Let me inside to do you right: Part 2

“C’mere,” he tugged my torso down so I was laying down on him like a giant hard body pillow. We cuddled and like that for a while. I kept him hard inside me by undulating and circling my hips very slowly, and again we just wandered off into aimless conversation. Some times quiet for a while, sometimes just a word or two, sometimes fairly long exchanges about nothing in particular and everything in general, all the while staying coupled and turned on just rocking and humping ever so gently.

We really don’t have sex like this often enough. Mainly because we like it hard and vigorous as much as we like it slow and quiet, but also because it tales a special kind of calmness between us for it to feel right and be possible, and of course there’s finding three to four hours when we’re not tired or have to focus on other things.

It’s sweet to rest my face on his neck and upper chest and feel his heart beat through my chest and at the same time feel the thickness of him up inside me. It’s even sweeter to know this is exactly how he wants it and there’s no hurry. I like the feel of how our hips seem to find a perfect complimentary sensual rhythm of slow gentle movements that keep our arousal going without pushing us to urgently toward a “fuck” before we’re done just being close and connected. I get lost in how our breathing synchronizes, and how even when we’re quiet, time has a perfect pace.

Eventually, inside the glow of our coupling we started into a very neat conversation about some of the things we ought to try together. There’s nothing quite as disinhibiting and liberating as having had my husband’s cock inside me for an hour and a half. You know? No secrets can be kept and no idea is too hard to talk about.

We’re going to try & redo the 1,000 and 1 nights of great sex book with each of us taking a page a week to act out together. That’s two guaranteed nights of sex together every week for quite a while, and we’re going to sign up for another Tantric weekend sometime this fall after Todd’s back in school and all this work stress and deadlines are over. More interesting from a D/s perspective is that we’re going to try and have at least one full day of complete and unquestioned or challenged submission & domination at least every other week. He will have complete control of my actions and I will do whatever he says/wants for a full 24 hours; no limits except I have to be able to do my job and go to work.

Quite an agenda, and you know, just talking about it was so sexy. My hips ground and rocked just a bit faster and firmer, and so did Mark’s. The complete, unquestioned, unchallenged submission day idea in particular was very sensual to talk about. He plied me with ideas and possible plans.

Could we really do it? Well, we’ve already done the Great sex book once, so sure, we can do that again and really enjoy it. The Tantric weekend we did a couple of years ago was pretty wonderful, so the possibility that we can do it again is very exciting. All it will take is finding a reasonably close to us scheduled weekend when we can get away and putting our bucks in a row so we can afford it. As for the full days of total power exchange oh man! Yes please can we try it?

There’s nothing like the promise of more sex and play some day soon to escalate the pace of what you’re up to now. It was Mark’s turn to get on top, and things became a bit more vigorous.

He had his breathing and kegels down well, and was able to thrust us both to climax in a few minutes, and yet he didn’t ejaculate. When he can manage to do that it will be quite a while before he comes again, and yet he stays hard. I lost myself. I won’t say there’s such a thing as ‘too much’ pleasure, I will say that it can leave you completely spent before it’s over. What a way to wilt though.

When Mark thrust himself all the way to his ejaculatory climax, we both exploded. His guttural howl was deafening and my whole body was left a trembling quivering heap. It took many minutes before my pussy stopped its spasms.

I know Mark is very happy with sex the way it is for him, but you know, I wish he could feel what I do when I come five or six times, or even three times which is usual for me almost anytime we have sex. This time I hit six. He hit two. He wants to go for three. I’m not sure I can….

His cock thrust inside me, working me, for a blissful forever. His body took me. Our minds worked to weave ourselves into each other and he owns me. My pleasure is his will, and his pleasure is mine.


Sunday after supper we played with spanking. I accosted him in the den right after he finished the quicken chore. What an idiot I am! Who in her right mind would hand a man who has just spent an hour balancing and un-balanceable budget a paddle and offer up her bare ass? Me that’s who. Ok so, maybe I’m not in my right mind. And after he gave me my spanking, I sucked him; sucked, and sucked and sucked him. Darnn it if he didn’t hold out to prolong that too. Not for more than three hours, but for way over half an hour. So, when he did finally come in my mouth, I had to crawl up and deliver him back his gift.

Man o man! My bum ended up so hot and bothered for that!

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