Diving into another world

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“Good morning,” Carl whispered into Marissa’s ear waking her up to the gooseflesh and involuntary shudder evoked by his hot breath.
“Hey,” Marissa stretched lazily. “What time is it?”

“Time to get up and make me breakfast,” Carl pulled the sheets back and gave her a pat on her bottom.

Marissa groaned and rolled away. “I’m tired,” she complained.

“Should have thought of that when you stayed up late on line. Today you have a date, and you’re already getting a late start,” Carl smacked her bottom hard and gave her a firmer push toward the edge of the bed.

“Couldn’t we do it next week? It’s been such a crummy week,” Marissa rolled flat on her stomach spreading her arms and legs so he couldn’t roll her so easily to the edge of the bed.

“Today slave, now get up or you’ll start the day with a sore bottom before we even start,” Carl was firm. He knew the week was playing on her mind, and he was determined to make her focus on more important things than internet squabbles.

“Mmmmm! Noooooooooooo! I’m sleepy and not in the mood honey,” Marissa buried her head under the pillow.

“Get up Marissa, now!” Carl yanked the pillow away with one hand, and spanked her again with the other.

She obeyed him reluctantly and crawled out of bed. As she stood, Carl came around to her side and embraced her with a hug and a kiss good morning. “Ready?” he asked.

“No,” Marissa complained and pouted looking up into his eyes with a half hearted plea.

Carl chuckled and ignored it. Turning his attention to the plans they’d made for the morning he lifted her night shirt up over her head and tossed it on the rocker. She stood before him, naked.

“It’s cold in here Carl,” Marissa complained and closed her eyes when his palms moved back to cradle her hips.

“You’ll warm up shortly,” he slid his palms from her hips up the side of her torso. When his fingers reached her ribs, he rolled them so his palms were up, and stroked her flesh upward until cupped her breasts and then captured her nipples. When he did, he squeezed and then twisted them. Not cruelly, by hard. Marissa closed her eyes and leaned into his touch, unable to ignore the sudden pulse of energy her tortured nipples shot through her groin.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” she crooned, her eyes still closed.

“That’s more like it.” Carl smiled and leaned down to kiss her eye lids. He reached over into the drawer of her night stand and lifted out the narrow black collar that they used on days like the one they had planned.

Marissa pulled in a deep breath when she heard the drawer. Then she opened her eyes and watched her husband’s hands lift and then caress the ultra soft, weightless and supple leather. Was she ready for this or not today? Maybe it would be good to let her mind go into the fantasy part of her real life. It was always a rewarding place to go after all. The only trouble was the inhibiting residue of arguments and conflict among friends. It weighed on her and felt like a shroud around her mood.

“Ready?” Carl lifted her chin and her eyes away from his hands and up to his eyes.

“I don’t know honey,” she answered, leaning into him and closing her eyes again. Fatigue and desire blended to make a mixed message worthy of a psychology text book.

“Trust me?” he asked tapping her chin to coax her eyes open.

“Yes,” Marissa smiled weakly. She wasn’t sure, but she had very little resistance.

“Good. Then we’ll keep this date.”

Marissa melted into the confidence and resolve that shone in Carl’s expression. She nodded, and Carl lifted the collar to her throat. Her groin contracted with the intimate meaning of the cool leather and his fingers against her skin. She sighed when the cold of the buckle bumped and pressed against her. Submission. Now she could not, must not, and would not say no. Now she was a slave to the will of the man she loved more than her own life. She would be this until his hands returned to her throat and freed her with the symbolic unbuckling of the clasp. Until he did, the collar would be the only clothing she would wear. While she wore it, she was symbolically wrapped in his will, in him. She was him, and whatever his will wanted her to be.

Again she closed her eyes. Steeled her own will, saying a small submissive prayer that she’d put it away and then took her mind down into her chest and heart with a deep cleansing breath. “I am yours Master,” she spoke first and then opened her eyes and sought his.

“Always,” Carl smiled with deep affection and pride. “Kneel.”

Marissa obeyed.

“Tell me,” he whispered.

