Story: Cane play – part 2

‘Say it!’ Carl repeated as he moved around behind her to the other side. One flick with more force came across and down so the tip caught her left thigh. The deformation and jiggle of her flesh this time strong enough to be felt as a vibration in her groin, stimulating the slick lips of her groin. Pain and pleasure continued to intensify. Marissa’s answer was another whimper. Five more flicks, fast and progressively more forceful.

“Ow, owungn,” sound was necessary this time as the sting became a burn. And her buttocks clenched pushing her pelvis forward to escape the cane. The pain kissed the edge of her arousal, almost going past it, but as the burn finally began to subside, the pleasure returned.

Carl watched her. The blush of arousal was now constant on her breasts, neck and face. The welts lifting on the skin of her bottom were individual lines of the same deep pink color. His own arousal was building with his own experience, no less physical than hers. The sounds she made, the sound of the cane stinging flesh, the image of her moving, of her skin jiggling and deforming with each contact of the cane, the image of the marks gradually appearing and deepening in color, the fluid tension in his shoulders, arm and hand as he controlled the movement of the cane, all part of it and each with it’s own importance.


“Say it!” he spoke the command again as he stepped around in front of her. He then very deliberately traced a line with the tip of the cane, from the inside of her left knee up along the inside of her thigh, into the cleft between her legs, through the sparse curls of her pubic hair, up across her stomach. After he drew a circle around each nipple, he lifted it over her cuffed hands and rested under her chin. “Look at me, and say it!” his command was firm. The warning tone told her the intensity would build now.

She opened her eyes and his captured them. Meaning crossed between them. He was gauging her readiness and she felt a wave of comfort knowing it. Her signal was clear.

“No!” she said, and then her tongue slipped over her lips. She watched his face as he blinked and let the mask of the master slip back on.

“Alright then, you will be punished for your defiance,” Carl reached down and took hold of the tether that clipped her cuffed hands to her collar. He used it like a handle to lift her until she was standing. When she was standing, he pulled her to the ottoman by the chair in the corner of the room, and then down over it, so that her bottom was centered over it.

Marissa wriggled back to take the weight off the backs of her arms. Carl flicked her with the cane and it caught the inside of her right thigh.

“Ow!” Marissa’s cry was a moan.

“Stay where I put you!” Carl commanded.

“It pulls my arms like this. I feel like I am strangling,” she complained. The tether held her arms bent, and the weight of her torso rested on the backs of her upper arms over the end of the ottoman. Carl shifted her weight forward so that her arms could fall over the edge of the stool. Then he released the clasp that held the cuffs. Marissa was then able to place her hands on the floor in front of her. The cuffs would keep her from reaching back.

Carl flicked her bottom six times in a rapid flutter. The sting built to a burn that increased and seared as the sensations from each stroke pushed into each other.

Marissa gasped, and tensed, pushing her pelvis down into the ottoman.

“What do you say Brat, when your master does something to make your punishment easier?” his was voice cool and quiet. The fact that he expected this question answered correctly was clear in the warning tone it carried.

“Thank you Master,” Marissa released the muscles in her legs, as the burn began to subside again.

“Why are you being punished brat?” The tone of his voice still full of warning.

“I will not say Master,” Marissa answered, and bit into the fabric of the stool in anticipation of what that defiance would bring.

The cane fluttered over her bottom as Carl delivered ten rapid licks increasing the impact progressively with each one. Marissa’s flesh rippled, and her muscles once again clenched and pushed her pelvis down into the ottoman. The sting built to a searing burn again and spread through the skin of her bottom. The pain did not peak until nearly 30 seconds after the licks stopped falling.

Marissa moaned into the cushion. As the burn began to subside, she let her muscles relax. This sequence repeated five times. Each volley searing into her flesh, the pain building and spreading out from each impact. Marissa lost herself in it, pain merged with pleasure as her arousal grew. The heat in her groin matched the heat in the skin of her bottom. The rhythm of muscles tensing and relaxing in response to the pain, the quiver of flesh that rippled out from each stroke combined to stimulate the slick wet place between her legs. Marissa felt the ache within her build, and her hips undulated involuntarily.

