Poem: My well-deserved spanking

Occasionally I write poems (or, well try to do). Do you like it?


zippity do da
I’ve been a bad girl
Gonna git a spanking
To make yer hair curl

My body’s is all tingly
As I wait for you to come
To pull down my panties
And spank me on my bum

Oh look at that bump
In your trousers there dear?
Are you just glad to see me
Or using that to steer?

Guess yer tingling too
As this spanking time nears
Are ya gonna make it hurt?
Will ya bring me to tears?

My bum is very cool
With my panties down there
Would you warm it up please?
Since it’s handy and bare?

Ohhh that’s very nice
When you rub me that way
I feel very naughty
With those things that you say

Please spank me harder
That’s feeling really nice
I think I should be badder
Then we can do this twice

It wasn’t long enough
But it sure was very sweet
Can I help you with that bulge?
While I’m down here by your feet?

I could kiss you very soft
Or ride you very rough
Either way you like it
Cause I haven’t had enough

Yes zippity do da
I was a bad wife
I got me a spankin
Ain’t this a great life?



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5 thoughts on “Poem: My well-deserved spanking

  1. Very creative and sassy.

    I hope Mark (is it?) reads it and gives you just what you need 😉

    still haven’t had time to go thru your blog like I want to 😦

    hopefully soon.

    Did like the one on cum lol

    amber xxx


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