“I am yours. May I show you?” Marissa felt the familiar tingle of comfort sweep through her body. The inhibiting shroud made of peripheral things began to fall away. Maybe it was some kind of spell on his collar. Maybe it was the force of Carl’s will. Maybe it was a ghost that possessed her. No matter what it was, Marissa let go of all of her worries and fell into him and what they were about to share together.

“You may,” Carl stepped closer, so that Marissa had to stretch and crane her neck to see his face. “Go wash and relieve yourself, then come back to me.”

Marissa obeyed. A sexy energy kept her company through her morning ablutions. Nothing was in her mind now except her husband and the promise of the morning. She felt light, and alive and excited. She relieved herself, washed herself, brushed her teeth and returned in less than four minutes to kneel in front of the man who was now her Master.

“Well done.” Carl praised. “Do you feel fresher now?”

“Yes,” Marissa kept her head down. She did not have his permission to look at him directly.

“Make the bed please,” he stood and moved away so she could obey with no impediment. The top sheet and comforter slipped up over the mattress and pillows with only two sweeping movements. The bed was neatly made in less than a minute from the time of the command.

“Take the pillows and place them in the middle,” Carl gestured and instructed.

Marissa grimaced, but obeyed.

“Put the tawse beside them, and then take the schoolmaster strap and place it on the footstool,” Carl further directed the setting of the tableau. Marissa obeyed her loins now throbbed with the prospect of what he was laying out for her.

When she finished placing things the way she was told, she returned to kneel on the spot where she first assumed her role. Carl stepped over and sat down on the side of the bed where he could clasp Marissa’s face between his hands. He did that, and tugged her face so she had no choice but to look into his eyes.

“Are you mine?” Marissa’s eyes misted, and she nodded. ‘Only yours,’ her heart screamed silently.

“Show me,” his lips brushed hers as though they were feathers, as though her lips would collapse and crumble if there was any pressure from his.

Marissa blinked and dared to seek his eyes for reassurance. Carl only smiled and stretched back releasing her face and her will so she could obey him. Marissa dropped her eyes and found the bulge in his boxers. Lightly separating the soft cotton, her fingers reached in and hooked his penis, helping it find freedom and bringing it out where her hands could stroke it. Her touch was light as though his already turgid member were the most delicate flower. When he shuddered and groaned with pleasure, Marissa leaned down and took him into her mouth. Her tongue quickly found and tormented the part of him that was most powerless to resist her. After a few minutes, she had him completely hard and could taste the salty beads of pre-cum his body gave up to her. Carl steeled himself and did not let her take him further.

“Get up,” he used her hair as a lever to assert control.

Marissa wanted to object, but her collar absorbed her will for her. Maybe he would let her have him again before the morning was over. If not, it was because he did not need that, and today, his needs were hers.

She obeyed.

“Bring me the box,” he stroked her face again making her eyes meet his.

When her eyes closed and she grimaced, it was involuntary. Marissa steeled herself, and stood and moved to obey going to the closet to retrieve the shoe box that contained toys used to test and challenge her submission.

“Bend over,” Carl patted his right thigh when she came back to him and handed him the small box.

A whimper escaped her throat, though Marissa complied. Carl lifted the lid and placed the cardboard container on the mattress beside him. When his wife was in position draped submissively across his thighs, he carefully selected an object and a bottle from the box. He coated the object with the liquid contained in the bottle.

“Bear down,” Carl’s voice was cool and firm.

Marissa pulled in a breath and fought another whimper. She obeyed, and in less than a second she was invaded by the cold rubber of a medium sized butt plug whetted and made clammy by lubricant that was the temperature of the air. When it was properly seated, Marissa tried to make herself relax and accept it. It wasn’t easy, but she did.

“Make my breakfast now,” Carl patted her cool buttocks. “Don’t let it fall out.” For a few seconds all she could feel was the cruel invasion of the rubber in her anus and the way his handling of her butt cheeks made the sensation stronger.

Marissa delayed standing only long enough to channel all of the sexuality of Carl’s dominance into her groin and the tension she would need in the muscles in order to comply. No matter what the specifics of his choice was, she wanted it, needed it and relished it; even if it made her quiver in discomfort and fear. The collar was him, and she needed the connection.

