiance.

“Get the stuff,” Eamon repeated. He stood up, and slipped his feet into his heavy leather sandals, as he did he reached for the car keys on the bedside stand.

Sheila refused to budge.

Eamon stood up and looked coolly at his wife. When she wouldn’t budge, his hands moved to the buckle of his belt. “Alright, have it your way,” he said as he pulled the tongue out of the buckle and then yanked back so the tooth released the leather.

“No way Eamon! No way!” Sheila back away.

“You had your chance Sheila, this is how it’s going to be. The stuff goes back and your butt pays the difference,” Eamon let go of the buckle, his fingers slipping back to grasp and pull the leather.

Sheila moaned softly, as she shook her head. “I didn’t know I had a chance! You didn’t tell me!” She complained as a tear escaped onto her cheek.

“You’ll know next time then, won’t you?” Eamon’s voice was maddeningly calm and matter of fact.

“Please! Eamon no!” Sheila pleaded. He was between her and the door, there was nowhere to go but the bathroom, and he was closer to that door as well.

“Bend over the bed Sheila,” Eamon instructed.

“Aww no! Please!” Sheila pleaded with more tears.

“Do what I tell you.” Eamon was doing his best not to loose his temper, but he was fast loosing the battle.

“Awwwww NooooOO! PulEEEase!” Sheila cried. She backed away as Eamon moved around the bed to take her arm.

Eamon pulled her to the bed with him. Just before he pulled her down over his lap, he pulled hard at the button on her shorts. The button flew off the band, and the thin cotton fabric and zipper ripped easily.

“Ohh! Noo!” Sheila’s voice raised into a squeal as she realized he was pulling her pants down. He never spanked her bare before. Even her father almost never spanked her that way. Not with a belt. In a split second Sheila was a flailing struggling mass of limbs and hair. Eamon calmly held her on his lap, and pushed her pants off her backside. The belt was still in his left hand, so Eamon smacked her wiggling butt hard to get her attention.

“Oh! Ouwwww!” Sheila squealed.

“I’m going to spank you hard Sheila, and you’re going to take the stuff back and stop the snotty attitude and arguing that you’ve been doing these last few days!” He smacked her butt five times when she didn’t say anything.

“Oh OUUUW! Ahh Ha Ha Ha haoooowww! Oh! Stooop!”

“Got it?” Eamon smacked again.

“NO! Stop!” Sheila very unwisely retorted. She was spitting mad now. All of the fear of the spanking was gone now that it was happening, and she was outraged and ready to kill. She kicked wildly, and punched Eamon’s legs with her right fist, and his back and flank with her left. He shifted and pulled her torso tighter against him as he folded his belt up into his right hand.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” Sheila screamed as a line of fire lashed across her bottom. The flames lit up again in almost the same place. The belt licked her again and again and again. Sheila was consumed by the pain. No spanking had ever hurt like this not even the ones she’d gotten with the ruler back in grade six. She kicked and bucked, but Eamon had no trouble holding her on his lap. Her right hand moved up over her bottom to block the spanks, the first few times the sting of impact made her pull her hand away. But after a while, her butt burned so badly she couldn’t pull her hand away.

Eamon stopped spanking her. “Move your hand,” he told her.

“I can’t! Noooo!” Sheila refused.

“Move your hand or we start this all over,” Eamon warned.

“Nooooo no no no!!!!! Please stop!” Sheila moved her hand, but it was back after a few more licks.

The sequence repeated several times, until Eamon grabbed her arm, and pinned it against her hip. After he did that, the licking took on new fury. Sheila cried, wailed and howled, but it didn’t stop. Not until Sheila’s kicking and bucking was reduced to twitches with each lick and her squeals were just sobs and quiet but constant crying.

Every ounce of fight was gone out of her, and Eamon was equally spent.

Eamon held her over his lap and gently rubbed her back until her crying subsided to mewling sobs and hiccups.

“You ready to listen now?” Eamon asked softly. He was feeling humbled by her complete submission, but resolved that what he had done was what he needed to do.

Sheila nodded her head. And began to cry again.

“If I let you up are you going to do what I tell you to do?”

Sheila’s crying and sobs took on more volume, but she nodded her head.

Eamon let go of her, and she pushed back so she slide to her knees on the floor by his feet. Eamon leaned down, and took her face in his hands. “I had to do that Sheila, you gave me no choice.” Sheila sobbed loudly and closed her eyes as she nodded her head. She put her hand on her bottom, and rocked forward so her head rested on Eamon’s lap

“You hurt me Eamon,” she sobbed. “You hurt me.”

“I spanked you baby,” Eamon lifted her up onto his lap, and wrapped up her with his arms. He rocked her like that for a long while, but eventually as her sobs and hiccups subsided, he brought them back to what had started it. “Get the stuff now, let’s go.”

Sheila slipped off Eamon’s lap and stood her shorts were ruined, so she rummaged for another pair. Her butt throbbed and the skin felt on fire. A couple of stripes on her legs stung, but only one mark could be seen below the jean shorts she pulled on. Her eyes and face showed more evidence of her spanking that her legs did.

“Better wash your face,” Eamon chuckled, when Sheila handed him the bag that held her contraband.

Sheila smiled, and moved over to the sink. “What if someone heard Eamon?” she called out from the bathroom.

“Then they’ll know someone got a spanking, won’t they,” Eamon answered, as if he were talking about the color of socks.

“I’m serious Eamon! What if someone heard it?” Sheila came out and looked at Eamon her expression was solemn.

“I am too. They’ll know you were spanked and that’s it,” Eamon smiled.

“What if they think you beat me?” she asked.

“Then I’ll set them straight,” Eamon reached his hand out to her, and took it as they waked out to the car.

Returning the things she bought was harder than Sheila thought it would be. It didn’t help that Eamon stood back with a stern expression as she brought the items to the counters in each store. Mercifully, the clerks seemed to understand that she was already embarrassed. Sheila was sure every one of them knew that she’d been spanked, and this was just the icing on the cake.

The couple ate dinner together in relative silence, and then went for an equally quiet walk along a stream behind the cabins as the sun set. Back in the cabin, Eamon filled the bathtub, and coaxed Sheila into the hot water. He sat on the floor beside her, and washed her back.

“Are you going to do that to me again Eamon?” she finally asked him the question she’d been pondering for the past few hours.

“Maybe, if I have to. That’s up to you.” Eamon answered.

“Do you hate me? For making you so mad?” Sheila sobbed suddenly looking up into his eyes, not sure what his answer was going to be.

Eamon smiled. The love in his eyes was what Sheila needed to see. The words he spoke didn’t matter as much as what she saw in his eyes. “I love you more than life,” he answered.

Sheila reached up and hugged him. She kissed him, and as she opened her mouth to invite him in, she let him know what she thought of being spanked, by biting his lip just a little harder than she would for ordinary play. As she did, she pulled him off balance so he fell into the tub with her.

The maneuver hurt just a little as his weight was added to hers on her butt for a moment, but there were only a few whimpers mingled with giggles before the sounds they made together were only those made by lovers. The cabin tub was not as luxurious as the whirlpool in their cruise cabin, but it was old and deep enough that Eamon could lay back and fondle her buttocks and her breasts while his wife rode him gently to a leisurely climax to end the day.

It was the first time Sheila was spanked as a wife; it would happen once more before the honeymoon was over, and countless times in the years to come.

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