A most demanding master – Comment on my blog!

No, not Mark. I don’t really like the connotation of the word in a D/s relationship, as applied to me, but that is an entirely different post.

The real son of a bitch is blogging.

Now, there’s a lot about blogging I enjoy. I like to write, and I think I’m this side of decent when it comes to stringing together totally amazing sentences and wowing you with my mad writing skillz. Yo. Or not. But you get my point.

I like that my thoughts are organized and out of my head, where they belong, instead of plaguing me and distracting me from more important things, like watching NCIS marathons on USA and eating klondike bars like it’s my job. (Because I currently do not have one.)

I like that I have an audience, even though I only have one in the abstract. The stats tell me I do, but I get nearly zero feedback whatsoever. And it makes a girl wonder if she should just shut the fuck up. But no one is throwing tomatoes just yet, so I’ll keep on keeping on.

What I don’t like is that in order to blog successfully, I have to be consistent and publish often.

Some days, the last thing I want to do is blog. Whether it’s because I have precious little to say, or because, miraculously, life is going on, I just don’t wanna! And that’s when the readership drops.

Now, I know that it shouldn’t matter. That there’s some sort of supposed nobility in writing as craft and not as OMG LOOK AT ME AND HOW CLEVER I AM, but it does matter. I don’t like writing into the abyss and the abyss not writing back.

So, comment, godsdammit!

Also, since you already are here  🙂 I put a very comprehensive How-To together, for all the people out there who want to get in domestic discipline…

There are chapters on the lifestyle and introducing it, living life in the lifestyle, a detailed description of tools, and much more… Each chapter contains valuable tips and habits that you can apply to your life. I wrote this book because there are no such books out there (!), and … we have developed our relationship with Domestic Discipline so far, that I now consider myself as an expert 🙂

 … write me you like it !

Click here to read a detailed description, or go to Amazon and click here for more!



4 thoughts on “A most demanding master – Comment on my blog!

  1. While writing can be an excellent way to organize one’s thoughts, very few people can actually write. As a result, there can be a great fear of looking stupid. This fact of life can be compounded if someone is also struggling with what is considered these days to be an anomalous lifestyle.

    Also, many readers come to merely be informed about one of the forbidden fruits in today’s politically correct society. Let’s face it. Spanking is no longer considered an appropriate topic for polite conversation. Much like sex before the mid-1960s, spanking is relegated to the closet. Until the 1970s, spanking was considered to be evidence of concern and commitment. Today, it is treated as abuse.

    Yet, please understand that your efforts are not wasted. At the same time, realize that the internet is not the same place it was a couple of decades ago. Even using a pseudonym, people are more suspicious and less willing to reveal the intimate details of their lives. They may feel asking questions exposes their perceived inadequacies.

    Also, for what it’s worth, spanking websites tend to come and go. The lives of those behind the scenes change. Off the top of my head, I can think of half a dozen informative spanking websites that are no longer around. At least one, dealing specifically with husbands spanking their wives, had been around since the days when pictures were composed of punctuation marks instead of pixels! It became a victim of anti-spanking zealotry.

    Likewise, there is a good deal of information floating around on the internet. In fact, there is far more information accessible today than was available to previous generations. Much of it is a backlash of the anti-spanking agenda that peaked in the mid-1990s.

    Finally, spanking isn’t rocket science. Men have been spanking women for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years. Given a few basics, many couples can work through their inevitable difficulties.


  2. If you’re concerned about traffic, one way to increase traffic on your blog may be to include links to other webpages. The Google search engine uses an algorithm designed to rank websites not only according to traffic, but also by that website’s links to other websites. In theory, at least, the first website listed in a search is supposed to be the best fit.

    Essentially, within the parameters of a Google search, the results are a popularity contest. It is also a case of popularity by association. The more popular the websites linked to your website, the higher your website’s ranking in the Google algorithm.

    Something else that may also increase website traffic is giving men insights into how women think about spanking. I’m not talking about a nuts and bolts description. As noted in the last paragraph of my previous comment, that’s the easy part.

    Besides, let’s face it; women are more fascinated by spanking than are men! I’ve never met a woman that, if she trusted the man, wasn’t willing to share her experiences with spanking. It doesn’t matter whether it’s from the perspective of a daughter, girlfriend, mother, or wife.

    Difficulties arise because relatively few men can think like a woman. As a result, they tend to be bewildered by a female’s indirect approach to personal issues. Unless properly initiated, men are usually incapable of deciphering femspeak. For example, relatively few women will admit they need a spanking. Instead, they will talk around the issue and expect the man not only to figure things out, but to act on that knowledge.

    Most men would benefit from knowing a female’s primary anxiety arises from the preliminaries rather than from the spanking itself. That’s really the part men have to help women work through. As a young woman put it, “Once you get past that stuff at the beginning, it just happens.” When men understand women will naturally submit once they’ve worked through “that stuff at the beginning,” then things flow more smoothly. Put another way, a woman has to get spanked in her head before she’s really ready to get spanked on her bottom.

    Likewise, women tend to be far more concerned with what’s going on in their brains rather than what’s happening to their bottoms! When a woman examines herself in a mirror after that first blistering from a man, she’s trying to reconcile how her bottom looks with how her brain feels. It’s part of the woman’s learning her lesson.

    For a man to say the above is one thing. For a woman to acknowledge it is altogether different. The vast majority of what I know about spanking the fairer sex came from the lips of women! If a man take the time to listen to women, they will tell him everything they needs to know about dealing with the fairer sex.

    Ideally, promoting male education should be the purpose of female blogs. Women know what it takes to effectively discipline a woman. The only question is whether, as was the case in previous generations, they are willing to share that knowledge with men.


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