“Thank you Master,” she whispered as she stood up.

“Over easy, yolks intact, ham not bacon, and fresh picco de gallo on the side.” Carl kissed Marissa’s wrists as he let her move away to the kitchen. “Do it well and I will place this in there for you.”

Marissa looked back and saw the small bullet vibrator that came with the butt plugs resting on Carl’s left palm. She smiled. The plug was in now and doing its magic on her arousal. The vibrator would be a nice adjunct, but it wasn’t necessary for her pleasure. “If I please you Master that will be more than I deserve.”

Carl smiled, and let Marissa go to make him his breakfast.

Marissa let herself disappear into the tasks her husband gave her. The jalapeno pepper was mild, and the tomato was firm, the ham needed to be sliced from the chunk she cooked fully on Monday. Relish and meat ready, the eggs took only minutes.

When it was ready, Carl savored the food, and smiled. “Perfect baby.”

He gestured Marissa to come close to him, and when she obeyed he kissed and plundered her lips then turned her and pushed her down over the table only inches from his plate. Marissa felt the plug in her anus expand and then begin to buzz with a gentle vibration.

Make yourself a plate and join me,” Carl crooned. He knew that the decadent breakfast could not hope to distract her fully from the challenge he gave her. “You must not cum without my permission. Is that clear?”

Marissa sighed, and nodded. She tried her best to take her mind off of the mechanical stimulation that the devices in her anus subjected her to. Carl wanted her mind on her breakfast. It was her goal to comply with that. The effort was superhuman.

The exquisite flavor of tomato, cilantro, pepper and hot yolk filled her mouth with the first mouth full. Arousal heightened all of her senses, and Marissa marveled with it.

Carl smiled watching her. Her internal struggle to obey him and resist orgasm was painted on her expression with a blooming flush.

Long before her plate was empty, Marissa became desperate. Her whole pelvis throbbed with imminent crisis. It made her gasp.

“Please master, I need to cum!” she whispered tightening all of the muscles of her pelvic floor and leaning forward to press her vulva onto the hard wood of her chair.

“No slave. You may not cum,” Carl’s voice was firm. “You will wait until you are spanked. If you take your punishment well, then I will let you cum.”

But Marissa’s body could not obey. She was not able to hold back from or suppress her orgasm. It took her quietly, and she closed her eyes on it, trembling slightly with goose flesh as her groin rhythmically contracted and she swallowed the last morsel of her breakfast.

When Carl finished the last of his food, and leaned back in his chair, he regarded his wife with a wicked grin. “Did you cum?” he asked her outright. The deep crimson blush of arousal on her chest gave her away.

Marissa blushed, and shivered.

“I couldn’t help it,” she whispered.

“You disobeyed me,” Carl growled. The sternness in his tone of voice was stronger than Marissa expected.

Marissa could only shrug.

“Bring me some ginger from the crisper,” he commanded.

Marissa groaned.

“You defy me again?” Carl questioned surprised by the way Marissa broke from her role with the guttural sound.

“No Master,” Marissa whimpered. “I’m just afraid of the ginger.”

“But you have earned it haven’t you?” he chuckled.

“If it pleases you Master,” Marissa grimaced and hugged herself tightly. She obeyed and retrieved the hunk of spicy root that was kept with the innocuous produce in the salad crisper of their refrigerator.

“The pairing knife too please and then bend over.”

Marissa stepped to the left two paces, opened the utility drawer and retrieved the pairing knife. When Carl took it, she sidled over, and lay down over the cool wood surface of the table only a foot from his plate. She knew that he would shortly remove the vibrating rubber device and replace it with the root.

Instead of the delicious vibrating fullness that she easily adapted to, she would experience a painful expanding and irritating heat. Marissa tried to steel herself for it.

Carl replaced the rubber plug and its companion vibrator with a large and firm carved plug of ginger root. In only seconds Marissa couldn’t help but whimper.

“Honey, please!” she whined.

“Relax baby,” he rubbed her back, knowing instinctively that without a calming influence for a moment or so, what she was feeling threatened to take over and overwhelm her.

