Orgasm denial trial: Day 11!

Here’s day 9, 10 & 11. I started it Friday evening and I’ve been working on it in fits and starts since then. Hope you enjoy the progress. I know I am. And when this is all over, I really hope I can do justice to pulling together all the neat and amazing feelings that have been part of the whole thing for me… *g*

Day 9

Friday March 11, after work, the fish for supper is thawing on the counter, the salad is rinsed and the veggies ready to heat.

It’s been a long day. My pussy is throbbing and every other thought in my head has been about how badly I NEEEEEEEEDDDDD to come. Mark’s going to be a little late, but he asked me to be nude and in my collar for him when he gets here. So, here we go. I’m feeling both excited and apprehensive at the same time.

Day 10, part 1 the end of Day 9.

I’ll start out by finishing what I couldn’t finish writing last night.

Last night was one of those remember for ever super sweet times, and right now I feel all teary eyed thinking about it. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have these moments before, I’d be wondering about the effects of orgasm deprivation on sentimentality. Anyway, I am feeling loved at the moment and very, very lucky to have Mark as my husband.

Mark came home at almost 7 last night, and was looking really worn and tired. It was one of those “oh the humanity” days for him. It pleased me very much to be able to focus on helping him wind down and be able to just be with me. Even more that he let me do that for him.

We started in the shower together. I washed every inch of him. He teased me a little by repeatedly soaping rinsing, and then suckling my breasts. My pussy is in such needy overdrive that even after being soaped and rinsed several times, it was slick and slippery with lubricant again by the time the water turned cold and we had to get out and dry off.

Mark looked much better and more relaxed after the shower, but I thought I could help him relax even more and make the evening together even nicer. So, I asked him if he would let me give him a long massage after we ate some supper. He smiled and said that sounded good.

We ate first… baby greens and herb salad with balsamic vinaigrette, blue cheese crumbles …. then red snapper with sweet garlic, ginger and capers deglazed with just a little butter and white wine, asparagus and baby zucchini and of course a couple of glasses of wine each… I used the time while I waited for him to come home and made a neat light dessert out of egg whites, lime juice, Riesling wine and whipped cream (called syllabub). I was surprised that Mark liked it since he’s more a beer and brownies kind of guy… but he did…

Let me tell you that it is an amazingly satisfying thing to sit down with my husband to a nice, simple but elegant dinner like that, while wearing only my collar. He put a fire in the fireplace and with candles on the table and the lights out, it felt insulated and intimate. I could have come just from the warm fuzzy feeling of cozy pleasure. Add to that the elation of knowing that he felt as good as I did and you might get an idea of how perfect things were…

After we ate, Mark let me position him on a comforter on the floor in the family room, where we could use just the firelight to keep the ambiance and he could have the massage I wanted to give him. I started with him on his stomach and began working from his feet and up his legs. I took my time. His muscles were still quite tense, and even though I think it hurt a little when I got to his thighs, it was so sensual to feel them soften and relax. I teased just a little when I got to his buttocks, letting my hand slip down to massage his scrotum and the really sensitive strip of really velvety skin between his scrotum and his anus. At first he didn’t like that my fingers got so close to there, but I whispered and crooned and asked his permission to show him how sweet it could feel. He let himself go, and I used my thumbs to gently massage between his cheeks paying careful attention to smooth and sooth the puckery skin around his anus. Then I circled the rim of the sphincter ever so gently with my index finger. He couldn’t help quivering a little and I could feel by the way his hips shifted and adjusted that he was responding just the way I wanted him too. That made my pussy twinge just a bit. It is a major turn on to know you are doing something that is especially pleasurable and really working for your partner. I pushed my finger in just a little more and gently pressed forward down making small circles. I found the firm supple grape I was looking for and slowly massaged it.

“Easy Constance, not too hard,”

“Does it hurt?”

“Not exactly, just go a little easier.”

I smiled and kissed his buttocks and reached down to cup his scrotum while I resumed a more gentle massage of his prostate. His cock responded completely in only a few minutes, so my hand slipped up and tugged it down where I could massage it too.

He made me stop after a very short time. “You have to stop that baby, I’ll lose it and I’m not ready for that yet.”