Carl watched her, his arousal building too. Now he would tease her deeper into the experience of pain and pleasure. He lifted the cane and with care whipped it across her bottom. Her skin undulated, and then her hips bucked as the intensity of the stroke spread.

Marissa lifted her head, and let the pain escape from her open mouth and then she drew her breath in.

Carl watched the welt develop. First, a white line broke the now angry, dark red surface of her skin, then a darker red stripe replaced the white one, and then the center of the line rose into a welt. He knew the experience of the welt was mirrored for her as the pain progressed through its own evolution. When the welt appeared, he took careful aim again. The cane whipped through the air, and then deep into the flesh of Marissa’s bottom. It came down low just above where the cheeks met her thighs.

The effect was the same as the last one. Eight more licks delivered in this slow deliberate pattern, had Marissa gasping, her fists clenched, and so did the muscles of her groin. The sensations were so intense the pain was almost more than she could handle now, and Carl could see it in the tension that stayed in her muscles between the last two licks.

He stepped back, and spoke to his slave.

“Tell me why you are punished brat,” he demanded.

“Please Master, don’t make me tell you,” Marissa whimpered. It was her signal. The game would continue. Carl smiled.

“Still defiant are you. You know how we will fix that now don’t you?” Again, the cool warning was clear in the tone of his voice.

Marissa’s hips undulated as she braced herself. The delicious heat and ache in her groin more intense now than the pain she was feeling. The pain gave it energy, and it demanded more.

Fifteen rapid and hard flicks fluttered. Their effects brought Marissa to the point of crying out. Carl let her adapt to it and watched as she relaxed and her breathing eased.

“Why are you punished brat?” he asked her again.

“Please Master, don’t make me tell you.”

Another volley of fifteen, and again Carl watched her body adapt. Her hips bucked and undulated well after the cane stopped falling. He knew she was close to coming.

“Tell me why brat!” he demanded again.

“No Master please!” Marissa gasped. Her voice trembled. The pain was intense, but the pleasure was more agonizing.

Carl delivered another fifteen licks, these much harder and faster than the last ones. Marissa cried out. Her cry ended in a squeal. The pain was too much. Her hips bucked harder and lifted off the ottoman.

Carl flicked on the crease where her thighs met her bottom. The impact made her cry out again, and her hips pushed her pelvis down. He licked the same spot again, and Marissa bucked again. Another volley of ten and Marissa convulsed. Her hips pumped with the orgasm, and her body shuddered. Carl smiled as he watched her give in to it. He let her relax fully and then asked her again,

“Why are you punished brat?”

“Because I defied you Master,” Marissa answered. She lifted her head, her eyes looking for his.

“Are you well punished brat?”

“Yes Master, thank you,” she answered.

“Good brat,” Carl put down the cane, and moved over to her. He slid both hands under her pelvis and down over her abdomen until his fingers found the slick wet lips of her groin. He spread the lips and worked her juices over the swollen bud of her sex. Marissa responded, by lifting her hips for him. Carl also lifted them, until she was up on her hands and knees on the ottoman.

Her lips spread, slick and perfectly aligned for him. He pushed into her. Her muscles responded by contracting around him, as another orgasm spasmed through her.

Slowly he withdrew, and pushed back into her until the hot flesh of her bottom was tight against him. The spasms of her orgasm rhythmically milked him. Carl set up a rhythm using his hands to pull her to him, and his hips to rock within her. Marissa’s orgasm subsided, and she relaxed and moved with him.

They rocked like that together for many minutes. Carl’s rhythm quickened, as he came closer and closer to climax. Before he let it take him, he reached down and massaged Marissa’s sex. He worked her and pumped within her, intent on bringing her to crisis again before he gave in to his own. Marissa reveled in the building arousal, Carl could feel her reaching for it as she tensed and rocked her hips against him. A soft moan came with it as the spasms of release took Marissa again. Carl pumped and rocked with the rhythm of her muscles, and then his own crisis exploded. They both gasped and rocked together until the last of the spasms subsided.

Carl lifted his wife into the bed. They curled up together. Both of them fully satisfied. Cane play and role-play was new for them. It was promising to become one of their favorite games.


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