“I can’t!” Marissa grimaced and the whine intensified. “Please!”

“You can, and you will,” Carl leaned down and kissed her neck. “Show me how perfectly obedient you are.”

Marissa pulled in several cleansing breaths and talked herself down from the intense burn that was the ginger root plug in her bottom. Her master put it there, and she wanted and needed to submit to everything he asked of her. Soon she was able to use that thought and Carl’s kisses and caress to sooth her. The heat spread into her, but the burn was no longer pain. It was a challenge for her to submit to now and that calmed her.

“Thank you Master,” Marissa smiled letting herself relax and transfer her attention from her bottom, to the cool smooth surface of the wood table under her torso.

Carl felt her body soften to it, and smiled too. “That’s my girl,” he stroked her back and then lifted her to stand. “Clean up the dishes now. Stand up tall and straight while you do.”

The chore took on new meaning. Marissa felt every sinew in her body as she moved, and she reveled in the tingle the cool air of the kitchen and Carl’s eyes imparted to her skin. By the time she finished cleaning the kitchen and moved to kneel in front of Carl Marissa felt serene.

“If it pleases you Master, I have finished,” she spoke to his feet.

“Good, you know the position I require now,” Carl instructed.

Marissa smiled and nodded, spreading her knees wide she sat back on her heels and placed her hands palms up on her thighs. The position opened the hot intimate parts of her to the air, and made her sphincter spasm around the ginger root. The heat from it renewed and pulsed into her causing her to draw an involuntary sharp breath.

Carl stroked her face and lifted her chin so she could look into his eyes.

“Squeeze it harder,” he whispered bringing her lips to his.

Marissa obeyed. The intense burn forced her eyes closed

“Look at me,” Carl warned, his voice cool with it.

His dominance seethed into her sending a delicious pulse of electricity through her. She obeyed and locked her eyes with his.

“Squeeze it again,” Carl’s eyes sparkled with pride.

Marissa smiled back and obeyed. The burning in her anus was becoming acutely painful, and Marissa found herself steeling against a growing urge to empty her bowels, but further forward she also felt her vulva and clitoris pulsing. The clenching of her muscles against the root was threatening to make her cum again.

Carl knew it and used it. “Squeeze again.”

Marissa obeyed.


Her eyes blinked and her breath hitched. The burn was almost too much but the pulsing further forward was bliss.

“Look at me Marissa,” Carl warned. Then he repeated the command for her to squeeze the ginger inside her.

He knew by the flush around her neck and chest that she was aroused and close to climax.

“Do you want to cum baby?”

“If it pleases you Master,” Marissa whispered.

“If I say no?” Carl teased.

“I will try to obey,” Marissa answered, but she knew her body might not let her. That reality and the growing impossible tension between her thighs made her clench harder and have to catch her breath again.

“You’re close aren’t you honey,” he smiled and stroked her face again.

“Yes sir. Too close,” Marissa’s voice hitched as she answered truthfully.

“Then stand up here for me and we’ll remove he temptation for a while. You still have to be punished and you’ve already cheated once this morning.”

Marissa couldn’t help the grimace as she stood. She wanted to cum and felt the urgency of it, but there was a comfortable resolution that came with holding back too. Carl put her back down over the table and spread her legs and bottom. She couldn’t help the keening whimper that escaped when the root slipped out of her. Her whole body tensed against the pain, and then the almost instant contraction within her that threatened to empty her bowels then and there.

“Please Master!” Marissa gasped.

“What do you need slave?’ Carl knew.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” she clenched her whole being against what felt like imminent disaster.

“Ask me with respect please,” Carl soothed her and kneaded her bottom.

“Please Master, may I go to the bathroom,” Marissa begged, her eyes closed tight, her breathing broke into short desperate pursed lip pants. Some of the urgency was abating but the need remained strong.

“That’s my girl,” Carl crooned. “Off you go.”

Marissa stood and smiled. “Thank you Master.”

The relief she felt only moments later was sheer bliss. And it struck her as she reveled in it, how elemental everything about the morning was becoming. Her body and her experience within it had become the center of her existence, and in giving it and herself to Carl to play with she found herself connecting with a peaceful place deep inside.

