I love and hate spanking

There are times when limits get tested and in the moment he has to stop and regroup. Sometimes he’s silent, and I feel him seething to control his temper. Other times he uses that cool detatched voice to take me through what I’ve done and what that has meant to the peace and calm in our home…. Odd how unsexy that reality is when I’m living it, and yet how incredibly sexy it is thinking about it, and him and how masterful he is now, when the reality is remote…. sigh… the incredible, unfathomable, meandering mental life of a spanko…. There is almost nothing worse than the reality of a serious spanking, and yet nothing more arousing than the idea of one….. anybody else experience that?

Also, since you already are here  🙂 I put a very comprehensive How-To together, for all the people out there who want to get in domestic discipline…

There are chapters on the lifestyle and introducing it, living life in the lifestyle, a detailed description of tools, and much more… Each chapter contains valuable tips and habits that you can apply to your life. I wrote this book because there are no such books out there (!), and … we have developed our relationship with Domestic Discipline so far, that I now consider myself as an expert 🙂

 … write me you like it !

Click here to read a detailed description, or go to Amazon and click here for more!



2 thoughts on “I love and hate spanking

  1. I can identify with this! I fantasize about spanking quite a bit…but when I am actually being spanked by my Daddy I just want it to stop! But, I find that my body betrays me when he is disciplining me…though I am crying and in pain from my spanking, his domination over me turns me on….so yes, a love/hate relationship with spanking 🙂


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