Story: Cane play – part 1: Why I love the cane

“Come here to me.”

It was a command, and it reached deep into Marissa taking hold of her will.

“No,” she answered, closing her eyes, waiting.

“It will go harder for you?” Carl’s voice was cool, full of icy promise and Marissa felt it pass over her skin leaving goose flesh in its wake.

Marissa kept her eyes closed. If she could see his face, her resolve would be gone.

“You will eventually do what I want you to do. You know that don’t you.”

More ice, and more promise. Marissa held on to defiance with everything in her.

“No,” she shook her head, and kept her eyes closed.

The air move around her. She knew her husband was skirting the room moving around behind her. She could feel his eyes on her.

“If you make me come to get you, you will be sorry,” Carl was offering her an out, but her defiance had a life of its own. The energy of it buzzed in the air between them, the way the island fog did on the high-tension wires. Marissa trembled, but she held her ground.


“The cane? Is that what you will have?”

Firm and still icy, the words and the voice again reached inside to take hold of her will. Marissa felt a lurch as if she really was pulled toward him, but she fought it and stayed on her spot. The carpet was soft, under her knees, but she ached to sit back on her heels.

It became quiet. Marissa almost couldn’t breath, the quiet seemed to suck the air from the room, yet the air currents moved around her, it was cool against her skin. Carl was moving again. What was he doing? Unable to open her eyes, she willed her ears to take in enough for her mind to create the image for her. Anticipation built within her, and prickled through her skin. Deep in her groin, she felt a stretching urgent ache begin to spread. All of her muscles tensed with it. What was he doing? In her mind, he was in front of her leaning on the footboard of the bed.

“Is that what you want?”

Marissa startled as his voice suddenly boomed from behind her. A surge of electric energy pulsed through her this time prickling her skin with much more intensity. Her heart was pounding rapidly in her chest. A short gasp escaped her.

Carl watched his wife. A pink blush washed over her. Her chest and neck glowed with it. He watched her wring her fingers into fists, the way she always did when her body betrayed her with fear. She had described the unpleasant prickling sensation to him before. Now watching her, he knew what was going on in her mind. What he was doing to her mind.

She did not answer, as he walked around in front of her. She kept her eyes closed.

“Look at me when I talk to you!” he crouched down to her, as he shocked her eyes open with the sharp command. She startled again, and gasped as her eyes opened to find his just inches away.

“OK!” Marissa whispered. Her voice lost to her.

“Answer me!” the command came again.

“I can’t!” Marissa trembled.

“Sure you can. Tell me? You will have the cane?” he was asking her to say it, and telling her it would be. The cool edge in the tone of his voice played with her pride, teasing her to give it up. She resisted it, and at the same time, she wondered at why this last surrender was always the hardest. Even kneeling naked in the middle of the bedroom floor, with her hands cuffed in front of her suspended from the collar she wore, a last stubborn thread of pride would not let go of her tongue.

Marissa closed her eyes again, and whispered her answer. “No,” she tensed her muscles as she waited for his reaction to her defiance.

Carl came around behind her, his face inches from her ear. “Oh yes! You WILL have the cane.” His breath, hot on her neck and her ear, made her cringe. An involuntary shudder lifted her shoulder to protect the skin of her neck from any more of that stimulation. Again, the electric pulse of anticipation shot through her body, prickling across her skin. She felt as if it were pulling up from her groin. The stretching feeling and the ache there was intense.

Marissa shifted on her knees, and the movement made her aware of the hot slick wetness that the ache brought with it. The wetness made her parts feel like heated silk as she moved. The sensation sent goose flesh and another prickly wave of anticipation through her skin.

Carl saw the blush build again. He watched her swallow and her tongue slide over her lips. Her head tilted up, as she wrung her fingers again. If she put her palms together, it would look as though she were praying. Her hips began to sway ever so slightly side to side. He smiled.

“Not so fast,” he thought.

Quietly he moved to the bed where the cane lay on the mattress. He picked it up and moved over to her side. He swung it hard striking nothing, but the whistle it made as it broke the air. Marissa flinched and startled again. Her breath caught sharply as her arousal pulsed and surged.

“Stay still! You move when I say!”

Marissa nodded.

“Say it!” he swished the cane again,

“I move when you say. Sir,” she whispered.

“Good girl. Now tell me you will have the cane,” his voice was teasing her again.


Goose bumps raised on her skin as Marissa anticipated his next move. Seconds passed. Nothing. Silence again. Her heart beat faster.

“Say it!” Finally, when he broke the silence his voice was firm and laced with warning.

“I don’t want to,” Marissa’s voice was barely audible.

“Say it!” Carl stroked the tip of the cane, the full length of her right thigh and then up over the cheek of her bottom. The stroke was light, but Marissa’s skin was already buzzing with arousal. The contact with her skin began the escalation. Marissa drew her breath in.

“I can’t,” she complained. The side of the cane then slid the length of her inner thigh and lightly struck the crease where her leg, bottom, and groin came together. This intimate stroke made Marissa shiver. Then he flicked the outer side of her left thigh. The sting built in intensity. Marissa felt it bloom and spread from the point of contact outward. Carl watched as a light pink welt bloomed up on her skin.

“Say it,” he repeated.

Marissa whimpered another complaint. The flick struck the fleshy part of her bottom. Again, each of them experienced the twin bloom of sting and welt. One with his eyes, the other with her skin. “Ah!” Marissa released the sting with a gasp.

“Say it!”

Two flicks, struck quickly, one on each side of her bottom. Marissa tensed her muscles and involuntarily shifted her pelvis forward.

“No!” Marissa exhaled and held onto her resistance. Sting and arousal blended and spread through the skin of her bottom and the floor of her pelvis. Her hips shifted side to side. Again, the hot silky wetness in her groin made her aware of the effect of the game. Anticipation and arousal blended.

Five rapid flicks, diagonally down across both cheeks. The tip of the cane catching the top of her right thigh each time. “Ungno…..” Marissa moaned. The sting built up quickly and was more intense. Her pelvis moved in a circle as her muscles clenched to help her adapt to the pain. The cane’s contact was firmer with each flick, and it made her skin ripple.

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