Selfishness Consequences – Orgasm denial trial day 5

So, here we have it, my first post about progress with my consequences for selfishness.

First of all I have to admit that I really didn’t think I would get this far, and that fact alone has me feeling kind of interesting inside.

I have not had an orgasm since last Wednesday morning, but we have had sex twice a day since then. Thursday and Friday Mark was kind, and allowed me to get away with pleasing him without him fondling or touching me, but Saturday morning he upped the stakes a little by fucking me right to the edge and then pulling out and making me finish him in my mouth. I whimpered and complained when he pulled out, so I got a hard spanking right after he came. Then Saturday evening he made me strip in the middle of the living room and then bend over the ottoman in a position where my pussy was open and exposed to him. He ordered me to hump my fingers while he watched me and tell him when I was at the point where I had to come.

He stroked himself while he watched me, taunting me the whole time that he was going to climax, but I wasn’t. I have to admit that that whole taunting thing was very, very powerfully erotic. I didn’t really want to chance another spanking, because there’s a huge probability that if he laid in hard I wouldn’t be able to keep from coming, but let me tell you this much, it was all I could do to stifle the moans of torment I was feeling.


When I got to the point where I was too close for comfort, he let me stop masturbating and ordered me to crawl over to where he was and finish him off. He made me use my hands and keep my eyes on his glans. As the beads and then long thin strings of precum bubbled out and dripped off him, he taunted me more.

“See that brat? I’m going to come soon, but you aren’t. How do you feel about that?”

I answered, “not good.” He kept it up.

“Your thoughtless selfish actions have put you in a place where you require my permission and good will to let you come. Are you going to show yourself even more selfish and fail?”

arrgghh keep reading if you dare….

I almost couldn’t answer. My pussy was throbbing and his seethingly dominant taunting was making that worse. Gawd I’m a slut!

“Answer me!” his tone was that impossibly dominant low warning growl. I had to clench my legs together tight, close my eyes and hold my breath.

“Please honey! Stop talking like that. I’ll come if you don’t and I’m trying!”

He chuckled. A wickedly mean and cruelly dominant chuckle that was almost worse than the words.

“Faster bitch. Make me come.”

I obeyed. He held out, making me stroke faster then slower and faster and slower for what felt like forever. When he did come it was a precious relief for me. Seeing his face contort and the white jets shoot from him made my groin contract once, but I clenched against it and made it past catastrophe.

Sunday morning I woke up to my husband looming over me on his knees, his erection seeming thicker and longer than it ever had before. He grunted at me to spread and let him in, and then fucked me hard until I started to whimper. Mercifully he pulled out and moved up the bed so I could suck him off the rest of the way.

I spent all day yesterday in a desperate state of tormented horniness. My pussy has been continuously wet since Friday. But it has been swollen and pulsing with a life and heartbeat of its own since yesterday morning.

Until just now tonight, I though yesterday evening was the worst. After supper he told me to strip for him again. This time he made me do it slow and stroke my skin where it was bare. When I was nude he ordered me to probe myself and tell him if I was wet. Of course I was! Then he told me to move over to him and open up his pants and make him hard. I did, and gave him head to get him hard, and then he made me climb onto him ‘backwards cowgirl’ style and stay there. He stretched back on the couch pulling me back with him, and he kept me on him, torturing my nipples during the commercials keeping himself hard by grinding in circles and thrusting a few strokes up into me every so often. I can’t for the life of me remember what the movie was, but he kept us like that all the way through until it was over.

I finished him with a blow job, and went to bed last night feeling like I might come just from walking.

an ode to cum

an ode to cum

This morning he woke me up exactly like yesterday, only his ride was very short. I didn’t just moan and gasp that climax was imminent I literally screamed that he had to get off. He stopped fucking me but didn’t pull out right away. Instead he waited until I got control and looked down into my eyes.

“You’re doing well with this brat. Show me you can do it.” Then he kissed me and withdrew going to the shower. He told me not to get up until he came out.

Ya’ll have no idea how hard it was for me not to masturbate and get off while he was in there. I didn’t though and what he did next made me really proud of myself that I didn’t. He came out of the shower still rock hard, stroking himself vigorously until he was right at the edge. Then he climbed back up on the bed, kissed me and asked me, “can you take my come without having your own?” I nodded and said I wanted to try. Then he pushed into me and thrust hard a few times until he came.

He was going to pull out right away, but I asked him to stay inside and rock with me until he went soft. He did, and he held me telling me how amazingly sexy he thinks I am and how perfect my submission is for him.

I felt like I’d reached a neat turning point. My pussy was still throbbing and the silken tightness and hard feel of him in me was sheer bliss and impossible torment at the same time.

“I’m doing it!” (so far anyway) I smiled. I was empowered. I am powerful! Gawd! This is amazing!

Tonight wasn’t quite so positive. Some poor me wenchitude managed to sneak in when he took me to the edge (which took all of 3 maybe 4 minutes). I ended up getting a spanking for begging Mark to let me come and then getting tearful and mad at him for telling me no. He spanked slow and cruelly hard too, so there was no chance I might accidentally come in the middle of it.

Part of me is getting ready to scream that we’re having way too much sex these days. But really it’s been kind of special in its own way. I did extract a promise that after this is over we’ll try and keep it up for a while.

What I’m feeling is a very conflicted and yet empowered kind of confusion. I have no idea what I’ll be like in another week never mind 30 full days… (On Thursday night, Mark reduced my sentence from six full weeks to six work day weeks or 6 X 5.)

There you have it… so far.

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