Her legs trembled weakly underneath her when she got up from the commode. The cold water she splashed on her face did wonders to restore some of the starch the mild bout of diarrhea had had taken out of her. Relieved and refreshed she returned to her husband who was now in the bedroom feeling completely calm and renewed.

“Better?” Carl asked.

“Yes thank you Sir,” Marissa smiled.

“Shall we proceed with your punishment?” he pointed to the pillows on the bed.

“Yes please Master,” Marissa felt a twinge of fear, and a much more powerful wave of arousal. She needed a spanking. She wanted the catharsis of a spanking that would bring her well beyond tears, at the same time she knew that was what he fully intended to give her, and how much it would hurt.


“Tell me what you need slave,” Carl moved around in front of her and took her chin in his hands so again she had to look into his eyes.

“I need what pleases you to give me Master,” it was hard for her to say the proper words.

“And what is that?” Carl required her to say them no matter how hard it was for her to summon and submit to them.

“A spanking Master,” Marissa’s heart pounded as her mind struggled with the edge of humiliation.

“No slave,” Carl warned. He knew she was struggling. “That won’t do. You must tell me exactly what you deserve.”

Carl’s dark eyes shone with intent, and bored into her. Marissa could feel his will strengthen around her through them.

“I deserve to be punished Master. Please spank me until I cry and cannot take any more,” she whispered.

“And if I should decide to punish you harder than that?” Carl tightened his grip on her chin, the glint in his eyes filled with meaning.

“It is your will Master. Please punish me,” Marissa felt herself lighten with the approval and assent she saw in Carl’s eyes. She was making the game good for him, and it was exciting her.

“Shall I tie you down slave?” Carl’s eyes softened perceptibly.

“Please Master, so that I don’t fail you if my punishment is too much for my weak mind to bear.” Marissa tried to drop her eyes away from his, but he wouldn’t let her.

“One day slave you will have to submit without my help. When you do it will please me more,” his voice was soft and forgiving.

“If it pleases you Master may I be punished harder for my weakness?” Marissa answered him with a request she knew would excite him as much as it did her. The sense of power in her submission was growing and she was heady with it.

“Yes slave that will please me. You may be tied this time,” Carl smiled, kissed her and then guided her toward the bed.

Marissa climbed up and laid her pelvis over the pillows she’d placed in the center of the bed under earlier orders. Carl retrieved the leather wrist and ankle cuffs from their hiding place behind the crown molding around the top of tall dresser, and applied them. He kissed her wrists and then her ankles before wrapping the leather over the flesh. He secured the D rings to ropes and pulled them taut so Marissa was held firm spread eagle with her bottom raised in a perfect position to be soundly punished.

“You are beautiful like that baby,” Carl’s voice was husky when he lifted himself backup off the mattress.

“Thank you Master,” Marissa snuggled her face down into the sheets completely comfortable in her vulnerability. Her vulva throbbed, and her heart pounded. The anticipation of the pain to come, of the severe spanking she needed was almost unbearable.

Carl picked up the tawse and lightly stroked up between her thighs with it. “There will be no mercy for you now slave,” he crooned a warning.

“Thank you Master,” Marissa whispered, her groin contracted and her hips squirmed slightly.

“Are you frightened slave?” Carl commented on her involuntary movement.

“No master,” Marissa scrunched her face side to side.

“Tell me what you are then slave,” Carl slapped the tawse lightly against the exposed swollen lips between her thighs.

“I am ready to be punished Master,” Marissa opened her eyes and tucked her chin down so she could see his knees leaning against the mattress.

“Do you need this slave?”

“Yes Master,” Marissa’s hips lifted with her admission.

“Why do you need this?”

“Because it pleases you Master,” she couldn’t help that her pelvis pushed down to compress the pillows beneath it.

“Why does it please me slave?” the tawse now tapped the highest part of her perched bottom, making her cheeks clench.

“Because I need it Master,” Marissa’s face was serene. “I need you to punish me until I cry and can’t take any more.”