“Was it nice though?”

“Better than nice.”

That was all I needed to hear. Happy that I pleased him, I stopped and redirected my attentions as he asked me to. I wiped my hands off on the towel and climbed up to straddle and sit on his buttocks so I could work on his back. Those muscles were even more tensed than his legs were, so I worked them with a lot of care and attention. We both kind of got lost in the slow blissful rhythm of the massage. He was snoring softly and his body felt like rubber under my hands by the time I made it up past his shoulders to his neck.

I was getting cold too, so I got up and put more wood on the fire and then crawled down under his arm beside him to warm up. That disturbed his snooze just enough for me to steal a nice sweet kiss.

“Ready to let me do your front now?”

He smiled, nodded and sighed. “In a bit.” But instead of rolling for me, he pulled me in closer, kissed me more deeply and then shifted us so we could spoon and relax together. We fell asleep. The nap lasted just over an hour. If I hadn’t had to get up to go pee, we might have ended up there until well into the wee hours of the morning. The evening ended with us moving the massage ‘table’ into the bedroom and up onto the bed.

I finished his front, working from his feet up again, only this time I skipped the middle and went up from his thighs to his chest and shoulders. The leaning tower of Texas (*wink* that’s Mark’s pet name for his cock) still managed to fill out and stiffen up on it’s own though. When I got up to his shoulders he pulled me over so I straddled him again, and his attentions shifted from massage to kissing. I managed to lift my face up off his and sit back so my pussy spread across his shaft. He could feel how hot and slick I was.

“Grind on me with that wet cunt slut.”

I grinned wickedly and did as I was told. He reached up and firmly pinched and twisted my nipples.

I couldn’t help the gasp and grimace of ecstasy that came from that. My hips slide lasciviously forward and back along his shaft.

“You like that don’t you slut?”

I nodded and blushed.

“Ride me.” The tone of his voice was that perfect snarling domination.

Shifting up a little I guided his cock inside me. I was so aroused and wet that even though I was throbbing and swollen, he was able to thrust up once and slide inside me to the hilt with hardly any resistance. The sudden stretch and fullness took me a second or two to adapt to. I had to clench my thighs and pelvic muscles as well as hold my breath to keep from coming.

Mark pushed up a few times while I was trying to get control.

“Wait, wait, please!” I had to gasp. “Please honey, just give me a second or two OK”

He laughed and pulled my torso down into a hug.

“Good girl.”

When I got my wits back, I sat up and rode him the way he really likes me to. It’s more a rocking gliding forward and back grinding than the porn flick up and down. I think it’s the snug deep fit of him inside me that makes that really pleasurable for him. I know it’s a tight fit up in there, because at certain times of the month, when I’m just about due it can actually be painful for me to have him in that deep. My clit gets lots of action this way too, so I guess it’s good for both of us. This time though I tried to sit up a little more so my very engorged and sensitive clit would not get quite so much attention.

We both reveled for a little while. I have to say that it is a whole new experience to be so focused on the intense pleasure and bliss of feeling him in me. I mean I always really appreciate and love it but having to concentrate so much on the sensations so that I can catch that build up to climax before it gets away from me really adds something to the experience.

Mark’s been holding his climax off during sex for a lot longer than I have. His goal of course is to make sex last longer for both of us, and I think he’s been familiar with the amazing benefits of what I am feeling now for a while now.

Even so, I’m not super woman, and I did reach the point where I really had to stop.

“Please honey, let me finish you in my mouth,” I had to gasp as I caught my breath and eased up to prevent losing myself.

“That’s they way baby. Good for you.”

He helped me climb off him and then I slipped down the bed between his legs.

Gee? How weird. The smell of me on him is different and I taste less salty? Maybe because I’ve been constantly wet for days it’s more watery??? Who knows. Anyway, I was keen to finish things for Mark so that he would feel the evening was as perfect as I already did, and I had an idea how I could make this different.

“Can I please do it with my finger inside while I suck you?” My hand and fingers were already slick with my own juices and my finger was already stroking the pucker of his anal sphincter. I smiled and pushed down so he slipped in deeper and felt his anus twitch and quiver.

Mark didn’t speak, his face was contorted in a blissful spasm, but he gasped and nodded.

