Story: Stress Relief

This is a story I wrote in the last weeks…

enjoy! – it is not related with me, however.

Carl had a lot on his mind. Things were moving fast all around him. Twin foals threatening to be born any day now, to a first time mother, new stock coming in, heavy rains and minor flooding making some unexpected maintenance chores, a new job, a teen age son with an arbitrary mind of his own and will of iron, and a wife whose health had been on a roller coaster for months. The last two weeks in particular seemed to have him tied in knots. Marissa felt his tension. At first it was just silence and pre-occupation, and then short tempered quips and snaps directed at her or their son. She tried to talk him into going fishing and he did do that for a few hours one day, but even that diversion seemed to be taking on the trappings of a chore.

“Honey why don’t you just stay in with me today? They can manage without you. It’s Saturday. No one will fault you for taking time just for you,” Marissa tried coaxing when Carl seemed rushed to fit in breakfast and his newspaper as if there was a real deadline looming. There was, but it was one of his own creation.

“Don’t Marissa,” Carl snapped back. The exasperated look on his face told her he’d misunderstood. She had to get up and move away from the table to keep him from seeing the tears well up in her eyes. If he saw that, he’d think he was right. That she was just being selfish, trying to add to his burden by being just another demand on his time. What she was really, was worried about him and how tired and stressed he seemed. There would be no convincing him though, and any attempt to try would probably just twist and warp into something hopelessly confused and ultimately just be more stress for him.

Marissa backed off, giving him what quiet she could.

Sunday was more of the same, and then another week began.

There were a few moments through the week, when Carl’s progressively shortening temper caught Marissa off guard, so that she reacted to him. It was hard not to, when he scolded over nothing and criticized minutia. Fortunately Marissa didn’t have the energy or the ambition to fight with him, so her reactions were little more than sarcastic retorts and annoyed remarks. Even so, she could feel things snow balling and it was beginning to make her restless. Either the stress in their home grew into a monster snow ball that would bury them in a freezing blizzard when it smashed against them, or she would find a way to melt it gradually so when it hit them it was little more than a thud.

How though? So much of the source of the stress was outside their control. Well that was the thing, Marissa thought to herself while at work late the following Friday afternoon. There is no getting away from what’s out there; only making the most of the refuge from it.

Wishing Carl would rest and trying to get him to do it was pointless she reasoned. The man did not recharge with quiet the way she did. Instead of competing with the other pressures on her husband, Marissa needed to try to help him find ways to recharge that blended in with them. Just backing off and giving him space to be a grump, and ignoring his attitude was definitely not going to fly either. That wasn’t fair to anyone, and would be doomed to failure. Carl’s person was at serious risk of harm soon if his behavior didn’t even out. Neither Marissa nor their son had much patience left. So, what could she do?

Whatever it was, she resolved to start that evening.

Carl was home from work before she was, and was gone with his son out to the ranch by the time she got in with groceries for the weekend. Marissa made herself busy by spending a few hours on line, getting a few loads of the laundry done and starting a new wood carving project. She was tired and already in bed when Carl came in the door. But she stirred easily with all his tromping around. Todd stayed behind at the ranch so he could be handy for his granddad if the mare foaled. Marissa smiled and thanked the fates.

While Carl cleaned up for bed in the shower, Marissa poured him some skim milk, and put a large brownie on a plate for him, and then took it to bed with her to wait for him.

He smiled when he saw the plate with the brownie on his pillow, and Marissa propped up against the headboard beside it pretending to watch the news. It was all the invitation he needed to climb into bed with her. May as well unwind there as on the sofa in the family room.

“Good,” Marissa smiled to herself, as she cuddled up next to her husband. She closed her eyes, and just let him watch TV and enjoy his bedtime snack.

“You make these?” Carl asked offering her a bite of the brownie. Marissa pushed his hand away and nodded her head against his chest. “Mmgood,” he offered appreciation with a full mouth mumble.

When the news ended and Letterman came on, Carl shut off the TV and reached across Marissa to turn off the light. They both eased down between the sheets, and spooned together. Sleep came quickly for both.

Carl was up first making coffee and toast by the time Marissa roused. It was going to be another working Saturday. This time instead of complaining or suggesting alternative activities, Marissa engaged him in talk about what he was going to be doing and filling him in on gossip from the forum and the girls at work.