“So you do slave. So you do.” With that Carl lifted the tawse, and brought it down hard across her buttocks.

Marissa sucked in a deep pained breath. The sudden searing burn of leather forced a spasm of tension through her that flexed her ankles and wrists against the restraints. Her knees dug hard into the mattress lifting her bottom as though begging for another stroke.

Carl delivered another and another and another without mercy. Marissa’s body tensed with the pain in one almost continuous contraction until she was trembling. More than thirty spanks seared into her flesh before Marissa uttered a sound.

“Please Master!” she gasped.

“Don’t please Master me,” Carl admonished. “You are doing very well slave.” He lifted the strap and resumed the punishment she needed.

Marissa squealed and whimpered, clenching her bottom hard and pushing her hips down into the pillows. The pain had surpassed her ability to adapt, and Carl was not giving her the break she needed to control her mind.

“Lift your bottom slave, or it will go harder for you,” Carl laced into her thighs even harder.

Marissa responded with a strangled wail and an immediate arching of her bottom upward. Her body tensed again, into a rigid trembling contraction that held for another 40 brutal licks, before she could not hold in the first full volume wail. The restraints held even though her wrists and ankles pulled against them with every ounce of her strength.

“I can’t Master!” Marissa’s cry was desperate.

“You will,” Carl answered her with ten more searing stripes.

They broke through all of her resolve. Marissa fought complete submission and although she was trying to relax, she began to sob and rock and bounce her hips and bottom side to side in a boneless flesh jiggling dance.

“I will,” she nodded frantically trying to submit to and take in the pain and move it to pleasure, “I will, I will, I will, I will, I will.”

Carl answered her by spanking even harder. He used her agitation as his cue.

“You must try harder slave,” he whipped her with the hardest stroke his arm could deliver.

“UNGGGGG!” Marissa’s body tensed and bucked again.

Carl resumed her punishment, bringing the tawse down repeatedly, setting up a rhythm that Marissa’s body could count on, and in very short order she did. Soon the cycle of sting, burn and invading scalding pain rolled through her body and revolved around her awareness creating a vortex of sensation and need. She began to fall into it and when the inevitable agony threatened to seize her, she knew her body was going to betray her.

“Master!” she cried out. “Please I will cum!”

“Do not cum slave!” Carl abruptly stopped spanking.

Marissa couldn’t help the sob that escaped her when her bottom lifted desperately begging for the leather’s kiss.

“You are a very good slave baby, but you defeat your punishment so easily,” Carl chuckled. “Are you well punished?”

“Yes Master!” Marissa sobbed. Her bottom throbbed and burned with a flame that would have been unbearable except that it was exquisite in its perfection.

“Enough?” Marissa could see Carl’s smile although her eyes were closed.

“If it pleases you Master, this slave should be punished more,” she lifted her bottom to invite him to give her more.

“You will be, but not now slave,” Carl dropped the tawse onto the mattress and moved to release the ropes that secured her wrists to the bed. When they were free, he stood and turned to leave the room. “Grasp your bottom slave.”

Marissa obeyed surprised by how hard and thick her flesh felt when her palms cupped over the hot brutalized cheeks.

“Squeeze your flesh slave.”

Marissa obeyed, but instantly released her fingers when sharp pain shot through her skin and into her body.

“Hard!” Carl demanded.

Marissa pulled in a breath and tried again to obey. The ministrations hurt almost more than the cut of the leather had.

“Don’t stop until I tell you to. Now pull your cheeks wide.”

Marissa clenched her eyes closed. This was shameful and more humiliating than telling him how she needed to be punished. Her fingers balked.

“Do it slave,” Carl warned with a cold but sensually promising voice.

Marissa’s fingers obeyed and her heart responded. Carl was inside her head, pushing her to places that only absolute trust in him and his lust would let her go. He was not making her dance for him by herself he was taking her with him deep into her own desires. Desires she didn’t want to know. Desires she needed to know.

Deep into her most protected and hidden desires! How did he figure out where to go?

“Squeeze and knead them. Show me your wet pussy and your cherry red asshole. Show me what is mine.” An intruder would have heard those words as cruel and hard, but Marissa couldn’t hear them. Marissa felt them in the deepest parts of her secret soul. She obeyed.