I bobbed my head taking him very deeply a couple of times circling the rim of his sphincter while I did, and when he quivered again, I slipped my finger inside far enough to where I could feel the grape again. It was much harder and more rubbery than it was before. I smiled knowing that was because it was filling with the fluids that would soon become silken jets of cum.

I was very careful to massage gently. At first I was a bit worried because Mark groaned so much with what I was doing I thought I was hurting him, but it must have been a delicious kind of pain, because when I eased up too much he gasped and grabbed my head.

“Don’t stop baby, don’t stop.”

I didn’t. I could feel the tension and the effort he was using to hold out. He even grabbed my hair and pulled it trying to make my face fuck him faster and harder.

When he did cum, the spasms were extreme. The sounds he made were a mix of a half strangled roars and gasping growls. Gawd it was neat.

“Jesus honey!” he gasped when I crawled up to kiss him.

I looked down into his eyes and grinned. “Wanna taste?” He smiled back and pulled may face to him. This time we shared his cum and we both swallowed.

Day 10. part 2

Mark got up early to go fishing, so I got up with him. We talked a little about general things. He kissed me and left me with orders to do all my Sunday chores on Saturday, and too do them with the ben wa balls inside me. He also told me I was going to get a sound spanking when he got home.


I asked why, but he wouldn’t say, but he did warn me that I was still being punished and part of it was my promise to be perfect in my obedience for the next month. No asking for any favors, no refusing any favors.

I nodded that he was right and I was trying, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit sad that I must have done something imperfect. I told him that. The only thing he said was, “Maybe perfect is that you accept that I think you should be spanked and not question me about why?”

He had me there, and of course a few more tiny submissive light bulbs flicked on for me. Once again the warm fuzzy protected cocoon of being his submissive wrapped around me and I had one of the nicest mornings doing stupid old housework that I can ever remember having.

When Mark came home he kept true to his word. After wrapping, labeling and putting the fish he caught away in the freezer we had fresh (cooked just this morning) chili and corn bread and then before finding the Outdoor network on TV, he called me to come in the family room.

“Come here Constance and pull your pants down.”

I did.

“Spread for me and take those balls out.”

I did.

“Did you come?”


“You want to don’t you.”


“Not yet though. Soon, but not quite yet. Bend over.”

I did.

He spanked the living daylights out of me. Maybe it’s that every nerve ending in my body is alive and on fire right now, or maybe it’s because I didn’t really know exactly what the spanking was for, but for whatever reason it hurt a lot more than hand spankings usually do. I couldn’t help crying and bucking, but thankfully Mark didn’t seem to mind that. He kept it up until I stopped struggling and then finished up by really whacking my thighs.

“Feel that Constance?”

“Yes! Yes I do!”

“Are you going to be selfish any more?”

“No I promise!” I was in that begging for this to be over mode, but what I said set him off again and he started the spanking all over.

“Don’t do that Constance!”

I didn’t figure it out right away. Instead I bucked and struggled even more. Mark just kept spanking.

“Own the truth Constance. Own it and let it go.”

He had to repeat it a couple of times, wailing away on my bottom and thighs the whole time in between before the light came on all the way.

“Yes! I probably will be!”

“Yes you will be what?”

“I’ll probably be selfish again. I won’t mean to be, but it will happen!”

“Will you be a bad person because of it?”


“That’s better.”

He let me up and cuddled me on his lap. We spent the next hour talking about being human and all those selfish feelings that always slither in and eventually get in the way of being close to each other. I think we touched on some little things we could do to see it coming sooner before either of us gets so made we lash out. But we also agreed that it was OK and normal as long as we stay on the same page for how we’ll get them back in control and out around the edges instead of between us.

Day 11, part 1.

This morning Mark woke me up with a kiss and orders to get up and go pee.

When I came back to bed and crawled in with him we cuddled together.

“You are going to come today baby.”

I shivered. “Already! You mean it?”

“Of course I mean it. But not until I say.”

So, here it is, going on 4 in the afternoon. That promise was made eleven hours ago. My whole skin is alive and buzzing, and I have had to change my panty liner four times. I still haven’t come. But Mark says I will. Today.

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