“Hey mister, care for some company?” Marissa crooned as she climbed into the shower with Carl after putting the breakfast dishes in the sink. Carl started to object, but Marissa pre-empted him by quickly stretching up to kiss him, and slipping her fingers down to fondle him intimately. “We both need to get clean anyway, right? This way we’ll use the time wisely. Maybe even save water?”

Her sexy tone of voice, and the purposeful way she took control of the soap bar worked wonders to quash Carl’s impatience.

A fifteen minute shower was a bit longer than he had planned that morning, but it certainly was a refreshing way to get his day going. Marissa’s day was well started too, and she had little trouble finding things to keep busy.

Problems came up shortly before noon when her car stalled on the highway. A minor spat ensued when she called Carl from the dealership to ask him to pick her up and take her home. ‘She should have called him from the road instead of going with the wrecker to the shop.’ Chores and obligations kept the tiff short. He had no time to get into a full blown bluster over Marissa trying to be too independent.

Marissa shook her head when he pulled back out of the driveway. So much of his identity was wrapped up in protecting and being in charge. Instead of reacting and being angry that he made it seem like she couldn’t manage anything without him and that there was something wrong with the order in which she did things, she had to smile. His bluster gave her an idea. One that might help them both work off some of the edge.

It would have to wait for evening and depend on opportunity, but Marissa tucked it away, and made a promise to herself to follow through.

Carl didn’t come in until well after seven that night. He was even more grumpy and restless than he’d been when he dropped her off earlier that afternoon. Marissa dished him up some Chinese food heated in the microwave. He barely sat for five minutes eating it, before he was up and out in the garage puttering over something. She knew the pattern and confirmed it on the phone. She called the ranch to check on Todd and during the chats with her son and her mother-in-law Carl’s restless energy was explained.

Carl and his son, and for that matter Carl and his father, all shared the same tendency to brood and become impatient when they had things they were working out in their minds. Putting the three of them together with work when one or more was in that state was a recipe for bickering and debates. According to her mother in law, father and son, and father and son, had been engaged in debate, and been challenging each other’s raw nerve for the better part of the afternoon.

“Well at least he’s not taking it out on me,” Marissa sighed. She wondered if she shouldn’t rethink her earlier plan, but the tingle deep between her thighs was stronger than any fear she might have. “Let him work off the edge,” she turned her attention to relaxing her way.

spanked in public


“What are you working on?” Carl startled her after a little over an hour.

“Nothing, just fooling with a silly poem,” she smiled up from the laptop that shared the sofa with her.

“Oh,” he accepted without comment.

“Want to come sit with me?” Marissa lifted the computer and patted the seat cushion next to her.

“Not just yet. Did you put the repair bill in the Quicken?” he asked.

“No, not yet,” Marissa admitted. It wasn’t something either of them cared to put up there on the list of things to do right away.

“Where is it? I’ll do it,” Carl picked up her purse from the table by the front door.

“Front pocket,” Marissa nodded indicating he was warm as he probed the leather bag for the car repair bill that accrued that day.

Carl found it, put the purse down, and disappeared into the den at the front of the house. Marissa got up and boiled water for cocoa and when it was ready she brought some in to her pre-occupied husband.

“Mmmm thanks, can I have a brownie too?” he looked up and took the warm cup.

Marissa smiled and nodded. She was back with the chocolate treat in less than a minute. “You gonna be long?” she asked.

“An hour maybe,” he guessed.

“OK. Lemme know if you want anything.”

Carl turned back to the computer screen nodding his head absently agreeing to call her for that nebulous ‘anything.’

More than an hour passed, although they both lost track of time and missed it. Marissa was first to notice, when her connection to the internet was cut off. The pop up notice telling her she was signed on in another name from another location told her that Carl had finished with Quicken and had just logged on to AOL.

“OK Mr. rat fink. You wanna play dirty?” Marissa grinned. Now was as good a time as any.


She stood in the doorway of the den for almost three minutes, and Carl hadn’t noticed. Finally she gave up waiting, and spoke.


Carl’s chest lurched with the startle, making Marissa giggle.

When he turned to look her way, the mild annoyance in his expression was quickly replaced by an evil twinkle. Marissa giggled some more, relieved that the timing seemed right after all.

“What are you up to little girl?” he growled.

“Tattling on myself if that’s OK?” she over did the penitent discomfort, even though the blush was real.