“Put your fingers in your ass!” Marissa gripped her flesh…… “Both of them,” he coaxed when she obeyed and then seemed to hesitate as her index fingers found the tight and still very raw bud that was her anus. Her tissues objected violently with electric shocks of pain and fire, but Marissa’s body easily accepted it, reached for it and used it to help her push her fingers through the sphincter that tried to block them.

“Good girl. Now squeeze you cheeks and pull yourself open for me.”

Marissa obeyed.

“Keep doing that, squeeze and relax, squeeze and relax.”

Marissa obeyed.

“Good. That’s the way. Don’t stop, and don’t cum. I will be right back.”

Carl left her alone, and Marissa stayed where he left her… obediently lost inside her submission.

He wasn’t gone long. When he came back, he said nothing at first. He simply released her ankles and nodded his approval as Marissa’s tender bottom and bottom hole stretched, blanched and then contracted and re-rouged between the obedient tension and release of her own hands.

“Come into the family room now slave,” Carl ordered Marissa up off the bed.

She didn’t even hesitate. Nothing was more perfect for her in that moment than doing exactly what Carl wanted her to do. His will had found and now existed inside one of the most protected parts of her soul. Only betrayal could wrench him out of there now, and Marissa was completely oblivious to that possibility. Her feet never touched the floor as she complied with his instruction. Not until she placed herself in the corner he assigned, and then they simply landed and grew blissful, comfortable roots. Roots she needed, because Marissa’s mind was floating high above her body.

When he told her to press her nose onto the quarter he place on the drywall crevice that was the only corner in the room, Marissa smiled and complied.

“Hold it up and push your bum out,” he instructed.

Marissa obeyed.

Carl logged on to the forum, posted brat and angel awards and read some posts he’d missed during the week.

“The men voted you an angel this week slave,” he chuckled.

Marissa’s eye lids fluttered and she smiled. That was sweet. After the shitty week they’d had there, and the strident demands she’d posted, it lifted her further up. This time Carl seemed to agree. Marissa was a good slave, a good submissive, and an angel for him. Her submission now, in that moment, approached something they’d both been working for, but that had eluded them for many, many months of deliberate attempts to find it.

Inside it, Marissa marveled. Submission wasn’t her, it was him! It was complete trust in him! Complete and perfect knowledge that what he wanted of her was what he needed for himself. He took her to a forbidden part of herself, because he knew it existed and he shared an equivalent secret place. This was a new closeness in sexual perfection. A new place for Marissa in the more than twenty seven year bond she shared with her husband.

Carl kept her in the corner for well over an hour. By the time he freed her, he was the one lost to need. He fed and satisfied it by using the schoolmaster’s strap to whip Marissa to orgasm while she lay over the ottoman in the bedroom, and then driving himself into her so that she begged him to let her cum twice more before he released himself into her.

They cuddled together for hours after Carl found release the first time. A short nap, renewed him, and Marissa’s proximity woke him. He took her and loved her.

“You are perfection baby,” he sighed. “Just what I need.”

Marissa floated for days. She knew Carl was much more perfect than she, but in all of their lives together, she’d never felt more worthy of him….. He was the matching puzzle piece to one of the most frightening parts of herself. He took that part out, played with it and honored it like it was part of his soul.

It was. And that was the cloud that kept her floating.

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  1. So many aspects of this story appealed to me so much.

    The intensity. Sometimes that is just what is needed, especially after a shitty week that you say they had.

    The amazing trust and submission.

    I so hate being told when I can orgasm . I very rarely succeed. The feelings, the desire, the lust, the absolute cravings are just too overpowering when I am in his control.

    I know almost all girls think the sexiest thing a man can say to them is “I love you”.. and yes, I love hearing that as well.

    But, the one thing he can say that can get me absolutely dripping is when with a slight growl to his voice, my boyfriend says emphatically, ” You are MINE!”

    Loved your story hun, Maybe I shouldn’t have read it with almost 10 hours to go until boyfriend gets back from a trip. lol

    amber xxx


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