I was in tears before I even lay down across his lap

Now and then my husband blows me away by how well he knows me… and how he can just reach down and pull out the answer to the impossible.

This could easily have shaped up to be one of the worst weeks on record for me all around the way life was lining things up on me… I have this huge project at work that I’m kind of the ‘cheese’ for. As the project lead, it’s rubber meets the road for whether I can cut it as a leader or not, and the whole thing involves the coordination of 6 departments and roll out of new technology and huge ramp up on a culture shift that is really only just getting a foot hold… so lots can go wrong… lotsa chiefs needing to go with me, lots of attitudes that could get in the way, and a million & one details to stay on top of… and beyond the project, there are still the regular deadlines of my job. Oct 15 is THE due date on all the years’ major projects besides this major one that is extra…. AND… my hormones shifted, my period came on two weeks early, the moon is headed for full, our son is on a roll with a major attitude of his own, we just found out that Mark’s going to go away for another two weeks at the beginning of November and well… there are a few other stressors coming up that are playing on my mind…

Tuesday morning I got up at 5. I wanted to be up at 4 but I hit the snooze button several times…. I did not want to get moving, and I literally puttered around until there was no time left, and I only had enough to get washed dressed and out of here when I finally got moving…. Just when I was getting moving, the phone rang… GD I hate people who get in on things late, decide they know more than all of us who’ve been at it from day one…! Some know it all stuck their fother mucking nose in my project two hours before roll out on go live day and decided they found a barrier. I dutifully heard them out, diplomatically explained what they effing well would have known if they’d been to the meeting the day before and waited till I got off the phone to spew out the list of expletives I wish I could have issued at him on the phone. Then I threw the phone and smashed the lamp base of the lamp on Mark’s side of the bed. EEEEP!

Todd picked then to need something that his father couldn’t help with, and then got snippy with me when I pointed out that I had 5 minutes and he’d known for three days he needed it, he would just have to live without it. Snippy 17 yearold’s better stay clear of rushed, nervous, agitated and already tired 43 yearolds. That’s all I have to say.

Then Mark came in as I was slipping into my shoes and pointed out the obvious… I just didn’t need to hear it, and let him know that in no uncertain terms…. Out the door I went.

I got to work 4 minutes late…. & as I walked in from my car, my cell phone rang. Mark.

“Have lunch with me?”

“OK unless something comes up. 11:30 I have to be back by 1.”

He asked what I might like. I gave him two choices. “Applebie’s or Chili’s. They’re both reasonably fast.”

That was it. My day literally ran full tilt from 6:30 until 11 AM.

Mark came to get me to take me to lunch at 1125 sharp. He asked all the right questions, listened attentively, and was headed for Applebie’s. Then he turned off.


“Did you forget something?”


“Why are we going home then?”

“That’s where lunch is waiting.”

“Oh OK….” No problem for me… eating at home is even faster… no bill no waiters no lines….

When we got in the house, I could smell the soup. Hmmmm yummy… Tomato! My most favorite!

“First things first,” he caught my arm before I could go into the kitchen.

“First what?”

“Bedroom. Now. Take off your skirt, your blouse and your panty hose. Pull you panties down to your knees. Don’t take them off.”

“I have too much to do today honey! I don’t have time for this!” I objected. But if you’d seen his face you would have known that that was the worst thing I could have said.

I certainly did have time. I had about 80 minutes of a 90 minute lunch break.

“You do what I tell you and you do it now! You’re not the boss now, I am.

He followed me into the bedroom, sat on the bed and watched me take my clothes off. I was not in the mood for what he had planned. It was taking some work for me to suppress the urge to swear and argue. The thing was, I knew why he was doing it, and it was either deal with it now or leave it for later that night… That morning, I’d let myself fall back into a really nasty pattern that we’d both thought was long gone… I felt it before I even walked out the door , and it hadn’t felt good or right. In fact when he called me to make the date for lunch, I’d pushed away an urge to apologize….

As I slipped off my clothes, I wished I had told him what I felt earlier. So I did then.

“I know that,” he shushed me. “We’ll deal with it now.”

So, I took off my clothes and went to him. When I got beside him, I pulled my under pants down to my knees, and was going to bend over his knee. He put up his hand and made me stop and stand there.

Then he got really serious. “What’s the punishment for potty mouth and temper going to be?”

I didn’t want to answer, but there was no way he was going to let me off the hook.

“A hard paddling I think.” I finally said.

no means yes why i just want to be taken

“How long?”

I hemmed and hawed and stalled. I really didn’t want to say. But there wasn’t going to be a release until I did. So I picked # of licks instead of time. “Maybe a 100.”

“Alright,100 it is.”

Then he shocked the heck out of me and broke up all my crimes from the morning. I ended up telling him that 100 was right for each thing. Puttering, cussing at the phone, smashing the lamp, making a snit out of Todd’s problem, and cussing my husband when he was just trying to help me calm down…. 500 hard.

I was in tears before I even lay down across his lap.

Mercifully, he delivered each chunk of 100 fast. I was desperate and struggling by the time he got to 100 each time, but the whole spanking from scolding and discussion to final scalding smack was probably done in about 15 minutes.

My afternoon was going to be spent with a puffy feeling very heated quite stingy butt.

“You ready to calm down now?”

I was, and I kind of needed to be reassured that he knew I wasn’t happy about my regression to past bad patterns. I wanted him to know that it was just a stress induced hiccup.

We cuddled for a few minutes and agreed that maybe he should suggest and I should ask for stress relief spankings more regularly while this roll out was going on. It felt like a huge weight off my shoulders at that moment.

Cuddling progressed, and we made love. Hot tomato soup and a half a ham sandwich followed.

We had lunch again on Wednesday, only then the spanking was a good girl one all the way. A spanking and sex nooner…. Nothing better for staying calm and collected when you have a major project to coordinate at work…

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7 thoughts on “I was in tears before I even lay down across his lap

  1. Indeed. A very wonderful progression of not only the relief of the stress that a good spanking brings, but the closeness and passion that is a natural result of that relief.

    The funny thing about “good girl” spankings is that I can’t even begin to estimate how the intensity of them have neared or equaled to one for other reasons. Yet the circumstances and the mindsets of the partners make even a very intense spanking so pleasurable and sensual.

    And the absolutely nuclear sex resulting is worth all the marks you see in the mirror the next morning (heck, that is even a bonus, eh 😉 )

    amber xxx


  2. Among the most underappreciated aspects of spanking is a cathartic release. Its ability to clear the air is largely due to its tension releasing capabilities.

    I found that when my wife began crying before being spanked, it usually meant spanking was probably overdue. Still, some of it might have been due what other things that were going on in her life. Many times, these underlying tensions would come out during the course of the spanking.


      • Decades ago, mothers were known to give daughters “because you need one, that’s why” spankings. It wasn’t that the young woman had done anything wrong. Rather, these were administered because the mother sensed the daughter needed “a good cry.”

        Much the same thing happens with wives. There are times when a woman’s emotions become so bottled up that she is unable to release them on her own. She becomes to used to being strong at work or for the children, that she becomes a ticking emotional time bomb. At these times, her husband needs to pull her aside and put her over his lap, and give her an good excuse to let her emotional dam burst in relative safety.


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