Carl swiveled his chair around to take in the image she painted for him.

There she stood, panties down around her knees, T shirt tucked up off her bottom, and Bethany’s paddled held nervously in her left hand.

“Must be serious,” he ginned.

“Very,” Marissa dropped her chin in a mock pout.

“Out with it or I may have to go harder on you,” Marissa could tell from the bulge growing in his shorts that Carl was more than willing to play with her now.

“My poem, the one I was writing earlier?” she mumbled.

“Yes?” Carl’s probe was filled with warning and knowledge.

“I spanked an SO. A couple of them actually.”

“I see,” Carl put his hands on his thighs and puffed up with purpose. “And what did we say about that?”

Marissa worried her lower lip for effect, and then fidgeted with the paddle. After a minute or so she answered. “Not to do it?”

“That’s right. But you did it didn’t you?”

Marissa trembled. Carl was so good at the stern sexy man routine. “Yes,” she whispered.

“You disobeyed me?” his tone sent a surge of electric anticipation through her, and Marissa felt the cool air conditioned air caress her throbbing heated sex. She nodded.

“How do we deal with disobedience in this house?” Another thrill of energy shot through Marissa’s groin. She answered with an embarrassed shrug.

“Don’t make me ask you again brat,” Carl warned, playing with his pet peeve when she was in real trouble. The effect was perfect. Marissa blushed and shrugged again. Sexy anticipation blended with embarrassed shyness.

Carl growled and stood up.

“Spank me?” Marissa answered looking up into his dark determined eyes.

“Yes spank you. Spank you hard. So you don’t sit for a week,” he advanced on her, holding his hand out to receive the paddle she held.

Marissa’s breath caught as she handed it to him.

“Go to your room young lady.”

She turned obediently with help from him, and with a swat from the paddle, she shuffled a head of him out into the hallway and out through the family room to the other end of the house. The anticipation built with the embarrassment of waddling bare-assed with her panties half way down her legs. It occurred to her that if anyone were in the back yard they would have seen the tableau of a wife with her pants down and a determined looking husband carrying a paddle behind her.

“Get moving,” Carl warned when she stalled looking at their reflection in the window. He grabbed and kneaded her bottom, and gave her a push to help her along into the bedroom.

It only took Carl a minute to check all the doors, and turn out the lights in the rest of the house and then join Marissa who stood obediently on his side of the bed.

“Alright brat, now it’s time to deal with you,” he grumbled with amusement. He sat on the bed.

Marissa’s eyes were shining with arousal. “Are you going to spank me hard?”

“Do you deserve it?”

Marissa nodded. “Yes very hard.”

“Then that’s what you should have isn’t it?” Carl’s eyes twinkled with arousal too. “Over my knee now like a good girl.”

Carl helped Marissa get well up onto his lap, so that her chest and legs rested on the mattress on either side of his lap. When she was situated, his hands soothed and stroked her back and bottom.

“You’ve been bad and should be punished isn’t that right brat?” his right hand probed and stroked deep between her legs, and they open compliantly to ease his access.

“Yes,” Marissa cooed into the mattress. “Ow!” she yelped when he surprised her with the first spank.

Carl warmed her bottom up perfectly, building the heat and sting in a series of long spankings, each progressively hotter and harder than the one before it. He scolded her properly with sexy admonitions and warnings. Between each spanking his fingers delved deep to stroke her slick labia and the very hot swollen bud of her sex. He knew her punishment needed to be much more severe, and he still had plenty of restless energy that needed to be redirected to that purpose.

story watch the game and some spankings

These long progressive spankings were among Marissa’s favorite kinds. She knew her backside would be as sore as if she was really punished, but Carl was taking her there so gradually and carefully that the sting became a spicy intense pleasure. Even the tops of her thighs were heated up well to receive their sexy punishment. Well over half an hour into it, they still had lots of reserve, although Marissa could feel the tension of her climax building. By now, each time Carl gave his arm a break and turned his attentions to warming other parts of her, Marissa lifted her bottom impatiently for more spanking.

“Will you paddle me now please?” she whispered earnestly when his thumb and fingers came away from their intimate work.

“You need a hard paddling don’t you brat?” Carl chuckled.

“Yes please,” Marissa nodded burying her face into the comforter that was now wadded up into ridges and lumps under her torso.

