Orgasm denial trial: We made 12 days

 Yes folks we had a lovely weekend that came to a close last evening with wonderful cuddly closeness and several mind blowing orgasms for me.

First was a long fondling slow fuck that started face to face on our side. He teased me for what felt like forever, and then pushed me over on my back and thrust until I was almost screaming… then he told me I could let go. I had to gasp a few times and make my body relax, but a few really hard and rapid trusts from him and I literally flew over the edge. The contractions were explosive and I had trouble catching my breath. Mark slowed down and rode the first one out with me and then picked up the pace to push me up and over again. He did this to me four times, and when he finally hit his climax, my throat was raw. I don’t remember screaming or howling, but I must have.

He only gave me about fifteen minutes to rest before he went down on me and suckled me to two more leg clenching, body wrenching climaxes.

“Six down, six more to go brat.”

I floating off on a cloud, and my body was trembling and drenched with sweat so it took me a minute or so to register what he meant. He planned to make me come six more times.

With the help of the butt plug, the rabbit vibrator and a long sensuous spanking while they were inside me he pushed me through five more. The first two were little ones, but the next three rocked my world and seemed to go from one intense round of spasms into another even more intense one and a last one that left me shivering and shaking all over. I literally begged him to stop.

orgasm-denial-trial-we-made-12-days“One more.”

“I can’t honey, you’re killing me.”

Mark just chuckled his evil chuckle and let me cuddle next to him for a while. We talked a little about the last week and a half and how neat it’s been. This period of orgasm denial has been one of the sexually closest and more adventurous periods we have shared since our last anniversary. Orgasm denial is definitely not sexual deprivation by any stretch of the imagination. Of course no one ever said or claimed it was supposed to be that anyway.

We spooned and Mark pushed up against me from behind, rubbing himself into the diamond between my legs and pelvis while his hands worked magic on my pussy from the front.

“Try and come for me one more time OK baby, then we’ll put this game away for a while.”

I am such a slut! My body responded immediately, and in hardly anytime at all I was shamelessly grinding his hands and then when I felt him get harder against me I begged him. “Fuck me again. Please! Fuck me and make me cum!”

He didn’t need much encouragement. Pulling me up in front of him on my hands and knees he pushed into me and thrust like there was no tomorrow. It felt like forever before I got to that point where I knew I could come again, but I couldn’t quite go over. I was gasping and whimpering because it felt amazing, but it seemed just out of reach. Mark encouraged me, twisted my nipples, called me really dirty names and fucked harder, and then finally began to really smack my ass. The hard, hard spanking did the trick, and I made it. Gasping and rasping, my voice completely gone, my pussy clenched onto him again and again and again and again and again. Be the time he finished we were both dripping with sweat.

We showered, changed the sheets and went to bed early. We both fell asleep before 9.

So there you have it folks…. Thanks for all your support and the really sweet and kind comments.

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