Let me inside to do you right? Part1

Mark and I had sex for three hours on Saturday evening, four if you count the one-hour massage we tag teamed. Mark decided we should do the whole ritual and he & his Dad had horses to move way the hell over to Rio Grande City Sunday so he asked if we could move our date. Being the brat that I am, I extracted a promise for a long sexy spanking for me, and a blowjob for him at bedtime Sunday night and we made Saturday night into pure unadulterated us time.

We started with a bubble bath and quiet aimless conversation. Have you ever tried to wander back over one of those quiet chats you have with your partner? Toothpaste, dog toys, clipping dog’s toe nails, sprinkler system repairs, my boobs feeling softer, his beard growing back faster this time, a wholesale order of cherry wood frames for my drawings to maybe post for sale on eBay, honeybees at the ranch, Todd’s journey back to school, car maintenance to schedule, silverfish in the spare bathroom, his penis in the wrong place for me to relax and lean back on him without hurting him, his penis getting harder just because we talked about it, Todd needing socks and underwear lo last a full month because he’s too lazy to do laundry any more often, would Mark like some too if I was going to shop for some… It’s really quite funny how ordinary and rambling it was, and all the while we gently stroked and turned each other on with washcloths and soap.

 Let me inside to do you right?

We enjoyed the jets and bubbles in the tub until the water began to get tepid. After climbing out, Mark briskly dried me off and I did him, then he pushed me back on the chair we use to collect clothes on their way to the hamper. Lathering up a washcloth with dial suds he pressed my legs apart and began to prepare to shave me smooth. I fully understand why he enjoys that chore more than I do, because once I mastered shaving his face, it became one of those things I really like to do. Now, I have an advantage in that I’ve had many opportunities as a nurse to shave many men’s faces, and I’ve had the pleasure of being told that I’m good at it. I have absolute faith that Mark has never shaved another woman’s pussy, but he has been told many, many times that he’s very good at it. If men feel as sleek and fresh after having their faces shaved as I do after having my pussy done, well, I must say… oooooo.

All clean and fresh it was my turn to be attentive to my husband. His muscles were knotted up, so I guided him to our bed and got him to lie down for me so I could massage him. First, with him on his stomach, I climbed on, straddled him and using his bum for my cushiony seat, I kneaded his shoulders and neck. Then when that softened up and relaxed, I slowly used my knuckles I leaned in and pressed circles into and down the muscles on either side of his spine. It took a while to get Mark’s low back muscles to soften, but eventually I won. Time to turn around and do his legs. His hamstrings were tight, but he was mellowing down nicely. I stretched and lay down flat on him using my body, face and breasts to finish his thighs and calves while I used my thumbs and cupped palms to do his soles and the muscles that work his feet and toes. It took no coaxing at all to convince him to turn over so I could do his front. None of his front muscles needed any kneading to relax, but I wanted him to close his eyes and just let me sooth him using massage oil. He let me and I indulged.

I kissed and suckled Mark’s nipples and used my hands to smooth his chest, stomach and thighs. I’m not complaining, but I sure do wonder what it would feel like to have breasts full and firm enough to use for a proper massage. Even so, I did manage to use my torso and nipples to do his, and I did manage to squeeze myself enough oiled cleavage to stroke and massage his penis to full attention.

Funny thing is, he wouldn’t let me spend as much time doing his front as he let me spend on his back. It might have something to do with the slick clear lubricant his penis began to ooze when I used my breasts squeeze and stroke him. He made a point to push me up off him, and then press me down on the bed.

Mark was much more disciplined than I was. He used his hands and deeply kneaded and worked my body. Head to toe, front and back. By the time he finished I was floating off the bed. Then, he kissed me and asked me…

“Let me inside to do you right?”

Immediately I spread my thighs and wrapped my arms around him.

“Yes please.”

And then his cock pressed into and started to massage my pussy. He pressed inside and then pulled up and out. Many, many times he did that. His upward pull pressed against and firmly stroked the firm oval on the front wall of my vagina. This is how we began to fuck for three hours. Mark kept thrusting and stroking like that — in hard, firmly up and out slow, and he kept me looking into his eyes the whole time.

“I love you,” he kissed me and took my mouth with his. His tongue did to my mouth exactly what his penis was doing deeper and much lower down. His mind did mine just as intensely.

“Gawd yes! I love you so much,” I answered with everything in me.

We started with me on my back, but in a short while we lay side by side. I love it when he grinds into me but still leans back so we can look at each other and touch each other’s face, chest and body. Face to face we coupled and kissed and talked to each other, Mark stayed hard inside me by grinding and gently thrusting and pulling up and out, every so often. I stayed wet and ready simply because he had his hands on me, his cock inside me, and his arms around me.

We talked again. This time we talked about the newest evolution of spanking and D/s between us. It’s been going well even if I’ve been so calm and nice lately that I’m disgusted with my goodie-two-shoes reflection…. I’ve been so good and respectful I’m annoying myself. Seriously.

“Cum Patty”

I took a while to answer that order, but like I said lately I’ve been so obedient, that moment really didn’t seem like the right time to shift gears.

The easiest way for me to come without changing our relaxed rhythm was for me to roll on top so I could sit up and work my pelvis rocking and gliding myself on him. Mark likes that too, because he can play with my nipples and maintain eye contact with me.

In a couple of minutes I crested a lovely climax. The kind where my muscles seem to actually snap when they spasm.

“Again Patty” Mark smiled when my eyes opened from my reverie.

“OK,” I smiled back. My rhythm had to change to do it though. When my arousal is already high from having just come, it requires a bit more vigorous effort to climb higher so I can do it again. I didn’t have too much trouble and when I got there Mark kept it going by kneading my bottom and grinding up into me.

“Good?” he reached up to cup my face and pull it down so he could kiss me.

I nodded, “mmmmm yeah, real good.”


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