Carl obliged, and brought the paddle down without mercy. Marissa crooned and lifted her hot throbbing bottom to meet the next smack. The more intense sting escalated her arousal, and her pelvis began to buck and grind with it. Carl responded to the enticement, and laid in with the implement for a long hard round.

“Ow! Ow! Owie Ow!” Marissa bucked and whimpered after several minutes.

“Too hard?” Carl hesitated.

“No, no. Don’t stop,” she answered with a gasp that was half complaint.

Carl chuckled and crooned. “You’re a very bad girl aren’t you brat?” He resumed the paddling with more vigor.

Soon his efforts were rewarded as Marissa began to struggle against her climax. Her hips alternately lifted to meet the spanks and then ground down hard in lascivious circles.

“MMmmmm! Oooow!” she gasped.



Carl obliged.

“Owwwwww ooooo wow oooooo wow! Don’t stop! Harder!” Her breathless gasps were barely audible from inside the mounds of the comforter she was clinging to for dear life.

Carl spanked her gyrating bottom as hard as he ever had. Slowing only when he felt her body shudder and then her pelvis push down against his thigh grinding and pumping in loose boneless circles. The slack tone of her now jiggling buttocks told him she was reveling in the blissful contractions of orgasm. He continued to spank until she lay limp and panting across his thighs.

“All spanked?” he soothed.

“Yes thank you!” she whispered turning her face up to give him a contented smile.

Carl smiled back, and lifted Marissa up to sit in his lap. They kissed.

“Can I love you now?” Marissa asked her voice soft.

In a minute they were both nude, and reclined on the bed. Carl had already worked off most of the restless energy that fueled his moods earlier in the day, what remained was what he used to make love to his wife and take himself to his own climax.

Many minutes later as they both lay quietly coming down from the exertion and excitement, Carl spoke softly into Marissa’s hair.

“Feel better now?”

“Mmmmm” she nodded “Do you?”

“Me?” Carl chuckled. They were quiet for several more minutes each softly touching and stroking the other. “You’re something you know that?” Carl whispered again.

“I know,” Marissa smiled and closed her eyes.

“I’m not done yet either,” she added silently.

The next morning when Carl was in the shower, Marissa made breakfast and greeted him in the bedroom with a tray as he came out wrapped in his towel.

“This is yours honey,” she smiled.

“Where’s yours?” Carl thanked her and sat on the bed taking some toast and a sip of coffee.

“I’ll get mine in a minute,” Marissa grinned, and went into the bathroom for a minute. When she came back out, she came over to sit next to Carl. “Good?” she asked.

“Yesh,” he answered with his mouth full.

“Can I have mine now too?” she asked, looking up into his eyes and tugging at the towel, while she slipped down onto her knees in front of him.

“Mmmwha?” Carl started to ask, but the question was quickly answered when Marissa’s hand slipped around his soft shaft and her lips kissed the most sensitive part of him.

Marissa’s eyes sparkled with evil intent as her tongue snaked out and around his glans and then teased underneath the quickly responding tissue. Carl closed his eyes and groaned.

“Jesus!” Carl shuddered.

“No cussing on Sunday honey,” Marissa teased and kept to her task. In only a minute or so Carl was fully erect and hard, and any chance he would resist her ministrations in favor of getting on with the work he had planned for the day were all but gone.

Marissa’s goal was to have a quick sexy breakfast, and give Carl a nice start for his day. She didn’t want to add stress to it by making him get off to a late start, so she kept diligently to that aim applying her lips and tongue to exciting him as thoroughly and quickly as his body would let her. In about ten minutes, her efforts were rewarded and so was Carl.

“Now you should be able to have a good day OK?” Marissa grinned and kissed him when she stood up. “Want some fresh coffee?”

Carl chuckled and reached out to smack her retreating bottom. “Come here brat!”

“Nuh uh!” she answered. “You go out and get your work done and come home early. I’m going to get into some mischief later so you’ll have plenty more work to do when you come home.”

Carl laughed, dressed and went into his day. Marissa’s strategy was working. She couldn’t make him rest, and applying pressure to get him to make time for it had only added to the pressures he was experiencing. So she changed tactics and made better use of the small windows of time he did have.

By mid week all signs of Carl’s short temper were gone. Marissa’s bottom was a little the worse for wear after several evening spankings, but she felt her own mood lift as he became the Carl she could lean on again.

She smiled with the quiet knowledge that stress relief spankings work both ways.

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