Our anniversary

Movement below the balcony brings me back to the present. Its you. You are walking up to the cabin from the Window trail. I stand up and lean on the rail. My deep breath hitches with a tremble that shudders through
me. I can’t tell if it’s the sound or my movement, but you notice me and look up. My eyes meet yours and it is understood. I go inside to meet you in the bedroom.

“Feeling better?” you ask me as you come into the room.

I shrug and then I nod. Even though the punishment has not started, I do feel better. I have stepped away from the anger and my pride.

“Come here then.” You sit on the bed and gesture to me to bend over your lap. “Pull down your pants and bend over.”

“Please, honey?” I say. It’s a plea not a question. Something I can’t help but say as I hold back. As much as I know it will be over and I will be alright, the fear pulls me back for just a moment. You nod as
you see my hesitation. You know it well. Your nod is a reassurance and a command. I could run. As that thought flashes through my mind, I consider it, but instead I step to you and push my pants down as I lay
across your lap.

Your hand falls hard on my bottom. My breath is forced out of me with a squeak and I have trouble getting it back as you deliver ten more smacks hard and fast. Oh man, your hand is hard. I can’t hold back my tears, and I am crying.

“Oh honey, please stop!” I cry out. But you don’t. I am becoming captured and taken over by the pain, and even though I always tell myself I won’t, I begin to struggle and kick. You hold tight and I can’t get away.

My hand swings back to protect me and for a few smacks it succeeds. Until you capture it and pull it against my hip. The renewed grip holds me even more securely. “Oh, when will you stop!” I think and I feel the beginnings of panic. My struggles take on more urgency, and you respond.
You stop and you shake me.


“Hold still, or we start over! Is that what you want?” you command.

“No! Please no more!” I cry out. “Please stop!”

“Are you going to control your temper next time?” You smack hard.

“I didn’t! I didn’t loose my temper!” I sob.

You smack hard several times. “Telling me to fuck myself and driving
off! You don’t call that loosing your temper?” You finish your question
with twenty more spanks hard and fast.

“Please! No! Honey please!” I know why you thought that. Do I tell you
I ran from a spanking or let you think I ran out of anger? The truth
seems like the best choice.

“I didn’t want you to spank me there! People were there!” I hiccup and
sob. You have stopped spanking. I breath deeply and drink in the

“That wasn’t on your mind when you asked for it, though, was it?” you
ask me and you start to spank me again. Slower now, but harder. I think
back and know that I didn’t even think about being spanked much less who
might be watching when I pushed that final button.

“No!” I answer you. The terrible flame of your hand on my bottom is a
thief. I can’t feel part of the pain any more, the part that comes from
inside me. Numb is not the word for what I no longer feel. My regret is
leaving me. I was sorry I couldn’t let you have that correction of such
a minor fact. I was sorry I couldn’t let my frustration with you and
your smugness go, so I could come back to us, and our trip. I was sorry
I gave in to my pride and made it a grudge match to goad you. But you
are spanking it away. My sorrys are leaving. You are taking them away.

“You pushed it though, didn’t you!” You are not asking. You spank so
hard to make this point. Thirty more and all I can do is wail. It hurts
so much and it releases so much, too. My body quivers with it. I can’t
take any more.

“I did! I did! Please stop! Please stop!” I am crying. My sobs
heave and I am trembling. You stop. It is over…this one.

You lift me with your arms wrapped from above around my middle. I feel
my ribs roll on your arms as I sob. I don’t resist. I let you have me.
When you place me on your lap and pull me against you. I melt into you.
We come here now and then, to this punishment place of reckoning. I
don’t test you for fun. You don’t challenge me for sport. But we do it.
It is over. An hour passes as you hold me.

We had plans to hike today. It is only noon. You have already been down
and back up from the Window. We could do it again. I smile. It fits for
me. If we do it now it will bring back the past, but this time we won’t
miss the sunset.

My skin hurts, but my muscles call out for the hike. The fun of our trip
returns. You tease me. You tease my small feet, my short legs my gender
and then my butt. And we laugh all the way down and back up. We are back
on track.

Supper is quiet. You smile, I smile. The waitress asks if we are newlyweds? We laugh. “No, we have been married close to six years.” you say, and I blush.

“It’s an anniversary. It’s Valentine’s Day.” you say. “We’ve been engaged to get along for nineteen years, but she’s never been known to keep her word.”

I look into your eyes and see the tease. I smile and I laugh. The waitress laughs, too, but she has no idea why. She just feeds off our energy,

In the cabin later we cuddle. Your kiss is deep and I melt with it. Clothes fall away and we explore, skin to skin, and deeper places. Your tongue searches me. My nipples perk for it. Your hands cup the tingling skin of my bottom. I tremble, and whimper and give in to you. My hands and my tongue, both search you.

We came for our annual Valentine renewal..fought and found it. It’s us and we know it. We give in to it and accept it…It’s us.



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