Poem: I love the spanking man

He is the man with a paddle
Making it hard to sit in your saddle
He spanks slap slap slap
While you’re over his lap
He can clear your mind of all addle

The man’s got a plan
And your butt he will tan
If you get in his way
With things that you say
No angel should spank any man

Well a poor angel tried
Man o man how she cried
When over his knee
She went full of plea
And her bare butt ended up fried

The rules are set down
Though they make angels frown
So most will be tested
The man will be bested
Then out comes his paddle renown

Whack it will do
It just might be you
Who goes over his lap
For slap slap slap slap
That’ll leave your butt black and blue

The man with a switch
Can tame any bi***
She’d be wise to take heed
Before she does any deed
Or the ‘snick’ will make her cheeks twitch

So take heed my friends
Or pay with your ends
When his paddle is wielded
No butt can be shielded
Your badness to Satan he sends

The spanking man is here
And his paddle breeds fear
Poor bottoms burn fire
When their owners court ire
Be warned if you value your rear

An ode to the spanking man
The one with a spanking plan
He’s after all brats
Who keep trick in their hats
He has sworn that their butt he will tan.

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